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  1. Hawkeye407

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Hi All, I don't have the energy to read the whole thread, but people in here trying to convince Codemasters that there's a problem with the safety car, you're wasting your time. We've literally been posting in here for years about the non-functioning safety car but have been completely ignored. You either have to accept that the game doesn't have a safety car (or you have to turn if off because it's completely broken), or just don't play / buy the game. I guess Codemasters don't have playtesters, or the people testing the game don't understand what the role of the safety car is in Formula 1, and don't notice any problems when cars crash on track and we just have to drive around them at full speed... It's a real shame that they treat the people who buy the games with such disregard, but it is what it is. Don't waste your time here.
  2. Hawkeye407

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    @MotorworldHype Could you let us know which questions you picked please?
  3. Hawkeye407

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    Hi Lee, Has any work been done to fix the multiplayer issues? We constantly raise issues like desync, teleporting, safetly car not coming out, AI parked on track, online championship not working / progress being lost, etc... Complete silence from Codemasters on the forums.
  4. How about answering the hundreds of people asking if you've fixed the multiplayer modes at all?
  5. A working multiplayer mode
  6. Hawkeye407

    patch 1.16 no safety car

    Sorry, but no more patches are coming for that game. The safety car has been broken for at least 2 games now, but they won't do anything about it.
  7. They know if they've invested any time making the multiplayer functional - if they choose not to tell us it's safe to assume it'll be just as broken as last years.
  8. Skipped last year due to the multiplayer not being in working order (safety car not working, desync, lag, teleporting, online championships not working, disconnects etc...), as it has been in the last 2 or 3 games in the series. Has there been any word from Codemasters about implementing a working multiplayer mode for this years title?