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  1. Not a problem! Perhaps you were on an older game build at the time which didn't have the same issues as we were seeing. The subnet mask not picking up correctly is obviously not right - easiest way to narrow down the issue is to take your Xbox to a friend/family house and connect it up there. If it picks up the correct mask you know the issue is with your DHCP server somewhere. Using as a mask on a network meant to be using will probably stop broadcasts working, but directed IP packets should still arrive. If your IP address is for example then w
  2. I did try using 192.168.x.255 as the unicast address at the time on my Playstation and it didn't work, which is a shame as it would have been a nice work around for XB users. I didn't try the global broadcast address as it seemed a long shot, but you never know.
  3. Thanks for confirming. No, I doubt it's RS Dash at fault as my app Race Dash has the same problem. Both are apps that have worked fine for years with broadcast mode (And still do on platforms other than XB). I've not seen any acknowledgement so it's probably worth one of us logging it through the correct channels. As the first piece of data they want is the report code, as an XBox owner I'm afraid that job might fall to you... sorry 😌
  4. Multicast is very specialist and uses a reserved IP range (224.x.x.x), so I'd be very surprised if this is what the game is using. All previous versions of the game used broadcast packets in broadcast mode as well. A couple of users say that the game still sends direct only to the previously entered IP, even when they've enabled broadcast mode so this part is definitely a bug at least (Xbox only). Quite why/how you're able to collect the broadcast data using multicast is a bit of a mystery to me but if it's working... One user did use a different app as well and confirmed that one didn't
  5. UDP broadcast is working in my client from Playstation so I'm fairly confident it's not my app, as a broadcast packet should be a broadcast packet, regardless of what platform sent it. I don't have access to an Xbox myself so can only go on what the increasing number of reports of it not working say, but they're all pretty consistent. If you enable broadcast mode on Xbox, it ignores the setting, and continues to send data out to the last previously entered IP address. Any thoughts @Hoo? Multicast is a very different beast to broadcast, so I'd be surprised if you're able to collect t
  6. Looks like there might be a bug regarding broadcast mode not working correctly. I’ve had several reports of broadcast mode not actually broadcasting, and instead doing a standard unicast to the previously entered IP address, even though that field is disabled when broadcast mode is on. I’ve tested this on PS5 and I don’t get the issue, everything works as expected. All of the users that reported the bug so far have been on Xbox Series X which may or may not be relevant. Anyone else seen this issue, on any platform?
  7. Just a thought… but now Codemasters own SMS, and the PCARS games send gamer tags in the telemetry, can your legal eagles not talk to their legal eagles and see what they did/why it was OK for them? It’s just a crying shame and a glaring omission - I hear from so many racers, especially league drivers about the lack of names, and all I can do is shrug and blame the game. 🤷‍♂️
  8. @Hoo Whilst we’re checking the status on things… is there any movement on the perennial issue of not sending gamer tags in telemetry? It really does ruin the multiplayer aspect somewhat. Thanks
  9. I see small amounts of drift too. Storing the previous laps sectors would be super handy. +1 for this.
  10. Thanks for listening to dev feedback. Just a couple of data points that I’d like to have considered for adding: -Player pit stop strategy/window details -Number of pit stops taken* -Tyres used in session history (similar to classification packet)* I realise that items with a * can be logged by the receiving app, however for this to be accurate, telemetry recording needs to be running from the start of the session which may not always be the case. A record from the game would alleviate possible gaps in data. Thanks David
  11. I've never seen this personally, at least not on PS4.
  12. That'll be the confusion then! So we don't actually get the number shown on the in game dash, in the feed do we? We get: float m_fuelRemainingLaps; // Fuel remaining in terms of laps (value on MFD) which shows the delta number of laps/fuel +/-, but the number to it's left is not sent as far as I can tell, so needs to be calculated to replicate it exactly. Thank you!
  13. I’ve only tested this (since the issue was raised) in game modes where the game sets the fuel level for you automatically, and that’s where I get the difference, perhaps this is where the bug is in the game. I did look for units for fuel but couldn’t find anything in the game. Yeah, I’m aware it’s in KG so I’m just showing the number on the dash direct from the feed - there’s no conversion required as far as I can tell... Thanks
  14. Yeah everything else seems correct so I’m looking at the right player. I’m seeing this in the solo Grand Prix mode (not tested others). I’m on PS4, are you on PS4 as well?
  15. Thanks, that's a fair question, but yes, I'm looking at the correct car (I did just re-check this when you asked!). Interestingly, none of the 22 sets of car data are showing the same amount of fuel as the in-game dash so I'm not sure what's going on at all.
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