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  1. Alain67

    Speedometer and reports engaged in pilot view

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU CODEMASTERS!! Je voulais juste dire MERCI CODEMASTERS !!
  2. Alain67

    Speedometer and reports engaged in pilot view

    @cmMikeRobson Many thanks for clearing that up, I must say you are doing a very good job here. If you do end up exposing the values to players, please also let them know what the numbers mean i.e. DEGREES VERTICALLY, to avoid even more confusion from the players! One more thing Mike. In OSD Settings there is an option to turn ON and OFF the Instrument Cluster. This options work in all views APART from cockpit view, where it is never visible even when ON is selected. This is a big problem because in some cars and/or depending on your FOV you will not be able to see what gear you are in. Knowing what gear you are in is very important, especially for those of us who don't have H-pattern shifters. PLEASE PLEASE can you add the option to turn it ON or OFF in cockpit view, as it is in every other view. That way everyone is happy- those who want it on or off. I know i'm not the only one effected by this as it is complained about in many forums since Dirt Rally 1. This would be very much appreciated! Thank you
  3. Alain67

    Speedometer and reports engaged in pilot view

    I do not understand that Codemasters did not respond to this request. I have browsed this forum several times. We talk about keeping the respect in our conversations so that the forum is not polluted. For me the respect was also to answer yes or no on this request. Not to answer is a lack of respect. Unless I'm wrong. Alain Je ne comprends pas que Codemasters n'ait pas répondu à cette demande. J'ai parcouru ce forum plusieurs fois. On parle de garder le respect dans nos conversations afin que le forum ne soit pas pollué. Pour moi le respect s'est aussi de répondre par oui ou non sur cette demande. Ne pas répondre c'est un manque de respect. A moins que je ne me trompe. Alain
  4. Could you modify your file, so that we can have the indications of speeds and reports engaged in pilot view This has been asked with Dirt Rally without any response, so far. Thank you in advance. Alain Indicateur de vitesse et rapports engagés en vue pilote Pourriez vous modifié votre fichier, afin qu'on puisse avoir les indications de vitesses et de rapports engagés en vue pilote. Cela vous à été demandé avec Dirt Rally sans aucune réponse, à ce jour. Merci d'avance. Alain
  5. Alain67


    Je m'appelle Alain, Et je souhaite remonter mos mécontentement à Codemasters. My name is Alain, would like to send an information to Codemasters I post it in the Racenet League section