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  1. The "S" numbers were Prodrive nomenclature, not Subaru.
  2. I think the best theory thus far (and I can't remember who suggested it, I think it was on the Discord) was that S4 was skipped to avoid potential confusion with the SVX S4 (which hit showrooms in 1995).
  3. I keep asking around, but even the Prodrive folk I have spoken to don't seem to know why! That infographic doesn't include the S12c either, though there seems to be some debate as to whether Prodrive officially acknowledged that.
  4. Yeah. First time I remember seeing them get a mention was when Petter was talking about his DS3 back in 2013, but there name has popped up numerous times since: LDM, KMS, Marklund, GRX, Munnich, Derek Tohill and several others all use Galway Carbon panels. I believe they are also involved with "The Project" Subaru kits as well.
  5. Galway Carbon supply panels for a LOT of World and Euro cars, definitely a useful contact if they have 3D models for those cars!
  6. Useful reference...
  7. Yeah. Very well presented livestream, I certainly felt like I got what I paid for. Great to see the drone idea lifted from Formula D as well. Doubt it will be possible to do that again, but it was brilliant to see it here. Also 100% agreed. Impressed with how competitive Oliver and the DS3 were, especially considering that car hasn't undergone any extensive preparation since 2016. Favourite bit of the weekend for me. Rare to see any emotion from a Gronholm, but Niclas face was a picture in the studio, there was genuine laughter from the other three drivers and Marcus did a superb Fonz impression when told the news. Amazing. In terms of the racing I was surprised not to see Niclas blitz everyone from the outset. Clearly some more tweaking required with the new dampers. Impressive driving from Larsson as well, I didn't think he would be competitive if he drove the later S1 in his usual style, but he seems to have adjusted accordingly and the results spoke for themselves. Incredible performance from Johan yesterday. The car was clearly inferior to the i20 and S1, but that drive in the final was near perfect in those conditions. Definitely a warning to the rest of the field there, if the VW Motorsport Polo is still competitive then Johan is going to be right at the sharp end.
  8. Impressive drive from Johan in the inferior (no offence to KMS) car. Great drive from Larsson as well. Much smoother than usual, he could be a serious contender if he drives the latest spec S1 like that in the World Championship. Surprised by the pace of Gronholm: honestly thought he'd be leaving everyone else for dead! Hopefully they can refine the car for tomorrow.
  9. tbtstt

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I think it is unlikely, but it would be amazing to get this. The only reason I still fire up DiRT 4 every now and then is to use this car: would complete DR2.0 for me!
  10. I wonder how many of this years events will be behind closed doors?
  11. New livery for the Gronholm i20: Similar to last years, but still looks good. Not sure if it is the new livery (or the pictures), but the rear quarters look different?
  12. tbtstt

    Slow in fast out = you lose! Good day sir!

    At the beginning! My first question(s) would be what car class are you driving and what AI level are you driving at? If this is your first foray into DiRT Rally, then I would suggest that you start in FWD cars and turn the AI level right down. If you jump into the fastest car classes at high AI level, then you are really jumping in at the deep end. The "Historic Championship" mode is pretty good for this, as you start in historic FWD cars, then progress to quicker classes (the other option is to try the career rally in one of the slower car classes). Get a feel for the pace note style and the handling of the cars. You can get away with a lot more in some classes than others! Driver Assists is another key factor. I personally always start with most of the assists off, as the best control of the car in DiRT Rally come this way, but of course that will increase your learning curve. I usually start with automatic gears, then move to manual when I feel comfortable. As an aside I personally find Poland the hardest environment in the game and, despite quite a lot of time with the game, I frequently end up in the trees a lot in Australia as well! Others may disagree, but I find there is a delicate balance between speed and caution in order to complete stages in good time. You do need to be absolutely pinned to beat the AI at the higher levels and the confidence to do that will only come with lots of practise.
  13. Forgive the double post, but an interesting news snippet: https://www.motorsport.com/world-rx/news/wrx-regulations-changes-subaru/4810399/ If the times at Canada last year were anything to go by, the STI could be competitive at World level. Have Vermont/Subaru got the budget for it?...
  14. His father has definitely taught him well! Oliver was brilliant to watch in the 2018 RallyX Nordic season.
  15. Yeah, me too! Hopefully going to see full-attack Solberg behind the wheel.
  16. Oliver confirmed in the PSRX DS3 in the Supercar class. Petter appearing in "Legends" perhaps?
  17. Entry list for "All Star" event released. Includes a TBC for PS110, so that is Oliver or Petter then!
  18. tbtstt

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Good luck. I vowed I would never drive the Sierra again after I passed it!
  19. tbtstt

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I am on PS4, set at 91 and had more hassle doing that on Very Hard then any other McRae challenge thus far. I can't remember what stage times I recorded, but I had to put in two pretty much perfect flat out runs to beat it. Sure my time for the second stage was under 10 minutes.
  20. Ben-Philip Gundersen livery for 2020: One of the best S1 liveries so far.
  21. Yeah, very encouraging news as I really like that circuit, would be great to see a World round there again. The entry list for the "All Star" event at Holjes is growing as well, some huge names there already and more to come.
  22. tbtstt

    Codemasters World Rally Team - Jon Armstrong as the driver!

    Would be brilliant to see but, as said above, there is a bit of a step up in budget from sim rig to real life rally team...
  23. tbtstt

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Look how sad Jennifer looks @PJTierney. This is on you.
  24. tbtstt

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

  25. tbtstt

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car of the Week

    Yeah, it is my favourite looking '18 car, I think the PSRXVW livery works so well on that car. As @JorritVD has already alluded to, it is a shame that the car isn't as quick as it should be in DR2.0 (and that the engine configuration was never fixed!).