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  1. I have always been under the impression PC was the fastest platform, am sure replay told me he had a run on his friends PC and it was a little faster. I remember SHIFT2 days there was a huge difference between platforms, PC was so much more controllable than PS3, we even had a lad come off  Xbox to PS3 and he couldn't hit the times he was hitting on Xbox.

  2. SVENOS said:
    Hi Sven,
    Thanks for sending us your postal address. Unfortunately, as per the terms and conditions of the contest, residents of Germany are not eligible to enter.
    This means that we have had to disqualify you from the contest and sadly we cannot send you the prize.
    Please accept our apologies,
    Samantha Russell | Director, Community Relations | Codemasters Software Co. Ltd
    Codemasters Campus, Stoneythorpe, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 2DL
    Tel: +44 (0)1926 816000 | Fax: (0)1926 817595
    Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SatineCM
    Sign up for RaceNet: http://www.racenet.com
    This was my e-mail :) but REPLAY didnt get any e-mail so why are you not 1st @STEVE182rs?

    EDIT: I forgot you were 4th overall but 2nd winner... but I like the 2nd prize more^^

    NASCAR was 1st eligible SVEN, strange how REPLAY didn't get any emails. He was the true winner. 

  3. so thats why i cant join a room unless i host , was this because they suck or is because their greedy 
    nobody will know but pisses me off
    Sony is giving me a refund ,screw you CM
    maybe if everyone goes this this might get a clue

    I gave Loore 24 hours to respond and i got nothing
    Yep there customer service is unreal, it's zero. No replys to PMs or emails to CodeM or customer service. And that was last friday lol

    For me this game has been the best racer i have played on PS3, its just a shame they don't get there public relations right!
    I think i will hold of buying this DLC for now.

  4. Like I said, no real reason to fret. Germany isn't a listed country so a German address won't be accepted. It's simple.
    Its a very strange way of doing things, you could see the eligible country's on the PSN.leaderboard. so instead they sent emails out to all, telling them they have won and what prize you won, and from that they ask for your address to see if your eligible lol so after that they will need to send more emails to the eligible country's, saying the prize we said you won was wrong and it should of  been this prize you won lol  crazy 

  5. Loore said:
    Just a note on this, the winners were decided by the times, and once we've got their email addresses (which aren't an indicator of someone's location) then we ask players for their info. Obviously if someone turns out to be from a country that wasn't able to participate then that does change things.

    For a number of reasons we can't exclude people from a competition because of a forum thread told us too, all the correct investigations have to be done, which is currently in process.
    Well lets hope we all get are rightful prizes then, look foward to my new email saying i have won the tablet and not a pair of headphones! 

  6. I'm pretty sure the UK can enter the challenge. If your country is not  eligible in the terms and conditions well that fine, because Codemasters will keep you in the challenge anyways. They think (CM) that Germany is part of the UK according to the last challenge. 
    That's right mate, there incompetence is shocking. Still no reply to any emails or pm's 

  7. I was responding to him saying nobody ever gets back with questions asked which imo @loore has been pretty right on top of things.
    Not when Intel Challenge is concerned, we seem to get zero response! There was a few of us asking all week about, wall riding, did it get a response? NO 
    So now it's finished i asked the questionSTEVE182rs said:
    @NASCARfan88jr so was you placed 3rd mate? what was your prize? surly we should be 1st and 2nd as the top two aren't eligible. If not who has won the PC and Tablet?? i think CM are having us over!
    @Loore  @Justbiglee can you shed any light on this for us please?
    with no response! 
    again @Loore and @Justbiglee can you shed any light on this for us please?