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  1. RockyHill

    Freeze and crash after race

    Xbox One S and I have this game freezing issue. Started few weeks ago. Really annoying phenomena. Will there be a fix soon, please Codemasters?
  2. Yesterday and today same old problem: connection failed. Platform: XBox One Region: Finland
  3. The server is not available. XBoxLive, Finland This issue seems to be pretty permanent. Few days ok and then again, failed...
  4. Can't connect to RaceNet. Platform: PC Steam Region: Finland Looks like it will be a very long good friday...
  5. Can't connect to RaceNet. Games: Dirt Rally 2.0 & Dirt Rally Platform: XBoxLive Region: Finland
  6. Weekend and looking forward to have some quality time with myself and Dirt Rally 2.0... But then... RaceNet! Can't connect... Why this happening over and over again? Sure there's have to solution to remove this annoying problem!