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  1. patronas

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    The is female characters in career this year so could be something to do with that
  2. patronas

    Heading into season 4, no sign of SC

    Had same issue till patch 1.5 reinstalled game started a new game and did get the sc a few times . Rember last years game every time a patch came out I would iether have a sc in game till the next patch then I wouldent have it again till another patch came out . It was wierd as the majority of patches didnt have anything to do with sc . It was a wierd one . Thinking its something to do with the game installs the files or something like that
  3. Hye was woundering if anyone has started there career in midfield team and managed to get them to the top and stay there for a full season . Getting really ****** with the ai rnd development. Im finding it inpossible to get ahead of 1 team and staying ahead . Despite getting maximum recourse points every race 27 races and havent moved at all in performance chart . Despite putting every recourse points on car performance and nothing else . 18 game was loads better than this and its just an copy n paste so how is it totally flawed . Even when the release the game early its looking like its not going to get sorted . If it does at all till after the summer break when the used to fetch game out any ways . Why couldent this not been fixed in last patch what only had a couple minor fixes in any ways . Just wanna no if you can start with a team like renault and get them to top for at least a full season or am I just waisting my time with career as you cant comptete with teams that have unlitited recourse points while you only get so many stopping you progressing
  4. patronas

    Danny Ric AI

    Got ricrardo as my teammate and gotta say codies have him extremly weak in game . He only qualified in top 10 4 times in s1 and every time he did he had an penalty for what ever reason even 2nd race of 1st season he qualified 6th started 16th threw penalty I lost out to 4th in championship threw him not been able to get into the points even thow the car was capable riccardo in the gane is nothing like the one in real life . Its like codies have took the performances of the first race of the season to programme the a1 driver
  5. patronas

    1st and 2nd Drivers: Career Mode

    Ocon isnt in the 19 game
  6. patronas

    Race start

    Its down to you to have a good start nothing wrong with the starts . Last year game I struggled with the starts only got an hand full of good starts in 9 seasons were this year im on it every time near enough depends what assists your useing I play on medium tc and keep the revs at optimal rpm . Basicly when the clutch bite points lights up white keep the rpm there thdn when red lights go out release clutch and full throttle . But I do rember last year people saying if playing with full tc you have to give higher revs . But the aint nothing wrong with starts its in your hands that
  7. patronas

    How to keep the back from breaking out?

    Try playing with anti roll bars . Low roll bars in high speed corners will throw back end out
  8. patronas

    No engine power upgrade

    I think its an glitch as ive had same thing on a few occasions at diffrent tracks jeff says im 20th while onscreen on further up and I do rember him saying that at spa when running 2 3 wings
  9. patronas

    Multiplayer: People should be penalized [Video]

    Hes probleys one of them dirty drivers him self
  10. patronas

    30% Discount already

    Before performance patch I had a few driver transfers after canada gp 4 driver changes . And a1 development inpossible to keep up with . But since downloaded patch 1.5 started new game upto to monza and no driver transfers and ai not developing as fast as before 1.5 weather its the way the game installs or if codies sorted it in patch 1.5 . But since 1.5 its been spot on fir me
  11. Had same happen to me in german gp got knocked out of q1 and every driver started on medium and HDR10 no it isnt realistic if you watched the real f1 you wouldent of even mentioned your first comment as its only top teams who go for medium tyre for start of race and thats only cause the have the pace advantage over midfield to do that . If the was an threag from the top teams getting knocked out of q2 on mediums the will run soft . But the midfield always run the softest to make it into q3 . If you followed f1 you would know this
  12. patronas

    Thank you for nothing Codemasters.

    The thing is with all the reviews is the were done before codes starts with the patches the game deffently feels like its been dilluted after 1st patch . The graphics dont seem like the did before patch it was the first thing that stood out to me when first played the game thought it was awsome the way you went threw the shadows and that it was like you were sat in the car . But now it feels more like 18 graphics . Then not to mention the AI been in same ERS mode as player all the time when the was nothing wrong with it before the patch people saying its just an graphics issue but it doesnt feel like that to me all I have to do is put my ers to high and no one cant over take is which wasent case before . This game is anything but perfect it was an pretty awsome game on release but after the first patch its ruined it for me . Mainly cause you have people calling things bugged like people were saying with the A1 ERS but when I checked threw it a couple times all the drivers were in diffrent modes so didnt understand the problem there when you fix something that aint broke . It will break it which is what is happening with this game . Ps when the game got released early I was one of the ones who bought early copy and not 1 complaint about the game till the standard edition got released
  13. patronas

    Has any one noticed a1 never use there ers

    Just done a test at silverstone qualifying short quali drove out of pits on low ERS the was 7 cars on track I followed weber out of pits and stayed behind him till start of flying while on warm up lap I used an flashback to cycle threw all cars on track inluding weber who was just ahead of is on warm up lap and every car was in low ERS same as me even the ones on a flying lap after starting flying lap I done a couple of checks on AI to check there ERS mode . And basicly every ERS mode I went into every car on track was on same . I changed the ERS a few times then checked on AI and basicly what ever mode I was in the were too regardless of warm up lap or flying lap and it seems as if every car has got the same ERS wear as me I only get 90 percent battery charge cause of wear and every car on brid has got same its like every car on grid is using my components . Surprised no one else have noticed this especialy the ones who claim to play as close to feal life as possible or is it just the xbox with this issue . Could someone else check to see if Ai are copying your ERS and if every team has same wear as you
  14. Has any one noticed that the a1 are not useing ers at all threw out the race first noticed it in canada every car on meduim ers full battery's threw out the race even when attacking or defending . Simulated the french gp as was wet and couldent be botherd with it but still same at austrian gp just started race onto 2nd lap and every single car with full battery and all on medium ers its an bloody joke that last patch it has totaly ruined the game for single player at least might as well just take the ers out if a1 not useing it just totaly ruined the game no satifaction in racing the a1 any more knowing ive got an massive advantage over a1 its pathetick how the fetch these patches out claiming to fix and inprove things when the fact is the are diluting the product . So when the next years game comes out the can claim to have inproved the a1 graphics and so on when the truth is its just what the diluted from previouse game . Also dont know if its just me or what but also since last patch the vraphics dont seem to be as good mainly when going threw shades and stuff like that rember when first played the game it looked great you actualy felt as if you were sat in the car were now it just doesnt look as good as it did . Wounder if redownload the game as bought from microsoft store it will in in stall the patch or not as the game was loads better before the 1st patch . And thats not to mention the game freezing and having to restart console twice as well since last patch its pathetic really is . Feels like the fetch one game out for the reviews then once the get there reviews abd that the dilute the thing
  15. patronas

    F1 Tips & Tricks

    If useing xbox controller try the look around stick on right side of joypab its so much easier useing the analogue stick for mfd . The only downside is you cant look back if mfd open on one of the pages were change fuel or tyres and wing but if on tyre wear page can use it I found it so much easier for me self