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  1. Hi all am new on here, is this leeds from nfsstats days?  I was told people was track cutting at SPA this week, is this what your meaning? or is it a cheat on the INTEL event? HI yes its Leedsryanuk as you me as back in the day but now my gamertag is LeedsryanoTRAo now. 
  2. I can get into the 3.45s if I get it perfect but it will be a very high one though
  3. When you wanted to race with him. He only cheated because the person in 2nd cheated. It was not done on purpose to destroy the leaderboards that was not his intension. He probably not found out the cheat other wise or not of done it other wise
  4. Sas blink not to be cruel but you are biting more than you can chew by asking DJMSTERoTRAo to a challenge.  
  5. I love that the fastest time on each platform is so close but the xbox is slowest at the moment not good news for xbox gamers =(
  6. Well it don't matter if you win by inch or a mile winning is winning lol.... I'll take any prize who knows what's to come in the future... fanatec wheels ? Lol... Hey Dom, teach me your skills
  7. Maby it's one entry per household...but not to sure it would be fair that way..let's just enjoy and not worry ur 2nd at this time which is good so well done Ryan respect. I want the sparco stuff lol... Good luck. I hope the super utes on Mount Panorama give me all the luck I need and that to win the mini pc lol. Just 0.455 secs slower than first easily clawable on the second intel challenge =)
  8. I want to know what happens if lets say 2 people in the same household and each person on seperate accounts was both in the top ten. Do they both win prizes? Or is that classed as cheating and you have to only do one account per household?  How can you detect people making multiple accounts to win multiple prizes?
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