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  1. Completely agree with both this and your previous post on the subject. There is no way I am lining a scalpers pocket with money, especially when there currently aren't any games that make me want to play a new console. I think I'll be working through the backlog of games I have for sometime, by which point the next gen machines will (hopefully!) be more readily available.
  2. Wouldn't rule a one off outing out, but I think he has too much other stuff on his plate for WRX this year. The late departure of Baumanis started the ball rolling last year and, as you say, they carried on that momentum when Ekstrom started winning: good thing really as I think Kristoffersson would have walked it otherwise. I'd say the return of the RX Cartel looks unlikely for 2021.
  3. The official confirmation of this has massively ramped up my enthusiasm for the 2021 WRX season. Chance to silence all the "it was only the car..." criticism of Johan and another chance to see the EKS/JC S1 in action: double win!
  4. JC Raceteknik promising to reveal the driver... https://fb.watch/6hmgl6iBVE/ ...at 11am this morning. Sensible money is on a rather successful Swedish driver...
  5. Sure there is a rule that you are better off taking pictures with the sun behind you, but I like shooting towards the sun as it backlights the subject and can make for some cool lighting effects.
  6. 100% agree. Group B seems to be increasingly romanticised and worshipped (especially on social media) by so-called fans who have little knowledge of that era beyond a handful of compilation videos they have seen. No doubt the Group B cars, especially the latter 4WD cars, were absolutely animals but, as said, they were often unwieldy and painfully unreliable at times. Subsequent eras have, in my opinion, produced equally or more spectacular action and, more critically, much more competitive Championships.
  7. Timmy Hansen (unsurprisingly) confirmed in a second Hansen car today. Slowly starting to see the numbers rise for WRX this year, lets hope there is enough to give us a decent season. Another trip to Lydden at the end of last month, this time for the first two rounds of the 5 Nations British Championship. Not the biggest entry in Supercar, but a very tight field at a couple of great finals, plus some really good racing in a lot of the other classes. Few snaps... ...with more pictures here if you are bored!
  8. I have my fingers crossed that both the final non-hybrid and hybrid WRCars make it into the CM WRC game.
  9. Kevin Abbring confirmed a full season today in a FORS run GCK Megane. Lets hope he likes sitting on the back of recovery trucks...
  10. Can't believe Dirt 3 was 10 years ago either! Was fortunate enough to have my first play of it at the game launch at Battersea. Unfortunately I had to do it sitting beside Neil Cole, so I was heavily distracted by the urge to throw the controller at him.
  11. Real shame to see Hell gone, that and Holjes are two of my absolute favourites, plus I was really hoping that the date for Spa would move so it wouldn't clash with RallyLegend. While we are waiting for World Rallycross news few snaps from the first round of the BTRDA Rallycross Championship at Lydden a few weeks ago: First British Championship round at Lydden at the end of the month. Hoping for decent entry numbers there, especially in the Supercar class, so it should be a good weekend.
  12. Revised 2021 calendar now up: https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10759/montalegre-returns-on-revised-calendar No Norway, season now ends in Portugal.
  13. I think everyone agrees that the best 2018 Supercar is the Megane, then I would say the Audi S1 (which I much prefer driving). Best 2019 Supercar is harder to pick. 208 is probably the best all rounder, MINI and Ibiza are also fast as well. S1 is my most used car in the 2019 class as well though!
  14. Forgive the double post but...
  15. It wasn't even close to period specification when he brought it. The origin of that chassis is hazy, it seems likely that it is one of the Glomma Papp rallycross cars, but that isn't certain. The car was built up to Evo specification and ran a couple of different gearboxes (and colour schemes) before going up for sale in 2014. Apparently the engine in it at that time was a Schanche built 2.3L, but I haven't seen that verified, nor am I certain that is the engine in it now (it is listed as 2.1L, but the seller may not be aware). Block changed wheels and suspension dampers on it; s
  16. Genuine tub, but not a factory assembled car and not an original "Evo" specification car as claimed in some videos. According to the site listing it has now sold (for $550K) @F2CMaDMaXX, which means that Block sold it for fives more than he paid for it.
  17. Still not quite sure why he has sold everything: just the EsCos (and maybe the Hoonitruck) left now.
  18. I hope not, but that mule definitely looks longer. That said, I understand that the 2022 cars will all be based on an FiA designed structure, with panels clad on top. With that in mind perhaps they will just be using modified Fiesta panels for next year.
  19. Yeah, I believe it is a Vermont built car being run by Hoonigan Racing.
  20. Croatia was pretty damn entertaining! I'll leave debating the incident on Sunday morning, but a fantastic recovery from Ogier. He seems to manage situations that would fluster others so well. Still turning out these sorts of drives this far into his career continually makes me question who the greatest Seb is. Gutted for Evans but, sorry to say it, I think the best man won. Very impressed by Fourmaux as well. Not the first time he has driven the car, but the first time at this level and I thought he delivered a good result.
  21. 2nd in Olympus (behind Pastrana) last weekend. Not a bad debut in the car, but aided by the retirement of Semenuk and absence of McKenna.
  22. Was hard to tell: drivers seemed to be moving between the buggies throughout the day!
  23. Very quick in the right hands. I wasn't too sure about it in the morning, as a lot of the drivers were either press or non-rallycross (Matt Neal was one of the first out on track). Most of them were only getting three or four laps in the car, so they were (understandably) pretty tentative initially and only really got decent speed on the last lap. Manfred Stohl took the car out before lunchtime and that is when it got a lot more interesting to watch. I had the impression (from both Projekt E TV coverage and the morning viewing) that car was a bit stiff to drive. Stohl was obviously
  24. Few photos from the test at Lydden last week: Plus a glimpse of the future (maybe)... More pictures here, if you are bored!
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