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  1. 1henryw

    Dumb driver swaps

    In season 9 of career mode. Signed for Ferrari hoping to be partnered with Weber, the reigning champion and their current driver. Instead I get partnered by Ricciardo who finished 19th with Mercedes the year before (his teammate Bottas finished 10th). Makes no sense. Weber has gone to Mercedes. My teammates in the game have been Verstappen (I started with Red Bull) then Russel, Perez (a complete flop in my career who had been destroyed by his last two teamates) and now another flop in Ricciardo (who finished 9th in a previous drive for Ferrari). I hate the way these driver swaps still seem so random and dumb 😞
  2. 1henryw

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    Cockpit 🙂
  3. 1henryw

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    As I already said I am clearly in the minority. I think it's a dumb feature but I hope it works well. I doubt it will but like everyone in this forum I want codemasters to produce good games. The reason I am annoyed they have produced my team as a feature is that they could have made a better feature in the regular career and put their time and effort into that. I was hoping we'd get an expanded story like last years but longer and better, maybe even a few f3 races. I've read you can do a whole season of f2 this time so at least that's something.
  4. 1henryw

    Season 2 Difficulty Spike

    Yes this gets worse as you progress. The more the cars get upgraded the faster the AI get even tho you upgrade too. I started playing on 100 then lowered it to 90 for season 2. From season 5 onwards I played on 80.
  5. 1henryw

    Our game experience

    BMW Williams at Hungary
  6. 1henryw

    Our game experience

    Battling for the championship with Renault 🙂
  7. 1henryw

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    Yeah as a separate entity for me it doesnt work. It means you will be stuck driving the same car for 10 seasons. Starting as a rookie with your very own team also takes away any kind of believability. If it was something you had the option to do as an experienced driver later in career that would be much better in my opin. Having said that I'm clearly in the minority. Everyone seems to love the idea of the my team mode so I hope it's good. I'll do what I always do and wait a couple of months and see what issues if any emerge before I consider getting f1 2020. From what I've read they have made reasonable improvements to normal career so fingers crossed🤞
  8. 1henryw

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    Apologies had alot of messages aimed at me at the same time. Replied to wrong person. Will delete the orig now.
  9. 1henryw

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    I drive in cockpit view. Guys like Schumacher and Hamilton contributed alot to car development and I'm sure they worked with technical directors to jointly decide r and d directions etc.
  10. 1henryw

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    If it was an option to say start your own team halfway through career mode when you were established that would be better. Not a feature I'd have picked but I'd be more on board. But this seems to be you start the 2020 season as a new rookie driver with your own team. There is no scenario I can come up with in my head where that would be remotely plausible.
  11. 1henryw

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    Stroll does not manage racing point. It's part owned by his father. I predict it wont work properly at launch just like every other new feature they bring in. Will take 3 or 4 patches as usual. Experienced drivers like Graham Hill owned teams in the 1960s when they were rich and near the end of their careers. The idea of an F1 rookie also managing the team is ridiculous. They spent time on a new feature that doesnt belong in an f1 driving game. Why not expand the f1 season or another cool feature. Does everyone seriously plan to play the regular ten season career and the team creator career as well? Or do you all just plan to stay in the same team for ten seasons? Dumb feature in my opin. Time could have been better spent elsewhere.
  12. F2 star Dan Ticktum has announced he will start his own F1 team, which he will also drive for, in 2021! Oh, actually he hasn't because that's really stupid. When I want to play an F1 management game I turn on Motorsport Manager. The codemasters games are supposed to be licensed F1 DRIVING games. What a stupid feature for them to produce. Will obviously be rushed and ridiculously buggy too.
  13. 1henryw

    Williams Tyre Degregation

    It is quite frustrating. My best result in the Williams was 14th. Lost out twice on points finishes because my tyres suddenly fell apart. Will try and fiddle around with setups like you said.
  14. Did 3 seasons with Red Bull, got them to be the fastest car then moved to Williams (slowest car in my career). Now when I do races my tyres degrade like crazy. With Red Bull i could do the tyre practice challenge at most tracks. With Williams as soon as I've done a couple of corners it goes to red and never moves back up. In races if I'm on softs my tires are on 70% deg in less then 4 laps (I do 25% races). It's really messing up the experience for me because everytime I'm about to get a good result I lose several places in the last couple of laps because my tires are so bad. I never experienced this with Red Bull. I play 90% difficulty and won 2 championships with Red Bull. Is this a bug?