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  1. JackLane1982

    Would you like the F3?

    I would like Quality, not Quantity.
  2. JackLane1982

    T300 FFB is broken since patch 1.06 ps4 uk [SG]

    What platform you are on (including pro or base version if on PS4) Base Version PS4 What make and model of wheel you are using, plus any pedals and other controllers you might have connected Thrustmaster T300 with F1 Ferrari add-on What firmware your wheel is on (and what driver version you are using if on PC) Firmware 29 What control scheme you are using (preset or custom) Custom What advanced steering wheel settings you are using Saturation at 12, Wheel rotation at 270 degrees What game modes you are playing when noticing these issues. Please also check to see if this occurs in Time Trial too as this is the simplest test bed for checking handling issues. In Time Trial there are NO ISSUES. When riding a league race it is disastrous., FFB is nearly gone Whether the issue occurs from a fresh boot of the game and going straight to the track Yes, it occurs without a fail A detailed description of what problems / changes you have noticed in the wheel behaviour. It is pretty simple, in Time Trial Mode the FFB is great. In mulitplayer mode (so also league), the FFB is nearly gone, like a super powersteering is enabled.
  3. JackLane1982

    Codemasters F1 licence

    When I played AC for the first time (somewhere at the release of F1 2018) I was instantly 'jealous'. The feeling of the tracks, the handling of the car, the smooth transition from new tires to worn out tires and the sound where instantly better.
  4. JackLane1982

    FFB Less Online

    This is still an issue...hope CM will fix this.
  5. JackLane1982

    F1 2019 review

    Pretty useless review, I must say...
  6. JackLane1982

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    Are you on a base PS4 or PS4 Pro? Base Which game modes you are seeing the issue in? Multiplayer (league) Roughly how long had you been playing for when you start seeing the issue? 1 month after purchase Are you using a headset? If so, what make/model? Yes, Sony Wireless 2.0 Are you using a wheel? If so, what make/model? Yes, Thrustmaster T300 with F1 Ferrari add-on Do you have any other peripherals plugged in? No.
  7. JackLane1982

    New View, New Challenges, and New Enthusiasm

    Good decision m8! Funny, I became faster when switching from T-cam to cockpit.
  8. JackLane1982


  9. JackLane1982

    My simhub dash design download:UPDATE 16-8-2019

    Aha oke. For the ones that are interested: SIM Dashboard F1 2019 Extra Info
  10. JackLane1982

    My simhub dash design download:UPDATE 16-8-2019

    Non taken, it's for Sim Dashboard: https://www.stryder-it.de/simdashboard/index.php. My dashboard is in review by the admin (i believe). Will be available soon @ https://www.stryder-it.de/simdashboard/designs/
  11. JackLane1982

    My simhub dash design download:UPDATE 16-8-2019

    Adjusted a dash from the community (props to Vincent, the creator of the dash I used as template!). The goal is to see information that I am not seeing on the virtual steering wheel (I drive cockpit view). DRS Activated / Not Activated Mixture text Driver in Front / back (name and delta) Current compound Pit Limiter Can be downloaded (copied/adjusted) soon at the SIM Dash community.
  12. JackLane1982

    My simhub dash design download:UPDATE 16-8-2019

    Sorry, my bad. Yours is not in the community. Must have mistaked is by another. So no worries.
  13. JackLane1982

    My simhub dash design download:UPDATE 16-8-2019

    Then somebody copied it and uploaded it to the community
  14. JackLane1982

    My simhub dash design download:UPDATE 16-8-2019

    Thnx for the design! Looks great! Downloaded your design through the community design page.
  15. JackLane1982

    Esteban Ocon

    This brings the discussion back again, CM should stop making annual releases, but DLC's. I know, will never happen @ CM....sad... To answers your question, I think somewhere between june and august in 2020 .