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  1. Pretty dramatic first day of the closing WRX weekend. Huge smash for Knapick, so glad to read he is OK. Fantastic drive for Belevsky and a bit of a disaster of a day for both Kevin and Timmy Hansen.

    Just four points between Timmy and Johan now. I hope Kevin stays out of the picture tomorrow and we get a clean fight upfront. Kevin seemed pretty unhappy during the final interview though, so I wonder how aggressive he will be on track tomorrow.

    I am rooting for Kristoffersson!

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  2. On 11/16/2021 at 8:49 PM, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    You might have mis-read my double negative post.

    I'm saying that there should be something very soon, something before the official game, just because the team have been working on it for ages and i'm fairly certain i saw they'd produce something before the licensed game.

    Yeah, I did misread your post! 🤦‍♂️

    I was of the same opinion as you, as the gap between titles seemed too big to me, but I would have expected an interim game (or at least news of an interim game) to have come by now. 

    18 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    WRC and WRX are both promoted by the same parent company now, so in theory they're more open to things in terms of the sport(s) and how they go about promoting it.

    Hoping that WRC Promoter retain the European Championship rights for next year (and onwards) so both the electric World and petrol Euro Supercars could all be included in an official title. 

  3. 3 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    Also something a factor that I not like is amount of damage the cars get of the track. Even the Hansens now had driveshaft issues.

    I am far from a fan of Timmy or Kevin, but credit to the Hansen engineers for putting a car together that seems to be handling the terrain better than most (aside from maybe the i20, which has been pretty reliable as well).

    The Subaru looks by far the best suited car, but then it should be really given the teams budget and the extensive testing and modifications they have made to those cars. 

    3 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    I really expected Doran and Larsson to be at the front with their driving style (remembering Doran at Spa in 2019), but they seem really to struggle with both the car and the loose. 

    The Audis don't seem to have fared at all well with the transition to NRX. I wonder if maybe JC EKS are spreading themselves a bit too thin with such a big program in the US and WRX as well. I hope we see those cars back in action in Europe next year. 

    3 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    Overall, its not bad, just the expectations don't meet with what is happening. Although I think it would be massively fun to have the NRX tracks/cars in DR2.0.

    Agree. The drivers do seem to be enjoying it (when the cars aren't breaking!).

    In other rallycross news I see that the British 5 Nations Championship officially called their season. There was talk of a replacement for Spa, but that is off now. Champions in all classes confirmed except Supercar, which is still pending an investigation...

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    On 11/15/2021 at 10:17 AM, PJTierney said:

    I think part of that has to do with what the original DiRT Rally was, an early-access project. The team at the time (this is only my assumption) needed that hands-on interaction to help build the kind of experience you were all after, as a "hardcore rally game" hadn't been done by anyone since Richard Burns Rally.

    On top of that the environment changes a bit as people come and go. Lee, Coleman and Christina have all moved on (Lee's at EA now) and I joined a few years ago. I guess I'm more active here because I was "one of you lot" before getting hired whereas somebody coming in fresh may not be as hands-on here.

    In addition, the social/community landscape has changed in the past few years, to the point where it can be a bit risky for a developer to freely post on the forums. Unless somebody is trained in or has experience with being a "face" of a brand, it's easy for comments to be taken the wrong way, things to be leaked etc.

    I'm all for more developers being on the forums though, but even with my specialised role it can be a little tricky to interact with you all in a way that doesn't get me in trouble 😄 

    Yeah, can understand your position now. To just reiterate my point wasn't a dig at either you or the other staff members who post on here. Times change and with new faces and new management I think it is only natural that the environment changes as well. 

    From the visits I have made to Southam I would say there has been a noticeable difference. I would say that the original DR was almost a bit of a guerrilla effort (at least in the early days) and the conversations about it at the time felt like it was being led by individuals rather than a company; subsequent titles (both Dirt and Dirt Rally) seemed to have a much clearer direction - and management - from the outset.   

