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  1. There should be no AI at all on time trial events. 
  2. Yes mate my tablet came 10 days ago from amazon, after a lot of emails sent we got there in the end. Thanks again CM  :)
  3. Yes upgrades still need fixing, this game would have been much better with no upgrades, but better tuning. For me the tuning is way to basic, no real options to shift balance, a simple front and rear downforce would improve it. Still loving the game tho  :)
  4. I have always been under the impression PC was the fastest platform, am sure replay told me he had a run on his friends PC and it was a little faster. I remember SHIFT2 days there was a huge difference between platforms, PC was so much more controllable than PS3, we even had a lad come off  Xbox to PS3 and he couldn't hit the times he was hitting on Xbox.
  5. This was my e-mail :) but REPLAY didnt get any e-mail so why are you not 1st @STEVE182rs? EDIT: I forgot you were 4th overall but 2nd winner... but I like the 2nd prize more^^ NASCAR was 1st eligible SVEN, strange how REPLAY didn't get any emails. He was the true winner. 
  6. Got the legends DLC today, from a hour or two on it i would say legends, am fed up with cat c to be honest. For me the GT3 are the best cars in the game, can't wait to get some good runs round Silverstone in the R8. 
  7. Finally got a email this morning, so i ended up eligible 2nd place. did you get a email @NASCARfan88jr ?
  8. This event finished on the 11th of August, has any prize winner received any prize's from this event? Or even had a new email about there rightful prize?  or are we just to forget about this and get nothing! Do CM even have customer service? @Loore 
  9. Another good vid, enjoy  :) http://youtu.be/5Q4C3BSIAS4
  10. I have been waiting for this game for around four years now, it's been a long time coming. For people not in the no here's a good vid. http://youtu.be/rREZLWq8JUA
  11. Yep there customer service is unreal, it's zero. No replys to PMs or emails to CodeM or customer service. And that was last friday lol For me this game has been the best racer i have played on PS3, its just a shame they don't get there public relations right! I think i will hold of buying this DLC for now.
  12. There has been a mix up with prizes, lets hope they get it right at some point.
  13. Its a very strange way of doing things, you could see the eligible country's on the PSN.leaderboard. so instead they sent emails out to all, telling them they have won and what prize you won, and from that they ask for your address to see if your eligible lol so after that they will need to send more emails to the eligible country's, saying the prize we said you won was wrong and it should of  been this prize you won lol  crazy 
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