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  1. patronas

    Regulation change for next year R&Ds

    In 18 out of 9 seasons I only had 2 major reg changes 1st one at end of season 1 which wad pointless and super easy as only had few upgrades on then season 2 was just durabilty season 3 nothing 4th season engine 5th season all departments but that was the last reg change I had in 19 all the way to season 9 when the game broke on is hoping its not going to be like that this year as once the car is fully upgraded and after a season you have enough points to protect every component with out doing the programmes . When your team is fully developed you should stop getting recourse points as like said it just makes it way easy when do get a reg change
  2. patronas

    AI not fighting each other

    Well dont know what to do about this patch now dont know if out on xbox yet as have internet turned off been waiting for the performance patch since releasd really to start new game but from the sounds of it im besg of sticking to 1.4 . So the first patch has basicly ruined the game . I was woundering if the a1 were going to get diluted as it happend past 2 years the seem good on release then codies claim to inprove something when in fact its to dilute it . Its why ive got my internet of on console so didnt update automatically might just start new game and for get about the patches if this is the case . No sc . A1 **** . All the commentators go on about is mclaren in cutscenes every single race and a few other stuff I cant think of at min .
  3. patronas

    Team performance order after patch

    Isnt it merc who have had the best chassis all season redbull even said after first few races the need to inprove the chassis as it isnt the best that the have had from the looks of it codemasters have just went of what the teams were best at in the past not what is happening this season . It does make you wounder if anyone in the codies studio who worked on the performance part actualy follow f1 at all or just listen to what people say at no point has redbull had the best chassis this year and the have said it a few times this season . Not inless this is what helmet marko was going on about having a better chassis than merc this year he must of been talking about his team in game after pre season testing
  4. patronas

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Monaco is a tricky one for me it depends how much im on it on the day some times im well on it but then other the flashback button is me best friend just depends if im in the mood for that track . First race there on 19 was mega my quali lap felt perfect qualified 3rd in racing point on my last q run but every other quali lap I tried threwbout the weekend was always 9th 10th but got that perfect lap finished 5th threw been jumped at pit stop but I drove that race as the do in real life as slow as possible and defended when needed . Then 2nd time around I couldent find the sweetspot with the car as first time q 9th finished 10th . And aslso last year game most tracks I would run 98 difficulty but for monaco I had to drop it to 84 which is a big drop just to keep up with a1 but this year started of 96 for first race felt a touch to easy so upped to a hundred and never dropped it even for monaco which I had to last year . But it is a track were if you find that sweet spot you can make more of a diffrence than the car as I was well buzzing with my first quali there to q 3rd in racing point with 6th fastest car and knowing my difficulty wax spot on as had to defend like hell threw out race thats when I drove as the do in real life round there
  5. patronas

    Ai is draining less ERS than me.

    If in career and havent upgraded the ers in engine conpartment chances are the other teams have . Hence the use less ers and lasts for longer
  6. patronas

    Regulation Change (bug?)

    Had the same kinda thing happen to me I lost well over 3 thousand recourse points was well gutted ended up the 3rd slowest team and no matter how much I try and develop the car its just inpossible to catch back up with how fast the a1 develop . Getting upto silverstone and still in same postion as start of 2nd season despite doing everything you can do to get the recourse points and getting upgrades on . I put 1 upgrade on my rivals put 2 on it feels like . Although I dont think mine was an bug as I had upgrades to be completed on start of next season on the rule change compartments andyou cant adapt them till the have been complet3d
  7. Totally agree with you on the performance update its ridiculas even the pre season performance isnt correct its like its the performance of 2017 still . Mclaren in my career have the quickest car on 2nd season upto silverstone and the have had the quickest car from start of season . But still the havent won a race its always the mefc and Ferrari that win all the time even thow the havdnt got the quickest car . Cant waite for the performance patch to start a new career . Funny thing is thow by the time we get this patch its going to be close to when the game normaly gets released . Something as the performance of the teams should of been patched on release as I can imagine it messing everyones career up and having to start again
  8. patronas

    Race starts SLOW compared to A.I

    That use to happen to me last year this year ive only had 1 bad start in 27 races if your useing full traction that tends to lead to slower starts if are useing full traction try turning it to medium or off for the start I play with medium traction and get good starts every time as long as the clutch is in the sweet spot
  9. patronas

    A.I. stupidity and cold or warm tires

    As far as tyres go I believe it could have something to do with upgrades especially on chassis side ive got samething I can see an upgrade in the chassis section for tyre temps if havent upgraded the tyre part in chassis then good chance thats your problem but if have upgraded the tyre blankets then could be bug . But very much doubt it as after all its the whole point of upgrades to inprove the car . So if havent already try upgrading chassis . Career is all about upgrading your car
  10. patronas

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    Im finding it the opposite only have 1 gearbox upgrade and only had to do 1 gearbox change in a season and a half I do use auto gears I can imagine doing the gears manualy if not changing at correct time could cause excessive wear . But as far as doing the gearbox upgrades go ill be leaving that till last as seem to be managing it okay with out the durabilty
  11. patronas

    DLC. Classic tracks.

    It would just be a case of updating the graphics really t would also be cool if had the cars of that year as well
  12. Just wanna say first thanks for the update . A little communication goes a long way . But why are the rain lights on the rear wing only been patched on ps4 pro when its the same issue on all platforms from what ive read I know I havent got them on xbox one s I did see it on back of merc at last race monaca but the was a car between me and the merc the car infront of me didnt have the lights but I did see it on the one in front of that . And is the anything been done about the sc or vsc as the never come out had it once in austria 2nd season and that was only cause I used an flashback a couple times cause sainz keept spinning is around going along the track that leads to the fast chicane but it was a weird one thow as I used the flashback trice then on 3rd attempt I managed to keep out of his way and where he was spinning is before used the flashback the yellow flags popped up for a brief second even thow I had plenty of space to him so no cantact then sc came out but that has been the only time in 1 and a half seasons
  13. patronas

    Simulate practice sessions (Resource Points)

    No you only get 30 points thats what I got when done it in fp2 once was going to do quali run and race run in fp3 but the game went straight to quali so couldent do them I only wanted to skip fp2 but the game decided not to give is the option of doing fp3
  14. patronas

    AI Set Ups

    Dont know for sure but feels like the use default I always seem to be at top of speed trap when ever I run a bit lower downforce in a midfield team I generaly have my wings front 5 rear 7 or monza front 4 and rear 6 or 5 but yea It would be great if the used there own set ups . My thought on this is do away with the 5 default set ups from high down force to low take them out and have your team putting the standard set up for that track on both cars then you adjust it to your your style so spain you and your team mate get the high downforce set up and you can leave it or adjust it and it will deffently mean having more battles with your teammate on track its on one of my wish list for game any ways been able to see what settings your teammate has would add an bit e extra to the experience and also have certain times in the p sessions that all of them go out and do there long runs and quali sims and be able to see there date of the sims like tyre wear lap times it would deffently add more to it and something ive been hoping the would add but I doubt it will happen
  15. patronas


    Have you tried it with a fully upgraded car as that is about a 5 sec lap advantage to a non upgraded car . I had to start a new game on 18 a few weeks before 19 came out I was upto season 9 when the 18 game would crash to desktop every time it tried saving the cars were fully upgraded for 4 seasons as was only getting little reg changes every other season . And the diffrence in speed and handling was noticeable streat away austran gp for example when car was fully upgraded doing 1.min and 2 sec in quali but after starting new game I was doing 1 min and 8 sec . After all its the whole point of the rnd and when you feel the upgrades having an affect its awsome im only talking about career mode thow