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  1. OwenWyatt_173

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Well no, because it’s not made for backwards compatibility PS5 can do it, just I know there are some games that won’t be able to do it and I haven’t been able to find anything on F1 being able to do it. I just wanted to check.
  2. OwenWyatt_173

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    I’m probably going to have to sell my PS4 when I get the PS5 so I want to know if I will be able to put the PS4 disc in and play it as normal on PS5 using backwards compatibility. This is particularly important for me since I often do commentary for PlayStation F1 leagues. Thanks.
  3. OwenWyatt_173

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Will we be told when this is finished?