    On 11/15/2021 at 4:52 PM, PJTierney said:

    Other than people moving on and new people being around, I think it's also a sign of the times in that forums aren't as popular/active as they used to be (although I feel they're still much better than Discord etc. for certain things, like bug reports and long-form discussion).

    Definitely agree with this. I am a member of a number of car forums and the vast majority of them have a fraction of the traffic they used to have (and some have disappeared completely). I have long thought it is quite funny that Facebook, despite having "real" personal data on display, never seems as personal to me as a good forum (or even Discord, which I find the closest thing to a good forum at the moment).

    On 11/15/2021 at 5:40 PM, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    It seems highly unlikely there won't be something between now and the official WRC licensed game.

    That is what I think at this point as well. I thought an intermediate DR rally game would either be imminent or actually in our hands at this stage. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    The larger guy got the HP wrong on the car though (rally car) i think he was remembering the number Audi tuned theirs down to for Ken to play in it.

    Perhaps, though maybe he is just being realistic. There are a lot of pub figures when it comes to Group B (rally) power figures, the Group 4 quattro started with around 300 and it did rise from there, but some of the "claimed" figures for the period cars are ridiculous. 

  6. 4 hours ago, JZStudios said:

    I could've swore in an interview he said it was his favorite car. Though maybe that was before he tried really racing in it.

    Yeah, he did... right up until he owned one! I think it was a pretty good case of "not meeting your heroes". That said, I think his ownership of that car might have been more enjoyable if he had better support for the car. 

    3 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Slightly muddled comments because dudebro style and groupies, but he was saying it's not much fun to drive with the homologation horsepower.  They put in the evo engine or something but something about issues with it being worth so much and worried about putting it into a snow bank as he likes to drive his cars.

    Yeah, the "base" car was only 250 BHP and that engine (1.8L) was run up to 450 BHP. The Evo engine (2.1L) is capable of way more power, but those blocks (BDT-E) are ultra rare. The few videos he did with that car show him looking really uncomfortable when driving it quickly; and say what you want about him, but he rarely looks concerned behind the wheel. 

    Did make me chuckle that he mentioned about how much of a pig the E2 he drove (at Audi Heritage) was. You best get used to understeer, because your own car is going to do exactly the same! 

  7. 3 hours ago, ricxxV2 said:

    Btw, the commentator is Luke Crane aka Actrollvision who used to organise and commentate sim racing championships and finally managed to become a real life motorsport commentator. 

    Ah, I wondered who he was. Thought he was pretty decent, definitely enthusiastic (and apparently really likes the word "indeed"!).

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  8. Glad to see the car fixed already @JorritVD, obviously not an enjoyable end to the day but, as others have said, it is all part of the learning curve! Still think you have had a good start to your rallycross career, fingers crossed you get plenty of opportunities to race next year. 

    In other rallycross news, the British Rallycross Championship was back at Lydden last weekend. Plenty of decent racing, but an especially cool Supercar final under floodlight. 


    Thought it was better than the night race last year. A good example of how the joker can actually make the racing more interesting as well.

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  9. On 06/11/2021 at 14:41, dgeesi0 said:

    i do feel the family feel that was here has kinda gone recently and its become more business like.

    I agree. Certainly not a dig at the staff members who regularly post here, but I agree that there seems to be a more business like feel to the way contributions are made now (and there has been for some time, so I am not blaming EA!). 

    In other news: 

    Pretty cool to see Ken own this car now, like what he has done to it (i.e. kept it subtle) and what he has planned for it. 

    Also interesting to see him say out loud what we suspected about the RS200: it wasn't much fun to drive!

  10. 1 hour ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    The 2017 Polo WRC is an absolute I'm still curious on the VW Motorsport part though, i don't recall what the exact outcome of the VAG's motorsport programs in the end, i thought some things were planned, then plans changed?

    VW Motorsport initially announced that they would no longer be involved in internal combustion engine motorsport and would be concentrating on electric racing projects only. 

    That was followed by another announcement that VW would no longer be involved in motorsport at all and that they were closing the doors of VW Motorsport. Sure the articles I read at the time said that everyone involved would be reassigned roles elsewhere in VW. 

