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  1. Heard the latest patch let's you turn them off. Anyone know how?
  2. 1henryw

    Ai give you no space

    90% is about right for me. The tracks are unbalanced so some I'm slow but some are easy poles so I figure it balances itself out. I dont use flashbacks and only assist is medium traction and that's enjoyable for me. If I turn the difficulty down it will be too easy. I just find it unrealistic the way the AI turn in on you even when you are ahead and have the inside line. It used to be silly in the old games when they jumped out the way but for me they've gone too far the other way. It's not career breaking but it is bit annoying. I've started to only overtake if I can get way ahead so that when they turn in they only damage themselves but then the game gives me warnings. Dont get me wrong I think the AI defend alot better in this game but its unrealistic when you watch the replay and they turn in on you every single time.
  3. Totally agree. I get pole at Canada and Austria easily (by 1.8 seconds at Austris) yet at Monaco I struggle to get 19th place. Some tracks are so much harder then others.
  4. 1henryw

    Ai give you no space

    *Rolls eyes We get it you're amazing at the game! Everyone who has problems with AI behaviour in rain, overtaking etc is just rubbish at the game lol
  5. 1henryw

    Ai give you no space

    They act like you are not there. Every overtake I do they turn in and break my front wing. Only overtakes where they don't are when I am far enough ahead that when they turn in the hit the back of my car not the front.
  6. 1henryw

    8 career mode seasons, not 1 SC or VSC

    25% 3 season in and no safety car ever. My last race at spa there was a collision that put out 3 cars. All were stationary on track yet no SC...
  7. 1henryw

    AI accelerating speed

    Apparently the AI are programmed to have TC. This would explain a lot if true.
  8. 1henryw

    Patch 1.12 ruined glove textures

    Seems to haver been fixed now (ps4)
  9. 1henryw

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    Kalamazo0123 I'd be happy to accept that I'm no good at the game. I don't really care, I'm a pretty decent go-karter in real life. I would just like to be able to play at 90 and not have to adjust the difficulty. At Monaco I am so slow it ruins the immersion yet at tracks like Canada and Italy I'm a god on the same difficulty... I actually practice way more at Monaco than the other tracks yet I'm still really slow. I've seen comments from others in this forum where they have admitted to either deliberately crashing at Monaco or just completely simming it so I know it's not just me.
  10. 1henryw

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    I use full damage and no flashbacks
  11. 1henryw

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    I have played F1 2010, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19. I have practised on Monaco just as much as the other tracks. Canada is by far the easiest, I can get pole there without even trying but at Monaco I can't get higher then about 19th without turning down the difficulty. I get destroyed in the races there. I know the track like the back of my hand, I even used to play it on the old GP games on the PC. The AI is obviously overpowered there.
  12. 1henryw

    Patch 1.12 ruined glove textures

    Yeah Ive noticed this (ps4)
  13. 1henryw

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    I play 90. At Canada I get pole in my upgraded Redbull by 1 to 1.5 seconds. The rest of the tracks I'm usually in the top 3. At Monaco I qualify last or sometimes 1 position up. In the races at Monaco I get obliterated.
  14. The rain in this game is a nightmare. Theres way too much of it and I come last every time. The AI have virtually no tyre wear while I get 4% tyre wear every lap. Everytime I see its wet i just sigh, not fun at all.
  15. 1henryw


    Really wish theyd did fix this so many people have mentioned it. It's not game breaking but it is very annoying. I play on 90. Every track apart from Monaco I'm competitive and its enjoyable. Yet whenever it rains my races are ruined. I know alot of people just sim wet races but I want to play every race or what's the point. Just did Canada on 25%. Led from pole by lap 13 my intermediate tyres were ruined (despite me being so careful with them). I pitted for slicks on lap 14 but the AI were still zooming round on wets while I span all over the place. Most of the AI stopped for slicks on lap 15 of an 18 lap race. It simply isnt possible for a human player to make their tyres last that long. Some AI never even pitted yet still beat me. I finished last, just like the last wet race in Spain where I just wasnt competitive against the AI and finished last. Spoils the game to an extent.