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  1. Please please do NOT bother to fill out any bug reports. They make you jump through hopes and only very basic stuff ever gets fixed. I left this forum a few months ago after regularly contributing for over 4 years. Major bug (facilities bug) broke my career mode after a month of solid gameplay. I filed a bug report as did five others yet it was listed as "more information required". I asked about this and was told as well as pictures and a bug report I'd also need to supply a video of the bug at which point I realised they were taking the mick. I saw others did actually post videos but it
  2. First you said do a bug report. Which I and many others did. Then you said send a video, which I and others did. Now we have to save our games onto USPs and upload them to you. That would be great fun with my slow internet. What next? Develop our own F1 game to see if we can replicate the bug on another game? I've left a one star review on Amazon and will stick the game on Ebay. What a joke.
  3. Quite a few people have posted videos and bug reports etc. This was first reported in early July. Any news on a fix?
  4. 1. I had upgraded facilty specs successfully before the patch. I started my team with no patches as I have slow internet and it was still downloading. My facilities were successfully upgraded. Then patch 1.04 or 1.05 hit and I went into my game and the facilities I'd previously upgraded were now saying spec 0 again. They also now had complete dates next to them that had long since passed. Another user said the bug also occured for him after one of the patches. 2. I cant remember but I'm pretty sure everything was normal regarding the succesful facility upgrade until the patch seemed to ef
  5. TBH I dont think hes professional enough. He is often quite rude in his responses. I get that it must be quite annoying when a game gets released broken and everyone comes into the forum to have a rant etc. However they need to remember that 1. The game was realised in an extremely buggy form and 2. Virtuslly every one of the people in these forums paid to buy the game. We are customers and deserve respect and basic manners. Look at the way Barry responded to the original post in this thread. "Bug report or will delete." Why is he speaking to people like that? Thing is this whole forum is
  6. Frustrating that despite being reported by about 15 people weve had no feedback on whether this will be fixed. I started my My Team back in early July. Have had My Team on hold ever since waiting for fix. Seems alot of us are in same boat :(
  7. I spoke to Codemasters on Twitter and they promised to fix it but then they started ignoring my follow up tweets. Fingers crossed it gets fixed in next patch.
  8. Cockpit cam with halo reduced. I have my view slightly higher than default though.
  9. 1henryw

    Pit Coins

    Guys please be patient. I'm sure this will all be fixed within a few months. The game doesnt cost alot and the developers really care about the user experience.
  10. I've had this same issue. I've found it several times in the forum with no response. Please can this be looked into?
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