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  1. I had posted this earlier but wanted to see if there is interest for this idea for the direction of the game/experience In the weeks leading up to a GP have the on-line quali & race sessions on the next track that the world championship will be held on. Whittle out the crashers and bashers so that on the weekend of the event there is a championship race(s) that are filled based on your safety record and quali times. This would allow you to have a number of races around the world on various servers so that the ping times were acceptable for all racing. F1 is such a strong bran
  2. Hi, Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but the single player game is finished. I see no reason in the current world of connectivity why anyone would want to play by themselves. On-line races are the way to go and I realize that this is available in the F1 game but in my experience the racenet system and on-line multiplayer systems are clunky. It wouldn't do you any harm to mimic the iracing on-line system where there is a race session every 1 or 2 hours that anyone in the world can sign up for and compete in. (Maybe its just that I am on the wrong side of the world here in NZ). In t
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