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  1. I finally received the game, playing it on standard PS4. My impressions after 2-3 hours of play: PROS - On my plain vanilla PS4, the graphics are way better than DR2. Maybe it's different on other platforms but on my machine, DR2 often looked blurry. - The ambiance is very addictive, things like roadside crowd noise, helicopter above, etc. Better immersion generally. - It's a more complete game altogether: training, split screen play, a proper career mode (though I have barely had time to look at it so far) - The weather effects are great CONS - I still have
  2. Indeed there is a strong disconnect between the views of two posters here and the vast majority of reviewers out there (including some who seem to know DR and DR2 well), who generally rate the game somewhere between "a definite improvement over WRC 7" and "a welcome strong competitor to the DR series". But that's totally fine with me, I value the diversity of opinions. By now I have read enough that I feel confident I should order it. I'll report back!
  3. Xbox One, with a wheel. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-09-04-wrc-8-review-a-new-pretender-to-the-driving-crown
  4. The discussion here involves a lot of criticism of WRC 8 and Kylotonn, but it's not clear to me whether it's coming from people who have actually played the game, except Jake. So... who has actually played the game so far? PC or console? Wheel or gamepad? What are your thoughts? So far I find that the reviews are not very informative, except the one from Eurogamer (they played it on Xbox One, with a wheel). And by the way, here in Canada the game release is Sept 10 on PS4. Where did people buy it?
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