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  1. Very nice @SRD_SimVansevenant (and notable attention to detail there 😉)
  2. Utah was still rallycross (with unnecessary jumps) in my opinion. ERX last weekend was just short course off-road racing with cars; it was a short course circuit, with a bit blocked off as a joker. The new electric cars that NRX is talking about running next year seem more like Extreme E trucks than rallycross cars, so I think NRX is shaping up to be the next iteration of LOORRS/COORS. I have nothing against that (I actually really like short-course racing) but, as others have already said, it isn't rallycross. WRX may not be in the strongest position right now but, aft
  3. Maybe. However Rohrl was pretty vocal about the (negative) handling characteristics of the E2 and that has been supported by pretty much every driver I have seen using period SWB quattros in subsequent years. Audi had it static until a few years ago, really cool to see one of the few fragments of Group S moving again. There were rumours of more than one, but quite a bit of the history round there seems very woolly. Definitely! I wonder how robust the RS 002 would have been if it had ever got as far as a proper gravel stage. The RS200 was accused of being over-engine
  4. Ken supremely demonstrating the horrendous understeer of the E2 there! Iconic looks, but terrible handling. RS-002 is not pretty, but I think it is cool that Audi have started showing it off now. When they first announced the partnership I was hoping that Block would build the S1 that Audi Sport weren't allowed to at the time, but it seems his first project car with them will be electric.
  5. I'd like a plain blue S5, because CM didn't give me one of those in DR2.0... *shots fired* Ha. Maybe it is just what I am used to, but I tend to struggle whenever I return to DR1 (for the occasional bit of Pikes Peak). (That is probably more to do with handling rather than cameras though)
  6. 100% agree. I am surprised how many long-term rallycross fans are excited by NRX (especially as so many were so against GRC a few years ago): the jump is a gimmick that adds nothing to the racing.
  7. 😆 Haha, forgot about that detail! Just seen that it finally has a release date on PS4: can't wait!
  8. Wondering how EKS JC are managing it: they must surely have brought it additional help, as they are running (or at least supporting) a number of cars in two different continents. As much as I am a big Subaru fan I do agree that the underdog story is very overplayed by VSC. As already said I think it rang true in the early days of US rallycross, but at this point they are the only works team, obviously pouring money into those cars (and the facility) and still not really cleaning up... ...PJ touches on a bigger issue with them for me though: with Speed they would surely
  9. 😲 And I thought you were one of the sim kids: you're just a casual chase camera user!
  10. Yeah. There was quite a bit of pre-event talk of this being the foundation of a more stable (and sustainable) series in the US, but I really didn't get that impression from the racing this weekend. Unfair to make any sweeping statements at this point though, especially as Pastrana said the subsequent track will be less harsh on the cars. If the proposed electric cars that are coming are more along the lines of the Extreme E cars though, then they will probably stand up to this sort of circuit much better. NRX as a standalone event was great, but I do feel like all this has serve
  11. Yep, exactly @PJTierney. I daresay NRX is a victim of its own hype; it certainly wasn't awful, but after months of build up (and a multitude of people declaring "WRX is dead"), I wasn't that captivated by NRX. Keen to see how the rest of the season pans out though, for me the ultimate test of NRX is whether it is still here in a year or two. If every weekend is like this one I can see teams losing interest (and budget) quickly.
