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  1. 1henryw

    F2 and Devon Butler in F1 2019

    You do get newspaper interviews from them tho. Plus you are questioned Bout your rivalry with them in interviews etc. Personally I dont mind that theres less scenes with them. You can make the scenarios yourself by battling them for the championship once you are all in good cars 🙂
  2. 1henryw

    R and D

    As I said 2017 had it right for me. R and D worked well, during the whole ten seasons you could bring a couple mid-tier teams to the top if you worked hard at at. Why on earth they've changed it back to the 3 seasons and done 2016 model I'll never know 😞
  3. 1henryw

    R and D

    Has anyone made it past a couple of seasons?
  4. 1henryw

    R and D

    Yes but even taking this into account I saw a 3 season career sim on YouTube where alfa Romeo and Renault were virtually maced out after two seasons. Their r and bars were almost completely full.
  5. 1henryw

    R and D

    2017 had it about right in my opin. Took me 7 seasons to get Toro Rosso to the top. Is 2019 the same for R and D or is it like 2016 where the R and D trees get full after 3 seasons and you cant upgrade anymore? Heard rumours it's like 2016 again??🙈
  6. 1henryw

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Really hope they fix this with a patch.
  7. 1henryw

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Yes such a shame they rushed this. There should be no mid season moves for top teams because this just doesnt happen in real life, not at the very top.
  8. 1henryw

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Great feature that has obviously been rushed. Seeing random mid-season swaps in my game like Hamiltion to Renault halfway thro the season he was leading. Have also seen videos on YouTube and it seems all the top teams shuffle drivers EVERY season. Really hope codemasters tone this down or it really will ruin a great feature. Codemasters have an annoying habit of introducing great new features like r and d but taking 2 or three years to get them right 😕
  9. 1henryw

    F1 2018 Issues

    Seems from watching other people’s YouTube videos that the reason you get sacked is because the games reputation system is broken. You might be performing well and winning races but if you don’t meet your teams strange targets your rep will still drop each race.
  10. 1henryw

    F1 2018 Issues

    I recently purchased F1 2018 (I purchased it late so the bugs would be ironed out.) Gamplay and graphics are brilliant. However an annoying issue from previous games has actually been made even worse. In previous years I’ve Moaned on here about how annoyingly easy it is to get sacked if you start with a top team. InF1 2017 I actually once got sacked directly after winning a race with Mercedes. In 2018 they’ve made this even worse. I’ve done two careers and been sacked both times after 4 races despite winning a race in both saves. Really, really annoying and way too harsh. I saw a vid on YouTube where a guy won drivers and constructors then got sacked. So dumb. Such an easy thing to get right, don’t know how they mess it up each year when they get so much else right. Really spoils it. What was also ridiculous is that after being sacked from Red Bull after 4 races I was able to successfully negotiate a drive with Ferrari... While it’s great to have more flexibility with moving teams etc this should still be realistic. I.e a top season with Sauber where u always exceed expectations and get in the points could get you a Ferrari drive but obviously not if u crash out each race or just have an average season. You would think this would be obvious.