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  1. It has been a while since I have played any of the earlier Burnout games and I put a pretty big chunk of time into Paradise and I can't recall any particular shift in handling between games. In my mind the Burnout games have always been the top of the pile when it comes to arcade racing. Definitely have at least one of the older games stored at home, might have to fish them out this weekend!
  2. Saw it was free this month, but haven't got round to trying it yet (currently spending most of my gaming time on Last of Us 2). I am approaching Dirt 5 with fairly low expectations, so perhaps I'll have more fun than expected... or perhaps it will end up with a quick uninstall!
  3. Picked up Art of Rally yesterday. Oddly I am not finding the handling as intuitive as Absolute Drift. Group 2 cars felt pretty good, but I then jumped into the Group A cars in free roam and I am having trouble going in a straight line! Just playing with the controller settings now, so hopefully I can get it feeling a bit more comfortable.
  4. 2022 World RX calendar (with one TBC) revealed: Also announced are new format changes for 2022: https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/world-rx/news/world-rx/2021/format-changes-set-to-enhance-the-racing-in-2022/ The Superpole idea sounds like it might be fun, but I am really not sure on the other format changes. Reduction in the number of heat races isn't so good, and the changes to the latter stages of the event seem to be vastly complicating things? (or perhaps that is just how I am reading the press release?). I liked how straight forward the general format of a World R
  5. Yeah, time will tell on that one. Have to say I was rather surprised by the news the uptake had been that high (I wasn't expecting double figures the first year), so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. Will it attract more interest during the first year, or will it fizzle out before the end of the season. I also think it will be interesting to see how fans react in person to the electric cars. Very curious to see how the entries go for NRX next year as well. Apparently Supercar will continue as a support class, so will the existing competitors look at both the electric
  6. As @JorritVDhas already said there were a lot of factors that hit World RX this year. It seems a long way from where the Championship was a few years but, in the current climate, I am just thankful that we had a Championship this year. Going to be very interesting to see who goes where next year. 14 kits sold and, based on the teams who have confirmed purchases, it looks like there will at least be more permanent entries next year. I am intrigued to see what cars end up in the Euros and what the calendar for next year is. Skim watched the last NRX round over the weekend so need to f
  7. Too old/stubborn to change now. Can race competitively with most of my mates, if I start losing to all of them then maybe I'll force myself to change! 😆
  8. X for accelerator, square for brake, circle for handbrake. Gear up/gear down on R2 and L2 respectively. (Clutch on L1 for the games that have it) Been playing driving games that way since CMR1, so I am used to it now!
  9. That's very encouraging, as I really like how Absolute Drift feels. (Or rather I did as soon as I stepped the difficulty up: felt very unnatural in easy mode).
  10. I am playing Absolute Drift on the default scheme and getting on OK with it (surprisingly, because I don't normally like having accelerator/brake on the triggers), so hopefully I'll be OK with Art of Rally. Appreciate the heads up though!
  11. Despite waiting an age for it to come out on PS4, I still haven't picked up Art of Rally. I saw Absolute Drift was on sale (£2!) last weekend though, so bought that... I love it, if Art of Rally plays the same then it should be brilliant.
  12. Maybe I am biased because of the outcome, but I didn't think it was that terrible. Was a bit uncertain at the start of the weekend (because of the snow!), but OK once it got faster. Reminded me a lot of Killarney, except with elevation. Dirt joker was cool as well. Yep, agreed. Just control the gap, use Kevin to slow JK if possible and/or hold off the rest of the field. Saturday obviously did the damage point wise, but I think it must have had a psychological toll as well. Then you come out Sunday morning, put in four "hell of a laps" only to have Johan take over a second out of your
  13. I haven't got round to it yet, but I will definitely give it a go at some point. Have there been any improvements to audio?
  14. Pretty intense finish! I am unashamedly a JK fanboy, so really pleased to see him take the title. Can only assume that the pressure got to Timmy which has really surprised me, as he has always seemed good at handling that in the past. Both of his semi-final drives this weekend have seemed a bit desperate though and that has cost him the title.
  15. Pretty dramatic first day of the closing WRX weekend. Huge smash for Knapick, so glad to read he is OK. Fantastic drive for Belevsky and a bit of a disaster of a day for both Kevin and Timmy Hansen. Just four points between Timmy and Johan now. I hope Kevin stays out of the picture tomorrow and we get a clean fight upfront. Kevin seemed pretty unhappy during the final interview though, so I wonder how aggressive he will be on track tomorrow. I am rooting for Kristoffersson!
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