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  1. DaveyGravy

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    Did you count MarshalZone 21 times as this is 5 bytes each straightaway? 147 seems correct by my counting. D
  2. DaveyGravy

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    I haven’t actually used this data in my app yet for mapping, but I have played around with it previously. From memory you need to use x and z to get a birdseye view of the track if that’s what you're after. I just dumped the data for these into Excel and drew a graph and it looked like the track in question.
  3. DaveyGravy

    DR2.0 UDP Telemetry

    Agree with all of those too! 👍
  4. DaveyGravy

    DR2.0 UDP Telemetry

    I gather it’s in the PC version as a hidden activation and it’s definitely not in the PS4 version. Please, please, please can you show this feature some love like your F1 games do? As a feature, UDP output is basic table-stakes these days for serious driving games. i gather the format on PC hasn’t changed so a lot of data is missing, pace notes would be a good addition for starters, along with more car health data. Thank you 🙏
  5. DaveyGravy

    Dirt 2.0 UDP data out specs

    So much missing data, and no console love for UDP 😢 Fingers crossed for an improvement soon.