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  1. Loore can we speak on twitter in a private conversation because I want to sort this out one on one with you please?
  2. Can I take a pic and show you proof of it in a private message because they are some people definitely deserve to be disqualified
  3. Leedsryanunited

    GRID Autosport Intel Challenge

    I dont see no point me been in the top 10 no more
  4. If it doesnt get sorted im quitting the leaderboards and the prizes for good
  5. Leedsryanunited

    GRID Autosport Intel Challenge

    Im going to quit out of the competition
  6. But when it says fairness does that mean wall riding?
  7. These are very sad days for grid autosport
  8. I am going to have to do the same as you gaski and wall ride unfortunately
  9. But why cant they answer a simple question is wall riding allowed how hard can it be. They make simple things so hard for no reason at all
  10. I might wall ride myself then if nobody from codemasters care about what I think
  11. So what do you think will happen to the wall riders charger do you think there times will stay or will they go?
  12. Some people saying they be disqualified for it and other people say they wont.
  13. Leedsryanunited

    The intel challenge leaderboards

    Justbiglee did say that any replays that look subjective could be taking off