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  1. Well the ending of Gymkhana 10 suggested that the future of the series was with Pastrana, didn't it? Sure Block will dream up more ways to promote the Ford brand outside of the gymkhana series. As much as I want to see Pastrana thrashing a Scoob, I do wonder what else can be done now?
  2. Driving the Subaru I'll be quite happy. I swear I am never driving the Sierra Cossie after cracking New Zealand though, I had to switch the PS4 off earlier because I wanted to punch something.
  3. Trying to do some of these challenges in Very Hard is controller smashingly frustrating. I have repeatedly tried the two stage New Zealand challenge in the Sierra and am having to push so hard that I always slip up once and lose a second or two. It is making me mad!
  4. I see Lohéac has now been cancelled. Gutted, but an understandable decision.
  5. I actually like driving the quattro. It is definitely a handful and, although it is laggy, I find the power delivery less brutal than the 205 T16.
  6. Because it has got Hyundais in it? 😁
  7. Given that there isn't a BTCC section to the forum (maybe this should be in the GRiD section?) I am going to put this here: https://www.gtplanet.net/a-british-touring-car-championship-game-is-coming-in-2021-succeeds-original-toca/ Rumour of a CM BTCC game?
  8. I can't see that happening if I am honest. The left side of Hairy Hill is the only place that has space on the track and I can't see them building there. Would much rather they spent money on making the loose sections better.
  9. Yeah, DiRT 4 certainly had the intention of pleasing both audiences but, for various reasons, seemed to miss both. Jack of all trades, master of none... ...certainly in recent years I think the DiRT franchise has correctly read the market, but the products haven't always hit the right note (specifically thinking of DiRT 4). Thing is, I thought - and still do think - that the idea behind DiRT 4 was solid: build a game on realistic foundations (for the DiRT Rally crowd) and put an arcade facade on it (for the DiRT 2/DiRT 3 players). I wonder if D4 would have been better received by
  10. Neil Cole is the only thing I dislike about the World RX coverage, I have never warmed to him. Yeah, Lydden finally got the planning permission they have been chasing for years earlier this year @ianism. That enables them to replace the existing paddock office building with a much larger structure that includes garages, VIP and media areas. They will also be reworking access to the site to address the flow of traffic before and after an event. The changes should address all the issues that caused Lydden to lose the World round in the first place.
  11. Interesting to read how differently DiRT 4 was received by everyone. Perhaps that mixed view is the reason why, generally, D4 seems to be one of the least beloved entries into the series... ...personally I was under the impression that D4 was trying to be a serious off road game, which aimed to appease both the serious and casual gaming audiences. I wonder if it is the latter point (i.e. the broader appeal) that is the reason why people don't consider it a serious rally title? However it contained a roster of real cars, racing in real rally locales, plus an assortment of licensed rallycr
  12. Praise for DiRT Showdown? Is that allowed on the forum?... It was a plain blue WRC98 that I had in mind but, now you have mentioned it, I wondered if the driver allocation mentioned in the patch notes applied to any of the above drivers...
  13. Yeah. As much as people give the gymkhana element of that game grief, the party modes connected to it were brilliant.
  14. I meant to check last night. Other than the Solberg and Christmas liveries, I assume there were no new liveries added to the game?
  15. Yas Marina is a surprising pick, that is bottom three for me. Riga is good, little margin for error and couple of deceptive corners, it reminds me a lot of Kouvola, though without the elevation change. Think that first corner is a bit daft though: I hate racing towards a wall!
  16. Torn between Hell and Estering as my favourite in game: I think Hell might just win as it is the most handbrake heavy circuit in the game!
  17. Anyone downloaded update 1.14 yet? Any surprises in there?...
  18. Interesting (and gutting as I was booked to go!) not to see Hell on the revised calendar. Lets hope those happen, as nine rounds is still enough for a decent season.
  19. 👍 Watch Office Space instead. It's much better.
  20. Another one? I wasn't aware that the last one had come to an end.
  21. I'm calling DiRT 5 as a final hurrah for PS4/XB1 and the first next gen CM rally title.
  22. I am thinking the same... but I'm not completely ruling out that the new entity might appeal to me!
  23. "Version 1.15 is in development, with only minor and essential changes planned, and is expected to release in mid to late 2020."
  24. He is community manager therefore he feels no emotions, except for brief moments of joy when he manages to keep the community on tenterhooks with another cryptic clue.
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