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  1. STEVE182rs

    3.46 club

    Yep well said.
  2. STEVE182rs

    Intel challenge PC leadeboard

    Yep agree 100%
  3. STEVE182rs

    3.46 club

    @RTAnoskills‌ what set-up are  you running then?
  4. STEVE182rs

    Intel challenge....

    Defo but i think it should of been a TT instead of a Race. And without the patch yet it should of been in stock cars
  5. STEVE182rs

    GRID Autosport Intel Challenge

    Yeh i did a 2.00.116 i can improve but no point when people are cheating, and there was me thinking we finally had cheat free game.  Yeh same mate, it dosen't apply to all tho. There are a lot of one trick ponies out there.
  6. STEVE182rs

    3.46 club

    My tune was low df, stiff springs, open diff and stock gears, the upgrades do nothing for me. Nice time SVENOS  did you run tune no upgrades?
  7. STEVE182rs

    3.46 club

    NASCAR has done a 45.8on PS3 im still in the 48s at the mo. Do the upgrades work on Xbox? 
  8. STEVE182rs

    GRID Autosport Intel Challenge

    Good to see your still on top mate, there was some good battles between the Xbox and PS3 on NFSSTATS  So what track is open to cheating in this weeks RC?  on PS3 some guys done a 156 at SPA that has to be a cut.
  9. STEVE182rs

    GRID Autosport Intel Challenge

    Hi all am new on here, is this leeds from nfsstats days?  I was told people was track cutting at SPA this week, is this what your meaning? or is it a cheat on the INTEL event?