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  1. sanderv1981

    Podium Pass items

    I got 15000 point. I could buy liveries, helmetdesigns , gloves and celebrationmoves.
  2. sanderv1981

    FIX the dutch language and pedals problem

    yes the Dutch language needs a update. Its really poor translated.
  3. Zandvoort is really fun to drive. But Vietnam, i don't know what it is. I can't get the flow there. But maybe it will come. At least i hope so.
  4. sanderv1981

    Podium Pass items

    Yes, you can use it in "my team" carreer.
  5. sanderv1981

    Microsoft Speed Wheel on 2014

    Yes the triggers are more sensitive than those of the normal controller. Its not as sensitive as a footpaddle but its a little bit in between. I like it really. 
  6. sanderv1981

    Microsoft Speed Wheel on 2014

    It drives lik a wheel. Actualy i love to drive with it. You still got wheelspin and you can drift trough the corners.