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  1. Hi, since the update 1.9 my oculus works perfectly!! Another level of game is offered to me. I thank codemaster. But on the control screen you see the two-eyed vision. But I want to have the 2d vision so that the outside audience can see the game. That was the case before. But I can’t find the solution to switch the display. For info I play dirt rally 2.0 on steam (pc) with oculus rift s . Thanks for your help.
  2. vin100lorant


    on my side, I found an audio bug. I am on a 5.1 system and the co-pilot works on my medium speaker usually except there in Sweden where it is mixed with the two front satellites. does anyone have the same problem?
  3. On my side, fanatec csw v2.5 ... same observation as everyone here: we understand the transfer of mass to little ready. In the ffb settings, I only have 2 parameters that affect the driving feeling: automatic alignment torque and collision. the suspension settings are very very subtle at 150 ... the rest nothing. Maybe CM should start there ... it would increase the chances of getting satisfactory results. on the other hand I would like to know where CM is going to read that there are guys "happy" ffb ... Maybe he speaks of those who do not want to see € 60 as a mistake? Please, CM made what is necessary, we will not hold you rigor once corrected. Panem et circenses ... popolous no ralousmore!