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  1. destructderby2

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I want ghost car in time trials and can you put dirt2 n 3 and grid1 n 2 on ps4 but make them better with destruction derby team races similar to grid but more tracks and team events oh and no bugs this time. And that 15 sec penalty is shocking for reset car just reseting car to stop is losing time theres no need dirt rally is good but i fighting with car more than old mcrae games and grid. you could have different modes where pro is 15 sec penalty and it tougher more real like. then normal mode where its easier and no penalty. you really should update all dirt 2 dirt 3 and grid 2 for ps3 players have had to put up with serious bugs. laps skippin, glitches dissconections we all pay lots to you for add ons etc you should give something back to players by updating good games that got these bugs somehow.
  2. destructderby2

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    That's called realism ;) Meh, I've been in a real rally car and it isnt even close. Might be my computer sound then. Try turning co driver up and engine down slightly