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  1. Thanks Zebrawire, found it. I very much appreciate your help.It in the upper right hiding under account management. 
  2. TUSMBOX, but how do you do it though racenet. This is what I can't figure out. Clearly I'm missing something very basic. I've looked at ever page and can not fine where or how to add friends.
  3. Thanks for the reply.  But I on the PS3. I know how to get friends on the PS3 but hiw do I get them into Grid Autosport. I notice that on the racenet challenge page on the web you can compare your currents standings to friends.  What I can't figure out us how to get friends into the game itself.
  4. Hi, can someone please explain how to add friends. I can't figure it out. I also note that on my racenet account there bits that refer to friends.  Thx
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