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  1. patronas

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Monaco is a tricky one for me it depends how much im on it on the day some times im well on it but then other the flashback button is me best friend just depends if im in the mood for that track . First race there on 19 was mega my quali lap felt perfect qualified 3rd in racing point on my last q run but every other quali lap I tried threwbout the weekend was always 9th 10th but got that perfect lap finished 5th threw been jumped at pit stop but I drove that race as the do in real life as slow as possible and defended when needed . Then 2nd time around I couldent find the sweetspot with the car as first time q 9th finished 10th . And aslso last year game most tracks I would run 98 difficulty but for monaco I had to drop it to 84 which is a big drop just to keep up with a1 but this year started of 96 for first race felt a touch to easy so upped to a hundred and never dropped it even for monaco which I had to last year . But it is a track were if you find that sweet spot you can make more of a diffrence than the car as I was well buzzing with my first quali there to q 3rd in racing point with 6th fastest car and knowing my difficulty wax spot on as had to defend like hell threw out race thats when I drove as the do in real life round there
  2. patronas

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    Im finding it the opposite only have 1 gearbox upgrade and only had to do 1 gearbox change in a season and a half I do use auto gears I can imagine doing the gears manualy if not changing at correct time could cause excessive wear . But as far as doing the gearbox upgrades go ill be leaving that till last as seem to be managing it okay with out the durabilty
  3. patronas

    Simulate practice sessions (Resource Points)

    No you only get 30 points thats what I got when done it in fp2 once was going to do quali run and race run in fp3 but the game went straight to quali so couldent do them I only wanted to skip fp2 but the game decided not to give is the option of doing fp3
  4. patronas

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Well the had to put something in the game apart from the 3 short f2 races and driver transfers the is nothing new . And to top that of the old features that are still in still dont work propley like the sc the only thing ive had is yellow flags for a couple sec after half a season and as far as driver transfers goes the should give an option to turn it off or on and preferbly fir each team so if dont want say mclaren drivers to swap you could turn it of fo mclaren but on for everyone else or the team your driving so if having a brilliant fight with teammate in tables andbon track he doesnt get replaced which is what happend to me after first 7 races 4 driver changes aftef 7 races is ridiculas . The problem I have is with career been an coppy and paste to last year the stuff what did add just fellt like it got throne in last minuite with out been tested or programmed propley and not to forget codies saying the spent 2 years making this game still same bugscas previouse titles and the new content well it doesnt work propley
  5. patronas

    R&D System 2019

    It wont reset till a regulation change which generaly gets announced about monza time thats how it worked on last year game . I think the could tie it in with contract negotiations ie you could sign a 3 year contract that will give a longer rnd development for all the teams probleys by giving less recource points or extending the developing time from 3 weeks to 6 weeks . And same for other contact deals you sign a 2 year it speeds up a bit and sign a year contract the rnd is fast . You could keep the same contract structure in place where you sign every few races but instead of been able to join other teams the do it just for the perks its how id like to see it at least be able to sign multy year contract