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  1. this could be cool , i m in depending on time and date , i m gmt -3 .  Another idea is use better the time trial area , we can set a track and class of the week or something like that , only thing to do is add all the ppl interested and see the results and no need  all online at the same time ...
  2. I am trying to access the racenet`s  site  since yesterday, it doesn't work, what's the problem? Does anyone know?
  3. Thanks @RobMUFC1987 .... would be great from Colmaster we have a decent leaderboards in all tracks .
  4. Is there any list of leaders in  time trial.? or I can only see  my friends´s best time ? It would be interesting to be able to access a ranking of tracks  in the racenet´s page .
  5. ok Cm, I'm playing and enjoying it very much, I've had 2 corrupted save data , no problem for me , the problem has happened with the unkept promises, who's playing until today will continue playing , it must be admitted that something is very wrong and you might not have repair . you could then change the strategy and not promise more dates, so I suppose if CM don't respond quickly request for news , is because there's no news . at least update the game for who's playing and enjoying it, there are new changes ready that appear to be pretty cool but are awaiting  the solution of the proble
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