  12. I agree with you. Given the nature of the circuit I think consideration when grading the track and the use of Dustex is vital. Dust is (and should be) a factor in rallycross, but not to the extent that it ruins the racing and spectator experience. Half the action was missed in the final yesterday and I know you could say that is the fault of the TV crew, but how can they capture the action if they can't see it through the dust? Oddly a comment on FB (from a reputable source) said they only started preparing the track on Wednesday. Can't figure out why, after a year of planning the
  13. Very hard to say. I am inclined to agree with you and say the Subaru as the only direct (recent-ish) comparison we have (in Canada) suggested the Subaru was faster... ...however, I'd like to see the WRX STI on a European track or two for a true comparison. I think the longer wheelbase might have favoured the Subaru on the tracks we have seen. The later evolution Peugeot Sport 208 was fast from the outset, but not consistent. Although I daresay development has been a bit slower in the hands of the Hansens, now those cars seem to be reliable they are formidable. I personally tho
  14. I am struggling with Nick Fellows. Don't mind the passionate commentary, but he is making a lot of little errors, which really irked me during the Riga coverage. I do recall Andrew Coley making a few blunders in the start (with driver names and missing "the bigger picture"), but maybe Nick should calm down a little bit and focus on the details. Hal is the only reason I haven't muted the commentary, as he is a wealth of information. Hopefully Nick will improve or they will replace him (bring back Dan Rooke!). With regards to the drone shots I agree they are very cool, but I thin
  15. Yeah it is possible but not going to be easy, even for Johan! Might need to get Mattias back to run interference again...
  16. I am a Niclas fan, but was cursing at the screen when I saw Johan go spiralling off into the barrier! Denied of a chance to make good dent in the Hansen lead in the Championship standing and I personally thought that was avoidable, but that is rallycross. No question Gronholm had great speed this weekend though and very impressive stuff (as usual really) from Ekstrom. Solid proof that the Ibiza is rather underrated. Notable that Timo looked quick this weekend as well. Very pleased with yesterdays result, a long overdue first S1 victory for Johan. Was hoping that there would be more
  17. From what I have gathered EKS JC seem to be very strong internally. New build last year and another new chassis coming for next year, so there is clearly funding coming in. I guess my only concern with JC at the moment is that running cars in NRX might stretch the team a little thin. Johan is using a 2018+ specification car and Ide is in an identical specification car, so they are fielding the best they have in WRX... ...it is just unfortunate that Johan seems to be having a bad run. With two drivetrain failures in three races I do wonder if JK is driving the car in such a way that
  18. This. Definitely this. 😁 I agree though. I'd like to see the "old" content for exactly the reasons stated. It was great to play the DR1 stages with the improved handling in DR2 and if the next DR title is a further evolution then I'm sure those stages will feel even more refined (especially if the tarmac handling gets an overhaul).
  19. Absolutely gutted for Johan. TQ and a chance to start gaining on Timmy, then issues in the semi and a missed final. I hope JK can prove me wrong, but with a relatively short season (and low entry numbers), I think it is going to be very difficult to stop Timmy now. Pity they didn't let Kevin (Hansen) joker earlier in the final: I thought he looked quicker than Timmy. Disappointing result for Gronholm as well. Had the early pace, but just didn't have that edge in the second half of the weekend. Plenty of drama in the Euros. Real shame for JB Dubourg and Bakkerud. Both den
  20. Disappointed not to be in Loheac this weekend (first round I have missed there since 2013), will be tuning in and keeping my fingers crossed that Johan can have a trouble free weekend. He has let the Hansens get a head start, now time to start bringing some points in!
  21. Yeah, "E" was Evolution, so I'd say "S1 Evo 2" is equally wrong to "S1 E2"! 😆
  22. Know of one Impreza WRC owner who was using the incorrect designation for his own car (a '97) until recently! As said above this one has been confirmed 100% by Prodrive employees, you can verify it for yourself if you ever get to look into a '97-99 Impreza WRCar: the Prodrive plate on the cage is actually marked S5!
  23. This. Definitely this.
  24. I thought some of the camera work was good. Was chuckling that they were using a spot I loved taking pictures at in the past! Yeah, first time out in the car with - from what I can gather - minimal testing. 208's have been strong in Barcelona in the past and Johan was still putting fastest laps on them. Good stat work! Johan has recent Supercar experience at Holjes as well, I think the next round could be rather interesting. Er, not exactly. The WEC chap is enthusiastic enough, though needs to learn the details. Hal (Ridge) has forgotten more about rallycross then most
  25. Perhaps personal opinion is biasing my opinion on the 2018 Supercar performance issues. I think the skew in the Group B (rallycross) class is unarguable though.
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