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  1. Looks like there might be a bug regarding broadcast mode not working correctly. I’ve had several reports of broadcast mode not actually broadcasting, and instead doing a standard unicast to the previously entered IP address, even though that field is disabled when broadcast mode is on. I’ve tested this on PS5 and I don’t get the issue, everything works as expected. All of the users that reported the bug so far have been on Xbox Series X which may or may not be relevant. Anyone else seen this issue, on any platform?
  2. Just a thought… but now Codemasters own SMS, and the PCARS games send gamer tags in the telemetry, can your legal eagles not talk to their legal eagles and see what they did/why it was OK for them? It’s just a crying shame and a glaring omission - I hear from so many racers, especially league drivers about the lack of names, and all I can do is shrug and blame the game. 🤷‍♂️
  3. @Hoo Whilst we’re checking the status on things… is there any movement on the perennial issue of not sending gamer tags in telemetry? It really does ruin the multiplayer aspect somewhat. Thanks
  4. I see small amounts of drift too. Storing the previous laps sectors would be super handy. +1 for this.
  5. Thanks for listening to dev feedback. Just a couple of data points that I’d like to have considered for adding: -Player pit stop strategy/window details -Number of pit stops taken* -Tyres used in session history (similar to classification packet)* I realise that items with a * can be logged by the receiving app, however for this to be accurate, telemetry recording needs to be running from the start of the session which may not always be the case. A record from the game would alleviate possible gaps in data. Thanks David
  6. I've never seen this personally, at least not on PS4.
  7. That'll be the confusion then! So we don't actually get the number shown on the in game dash, in the feed do we? We get: float m_fuelRemainingLaps; // Fuel remaining in terms of laps (value on MFD) which shows the delta number of laps/fuel +/-, but the number to it's left is not sent as far as I can tell, so needs to be calculated to replicate it exactly. Thank you!
  8. I’ve only tested this (since the issue was raised) in game modes where the game sets the fuel level for you automatically, and that’s where I get the difference, perhaps this is where the bug is in the game. I did look for units for fuel but couldn’t find anything in the game. Yeah, I’m aware it’s in KG so I’m just showing the number on the dash direct from the feed - there’s no conversion required as far as I can tell... Thanks
  9. Yeah everything else seems correct so I’m looking at the right player. I’m seeing this in the solo Grand Prix mode (not tested others). I’m on PS4, are you on PS4 as well?
  10. Thanks, that's a fair question, but yes, I'm looking at the correct car (I did just re-check this when you asked!). Interestingly, none of the 22 sets of car data are showing the same amount of fuel as the in-game dash so I'm not sure what's going on at all.
  11. Is anyone else seeing discrepancies with: float m_fuelInTank; For me, the data received always seems higher than the actual value, eg 6.0 in the tank (and displayed in-game) comes through as 8.8 in the data. I'm on PS4. Thanks.
  12. There are several ways depending on how often you want to update it, but you can use the session time in the header as a reference time and then compare something between the drivers (lap distance, sector etc)
  13. @MattKB Hi, I make the Race Dash app - is the xxx bit on the name of use for your friend? Each driver has an ID number which I could add to the app but it doesn’t really relate to anything so I’ve ignored it up until now.
  14. Thanks @Hoo for clarifying. Do you know: a) which changes missed the cut on Xbox - was it just the 'beta 3.1 changes'? b) when the v1.02 update is due on Xbox? Many thanks
  15. Just to add to that, they too are on v1.01
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