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  1. A good all round racing experience, hope everyone benefits from a cheeky free pre order.; )
  2. Thanks, should of called yourself ed ; ]
  3. Suspended, means until another time, it means a ceiling built lower than its structure e.g , delayed would work for sure, or any other word, point of the matter is it isn't happening now until may. (i agree partly so as to not disagree) , :) And nice 1 hughesy for the insight, and the game definitely looks epic, i have watched the ps4 , xb1, and ign project car videos and i agree it is going to be awesome!. The answer i was given as to the why it has been delayed, according to the store manager @ game, is for the staff producing project cars to finish the game off comp
  4. Being a blues fan is confusing aha (but i wont turn on the prejudice) ay
  5. For all racing fans, unfortunate discovery today from staff at local game store. Project cars release now suspended until may!
  6. Judging by the pre-release youtube videos, project cars looks good. Be good to experience the finished product following the launch date.
  7. So pc is far more flexible, without restrictions. Also it is more user friendly now days, to operate and play on a gaming spec pc. And playing games costs less due to no subscription fees, and lower prices for titles on pc compared to console. Would you say pc games would be more likely to be modified, than games on console? There has to be a reason that on console there is a higher price tag for games titles, and a reason for paid subscription. Would you say that both pc and console are as secure and safe to game on, or are there flaws in either one of the two platforms?
  8. Of course. I agree. I know you weren't pushing any platform's agenda, and I did not intend to suggest that you were. I was only stating that just because I described my preference for console gaming doesn't mean that I was trying to instigate any platform debates. I only meant to illustrate that I've had enough personal exposure to PC gaming to speak from my own experience about why I choose one over the other. Apologies for any misunderstanding. I know it's a touchy subject for some, and it's easy to send & receive mixed messages.  o:) The idea of this discussion, is that every
  9. I've seen some games on pc , and console, e.g skyrim, on pc, I was blown away by the smooth gameplay, and incredibly detailed graphics, that were awesome. On consoled skyrim still played o.k, the graphics were good, but the console simply didn't seem as though it could  handle the game/data and kept freezing. I can see that p.c could be potentially better in the sense that it is far more flexible with what you can do to increase it's performance, and specifications continuously. Consoles seem to be limited as they are already manufactured and cannot be adjusted or
  10. That's good to know. People with computer knowledge as yourselves, would know the process, and method required to carry that out. Also I'm guessing if you wanted to upgrade a p.c , to be able to run a newer operating system, if for example it didn't meet the requirements to run it, would require technical knowledge, and the correct parts to ensure it is up to specification. What would you say the advantages , and disadvantages are between gaming on p.c, and gaming on console?
  11. So if I wanted to upgrade to windows 10 for free during the 1 year window, how would I check that my system meets requirements to successfully run it? Also how would I perform an upgrade/clean install from the previous windows version?
  12. Isn't Windows 10 a free upgrade from 7, 8 and 8.1? For the first year it is yes but after then it won't beThis much is true, as long as your system meets the requirements to run windows 10, then also, as long as your pc can run games you'll be o.k. If not, I'm guessing customers would have to buy a new windows 10 pc. They could upgrade a new windows 8.1, or refurbished windows 7 pc to windows 10, but if that has to be done by an engineer, again it will cost money. (Not everyone knows how to successfully upgrade/ or clean install a new version of windows and it's drivers).
  13. In my experience dirty, disruptive drivers want ruin the enjoyment people take in playing racing games. Some who race dirty and cause incidents are simply out to troll and make people mad at the expense of their own twisted pleasure. Avoiding them becomes more difficult as the communities are getting smaller, partly down to the next gen migration transitional period. There is no real way of expelling them completely, they will always be there unfortunately. The gaming community can be an increasingly unpleasant place at times. It's a shame to hear it's happening over here at formula 1, racing
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