    I think that second announcement was about a year ago now, that is why I am surprised by any quote from someone "at VW Motorsport" as I thought they'd have finished moving everyone elsewhere.  

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  11. 6 hours ago, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

    That's an interesting question you've raised there. I don't know what happens to the 2017 - 2021 spec WRC cars license-wise. It might well be that they no longer fall under the license as they won't be running in any official WRC championship.

    As they are still "World Rally Cars" there might still be some issue there.

    The 2000cc class was pretty patchy in DR2.0; was that because of the cost of licensing cars from this era, or the difficulty in using WRCars? 

    Notably none of the 1600cc WRCars made it to DR2.0 either, but the early ones weren't current at that time. Again I think you have to assume licensing was a factor. 

    The 2017 Polo is an interesting anomaly, as you could simply class it as a "rally prototype" or something like that.


    NB: As an aside, I thought VW Motorsport had closed its doors. Interesting that the information is from a "...good source at VW Motorsport". 

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  12. On 10/23/2021 at 6:44 PM, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

    Now, I'm really starting to doubt if we'll get another DiRT Rally title before the release of the team's first WRC game. 🤔

    Yeah, I honestly thought we'd have word of another title at this point as it seemed like a huge gap between DR2.0 and the first CM WRC game. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Carpa01 said:

    (yes, I took a picture of the Delta and not of the Lamborghini in the background) 

    Which is the correct choice! 👍

    Was hoping to visit K-Sport again this time, but he wasn't taking visitors. 

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  14. 24 minutes ago, Carpa01 said:

    This kinda reminds that I live in Italy, less than two hours by car from San Marino, had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do on that weekend and still somehow managed to remember that Rally Legend was going on when Breen's post popped up in my recommended, on Sunday evening. 

    Well done @tbtsttfor the awesome photos and for remembering the date too!

    😲 Buy yourself a calendar or set a phone reminder for next year! 

    It seemed a little bit scaled back this year compared to last time I went (2017), but I actually preferred it this time around. Crowds were a bit less on the Sunday which made it easier to move around and we got to some great places on the stages. The night stages in the old town were absolutely epic again, easily my favourite bit of the weekend. 

    Few more pictures here: 


    If you want to see what else you missed! 

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  15. 4 minutes ago, James__McAdam said:

    I remember you told me "I have not been able to take a lot of picture because I was there with my wife". Well. :classic_laugh: Great pictures as usual mate.

    Didn't take anywhere near as many as I'd like! Used the camera for about an hour each day, then put it away. Would really like to do the event as media as I could see loads of good spots to shoot from. That said, it is a brilliant event as a spectator and it was nice just to sit and watch it. 

    The night stages (specifically in San Marino old town) are incredible. It is worth going just for that.

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  16. 16 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Is/was there a story behind the low attendance etc.? what was the champ standings in the end then? i didn't even realise it was the season closer.

    Abbring sat out Portugal as a protest against what happened in Spa. Cost him 10,000 Euros, wonder if he'll do the same for the last rounds in Germany.  

    I don't want to jump on the Hansen bashing bandwagon, but I do think there has long been a problem with consistency in penalties. From all the evidence available to us (as spectators) it appears as though Kevin left Johan nowhere to go, yet Johan got the penalty. 

    Perhaps more detailed reports from the officials would help in these situations, as the officials are likely drawing on additional data we cannot see. 

    I haven't given up hope, but it is a big gap for JK to close in the last two rounds, so it seems likely that Timmy will get another Championship. 

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  17. Utah was still rallycross (with unnecessary jumps) in my opinion. 

    ERX last weekend was just short course off-road racing with cars; it was a short course circuit, with a bit blocked off as a joker. 

    The new electric cars that NRX is talking about running next year seem more like Extreme E trucks than rallycross cars, so I think NRX is shaping up to be the next iteration of LOORRS/COORS. 

    I have nothing against that (I actually really like short-course racing) but, as others have already said, it isn't rallycross. 

    WRX may not be in the strongest position right now but, after two weekends of hype (and under-delivery) from NRX, I am really looking forward to Spa this weekend. 

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