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    PS3 League, anyone interested?

    this could be cool , i m in depending on time and date , i m gmt -3 .  Another idea is use better the time trial area , we can set a track and class of the week or something like that , only thing to do is add all the ppl interested and see the results and no need  all online at the same time ...

    Racenet page

    I am trying to access the racenet`s  site  since yesterday, it doesn't work, what's the problem? Does anyone know?

    Time Trial leaderboards

    Thanks @RobMUFC1987 .... would be great from Colmaster we have a decent leaderboards in all tracks .

    Time Trial leaderboards

    Is there any list of leaders in  time trial.? or I can only see  my friends´s best time ? It would be interesting to be able to access a ranking of tracks  in the racenet´s page .

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    ok Cm, I'm playing and enjoying it very much, I've had 2 corrupted save data , no problem for me , the problem has happened with the unkept promises, who's playing until today will continue playing , it must be admitted that something is very wrong and you might not have repair . you could then change the strategy and not promise more dates, so I suppose if CM don't respond quickly request for news , is because there's no news . at least update the game for who's playing and enjoying it, there are new changes ready that appear to be pretty cool but are awaiting  the solution of the problem of csd  consider those who are playing CM best fans and customers and repay us with news. Thank you