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  1. Just when I was about to blame the controller for my terrible times!! hahaha Being competitive while driving a car with a binary throttle, breaks, wheels and no feedback is such an accomplishment. I'm impressed! I just bought a wheel today and I'm looking forward to see how (or if) it will enhance my performance.
  2. @Snaky115, do you really play with a controller? (The league's website says so)
  3. For unknown reasons my car was completely unstable as if one of the wheels was not receiving power. This small unforeseen was certainly the only reason I did not win this event.
  4. First time in a league. Pretty fun! Lost half an hour setting up the car for greece and managed to survive the first 3 stages. 3 min behind but happy! After a day of work I got back to where I stopped. Car felt totally different, why don't you speed up? And how the hell can I reach 100+km/h at first gear? Yeah, for some reason my gear config was totally shifted to the right, I don't know how. Managed to survive 3 other stages to fix it at the last one. One last stage remaining and my car is finally fixed!  *Flew off a cliff*   R.I.P. Rivello
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