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  1. Wesjuh902

    Pit Lane

    I agree with this, although last year it didn't look good too. So those animations weren't good either, but at least better than no animation at all. I also want to mention the France GP pit entry, which isn't realistic at the moment sadly enough.
  2. Hi all, I found a bug in the strategy edit menu at race day (specifically Career Mode, haven't tested other gamemodes yet). I am able to do 'revert strategy', I see the tyres change color on the grid, but the menu is not changing (the first stint still shows as S instead of M for example). Hope my explanation is clear!
  3. Yeah I think this will be something for next year, not a big deal though. It is great to see a yearly improvement in games. Codies definitely made it happen this year. From new graphics, F2 and updated career mode to brand new multiplayer experiences. I don't see other game developers do that (e.g. EA's FIFA).
  4. This is insane, definitely makes me play more seasons than one or two! Will the suits and names on the cars be present too? Imagine 'L. Hamilton' on a Ferrari suit and car! Plus for example Verstappen and Gasly have a helmet fully covered in Red Bull sponsor logos, will this be 'updated' when they drive for another team? I saw the Career Mode videos from Aarava and Tiametmarduk, I really hope there will follow an update where you can choose your first teammate in F1. For example Russell is a first driver at Williams in the game, but I think a lot of people want to race with Kubica as a teammate (including me)
  5. Amazing news! The screenshots are very promising about the lightning, reflections and post-processing effect enhancements this year. I'm curious about which F1 2018 classic cars are being dropped. I hope the MP4-23 and the BGP-001 will at least be there, since they are my favorites to drive with. I hope they will also feature real driving suits to improve the realism. Classic tracks is maybe a step too far, but who knows. Many of the announcements for this new game are kind of unexpected and exciting as well. I'm really hyped about the customization. Hope it is more than just standard liveries and color selection of them (like the current helmet selection), but can include drawing shapes on the car or even importing images.
  6. Wesjuh902


    Great announcement, F2 cars will probably be amazing to drive with. What I'd like to see is an improvement of (visual) realism. So the steering wheel LCD screen becoming white with like a big '57' when you for example set the brake bias to 57 (just like iRacing does with its McLaren F1 car) or change a fuel/ERS mix. Would be great if that LCD gets more detail, like the drivers in real life have. Last year I mentioned customization features, which will be added. I'm very happy with that! Hope that you can make your own F1-team in Career Mode (if you want to, or you can race with the official lineup).