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  1. odinsparken

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - VR FAQ & Performance Guide

    At last. Now the game works fantastic with the new Update to Oculus VR. Thanks. 😊
  2. odinsparken

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - VR FAQ & Performance Guide

    Hi, try to set all to OFF in VR comfort. Regards,
  3. odinsparken

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - VR FAQ & Performance Guide

    Something is very wrong with the VR mode. The speed and the sound do not match. :-( When driving in 6. gear i feel and see i only drive max 80 km/t. And that is very bad. You can hear the revs go up fast but the feeling of the speed do not goes up. Before introducing VR the speed feels like the actual speed you are driving. Very fun. But now it is unplayable. :-( By the way. When driving on estering and in a audi the speed feeling and the sound match. !!
  4. I really like the game but.... I think there are too many rain and wet stages. It plays the fun of playing this game. I refuse to believe that in the real rally, there are so many night stages and so many stages with rain. And what happens to the rain? Rain drops as large as apples and wipers that apparently cannot keep the window clear of rain. It worked much better in the Dirt Rally 1. I have tried to damage all my headlights and try to see if it is possible to drive to the end of stage without headlight. You can´t. It will of course not be possible in real rallyes, but in reality I also do not think that all the headlight will disappear. I have never seen this happen in real rallyes. And I'm still waiting to use my Oculus VR glasses. Regards,