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  1. Rosinbag1

    Capture replay of multiplayer race

    That’s really odd that they don’t have that option as so many other games do. Maybe the next version will 🤞
  2. Is there a way to capture the replay of multiplayer race for F1 2018 on PS4?
  3. Rosinbag1

    No League for Dirt Rally 2??

    Yep still waiting...🤨
  4. Rosinbag1

    DLC means what exactly?

    any information on the USA price of the DLC if the standard version is purchased and not the digital deluxe version?
  5. Rosinbag1

    No League for Dirt Rally 2??

    Do you have a date for that? I haven’t seen any information about leagues being part of the game so this is good news.
  6. Rosinbag1

    No League for Dirt Rally 2??

    Will leagues be included in Dirt Rally 2 at some point since they won’t be at release?