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  1. Yep, me too. Using ANY tipe of login, to be honest... I know this is not the Forum Login Suppor thread, but I had problems with login too for some time, until I realised where I should click after I log in. Here is a screenshot. I just kept clicking the "Sign in" button.
  2. Is Your Stage completely gone then? I hope not. I hope it will be included aswell as an addition to the hand crafted stages.
  3. dirtgame instagram account has some stories form behind-the-scenes https://www.instagram.com/dirtgame/
  4. There hasn't been any updates on Dirt 4 Steam page (https://steamdb.info/app/421020/depots/). Not even on the dev branch so I doubt it will be a Dirt 4 update.
  5. I tried these patterns on a game of life board (https://bitstorm.org/gameoflife/), but did not find anything useful.
  6. What do you think this means? https://twitter.com/Codemasters/status/1011541881984036864
  7. I have a weird feeling that today is going to be a Road Book day. Do you feel it too?
  8. https://www.dirt4game.com/ is giving the 500 error. Maybe some updates are happening? :o Edit. Ok, site seems to be back up, and I do not see anything different. Maybe something happened under the hood? We can always speculate!
  9. I still think YourStage is definately the right direction. Don't go back to just replicate stages from real life. The locations are iconic, not all the stages and not knowing the stage is part of rallying. CM should instead refine YourStage to a point, where you don't feel so much as of now, that you drive a generated stage. Maybe they should go more procedural and away from the "Tiles" concept. Just starting with a location, without any roads and lay in the roads completely dynamic. Yourstage can alreay vary in height, same tiles can be level, uphill or downhill, just how the stage needs it
  10. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: actual gasp. Don't go breaking my heart now @KickUp.... In the worst case scenario we do not get the NZ and lose @KickUp! :open_mouth:
  11. I did the same thing!  :D I still have a chance to cancel the day off.... Maybe I will warm up with some Dirt Rally instead...  ;)
  12. I did the same thing!  :D
  13. Okay, the preorder is up. Is there a reason to preorder? https://store.codemasters.com/eu/product/439242/dirt-4
  14. If Your Stage generates almost unlimited number of stages, just keep pressing that "Regenerate" button. The real life stages will come...
  15. Can't give you a straight answer but I'm pretty sure the percentage system is gone. You will probably have to change parts or try to "quickfix" them with the risk of later failure. This is speculation upon whats been said and seen. I guess @Hatward can answer you if he feel like it ;) It's quick fix, repair or replace. Not all parts can be replaced. The level of repair will determine the likelihood of that part failing later on. The time taken will depend on your crew.  Part durability translates into our used car market, so you can choose to buy a **** box that needs all its parts r
  16. ...and hotseat? You know, this thing: https://steamcommunity.com/app/310560/discussions/4/613957600523336141/
  17. Yes, and you know when to change the oil in the service area.  :D
  18. Yea. Human nature I guess ;) I'm just gonna start calling it "Dirt Floor".... all this arcade mode talk and combined leaderboard crap says to me they just want money, amd only listened to the community as much as they had to. Looks like back to the arcade for CM. Yeah, I bet they have had all the professional Rally Drivers there to improve the "arcade" feel of the game. edit ...hope not...
  19. It's on steam! Adding to wishlist. http://store.steampowered.com/app/421020
  20. Hope it also means Hot-Seat mode.
  21. Im excited, but have mixed feelings... :( I would assume that's a mistranslation from Google, and it means launch as in being presented. Otherwise SQUEEEEEE! Well "Slippes idag" is pretty much "releases today". It's a motorsport newspaper so they might be wrong, but it does kind of sound like today. Might be that they release the information today though, so stall the hype train just a whee bit.
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