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  1. Nice job, I've been waiting for his livery. Where can I download it?
  2. Nothing new here? I've just bought an Oculus and want to buy the Season 3 & 4 DLC to go along with the latest update but I just can't stand the liveries included. Please fix this guys!
  3. Nice job, looks fantastic. Nice to drive a Swedish livery for once, do some more if you have time. 🙂
  4. I like the grey, not too fond of the orange, but the cool thing about this livery are the yellow headlights IMO. It's a nice hommage to French cars.
  5. For Dirt Rally I used/use something called Mod Manager which was very helpful and easy to use. Anyone keen on updating that Mod Manager to DR2 or make a similar one?
  6. Is there, or will there be, any way to use custom skins without it affecting career and online mode? I'd like to use the skins available, but I also want to drive online and in career mode and don't have HD space to have two installs of the game.
  7. How did you do that in the easiest way? I would also want to be able to race online and still use mods.
  8. I have a feeling the i20 will be one of the DLC cars, it makes no sense that they don't have it at all.
  9. Good job! I like the design, even if the real thing has some small changes compared to that picture. And yes his Fiesta design from the last two years is also good looking. Can I ask if you have done more designs for drivers? Are you Scandinavian? How do you get involved in doing liveries like that? Sounds like fun.
  10. Sorry, I went back and saw your link just now. I'll upload pics on it tomorrow, nice initiative!
  11. First and foremost, sorry for the picture overload - would have liked to add them as thumbnails or something. But since you asked for requests, here are a few 😉 If anyone feels the urge to do skins for some or all of the cars below, I'd gladly provide more photos. Btw Kajto's new livery looks good.
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