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  1. I try to race clean in GRID 2019, as I do any other racing game, but the AI brake so early before every corner and they will also aggressively block you on the straights, so collisions are inevitable. But the way collisions are handled seems really frustrating. When you are on a straight and you’re about to overtake a car in front (the AI never seem to use more than 90% throttle), the AI will always swerve into you, and I have lost track of how many times they’ve swerved into my fender and sent me spinning as if my car had no weight, while they just keep on going. Into the corners, I have found that you can use the AI drivers in front as instant brakes, as they are impenetrable walls whenever they are in front of you. And to take it a step further and go from aggressive driving to ‘hostile’ driving, you can go deep into the corner and as long as your car’s bumper is in front of the other car’s bumper when you make contact, they will be sent spinning instead, and you can carry on without repercussion. I think the most frustrating thing is when you accidentally bump the rear of an AI car, often on the straights given they swerve in front of you and never use full throttle, and your car kind of ‘glues’ to theirs, as if the AI is so bewildered at a slight bump that they then get completely off the throttle, giving up and ruining both their race and yours. So you try to steer to get around them and ‘unstick’ yourself, but of course they are in front and so they are an impenetrable wall, and you manage to spin yourself out on a straight. Just some thoughts on the collision system. It’s the main reason why I find this game more frustrating than fun. Anyone else feel the same?