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  1. I'm calling DiRT 5 as a final hurrah for PS4/XB1 and the first next gen CM rally title.
  2. I am thinking the same... but I'm not completely ruling out that the new entity might appeal to me!
  3. "Version 1.15 is in development, with only minor and essential changes planned, and is expected to release in mid to late 2020."
  4. He is community manager therefore he feels no emotions, except for brief moments of joy when he manages to keep the community on tenterhooks with another cryptic clue.
  5. I hope @PJTierney is feeling bad right now. Look what you've done to Jennifer PJ, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE.
  6. You mean the next patch? Version 1.14 includes the listed changes and is due to release tomorrow.
  7. Where are you getting that? The patch thread has the next version dated for tomorrow?
  8. I see there is a mention about the assignment of driver names in the patch notes? I wonder if the recently added GRX drivers will appear elsewhere now?...
  9. That is the first thing I thought of when I read about the "surprises" as well! Nicely worded post. Certainly isn't a flawless game but, in my personal opinion, this is the most complete DiRT game that CM have put out. I daresay the community has been instrumental in making that happen.
  10. A "farewell" to DR2.0... https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/41-a-letter-to-the-dirt-rally-20-community/ ...and the promise of something new coming soon. Interesting snippet in that article: "Whilst there are no plans for additional Seasons for DiRT Rally 2.0, some minor updates and surprises are planned." There is hope for the GRX i20 yet!
  11. Oh wow, I didn't know you were fluent in Japanese @Matt555?
  12. Anyone any good with Japanese?...
  13. I think CM could be missing a trick here. They need to ask all the (better funded) famous DR2.0 rallycross players to have a whip round and pay for the license for Spa and studio time to get CM to knock it out, as I am sure the team are sitting around in lockdown with nothing better to do.
  14. Funnily enough, when I said "National level" Ireland was exactly where I had in mind! I absolutely love the Irish Tarmac Championship - both then and now - but the depth and quality of the field in the late 90's/early '00's was incredible. The '00's were pretty damn awesome in Ireland as well, so much WRC machinery passed through.
  15. Yeah. What is perhaps most frustrating about that year is that Makinen was already out of the running, so McRae didn't need to be driving at 110%... ...but of course the reason he was so spectacular to watch, is because that was frequently the only pace he ever drove at! If you compare the onboard you posted with other onboard clips from the same event, Colin was making some ridiculous cuts on some corners, in several cases he is 4-6 feet further into the verge. '95-'00 is the peak for me. The cars and drivers in the late Group A/early WRCar era, at both the WRC and Nationa
  16. One of my all time favourite onboard clips. The commitment from McRae in Wales that year was absolutely staggering... ...though, given how aggressively he was driving, it is no surprise it ended the way it did.
  17. Ah, wondered when the next update was coming!
  18. His name has been attached to some great things... and a whole lot of rubbish!
  19. DiRT 2 used his name in the title as well @PJTierney, it was dropped for DiRT 3. Whether it was by agreement or not, I was glad to see the name removed: I personally think it would have cheapened it if they had continued to attach his name to games that he obviously had no involvement with. I think the inclusion of classic McRae liveries is a nice way to maintain a connection to the previous games and the DR2.0 tribute is, in my opinion, very tastefully done.
  20. Ah, guess that would be this then*?... * Apologies everyone for tainting the mighty DiRT thread with inferior motorsport.
  21. Excellent. Just wanted to check that my optimism isn't misplaced and that the GRX i20 is still being worked on.
  22. Interesting point for discussion: given how long ago he left now, how much influence (if any) do you think Paul had on DR2.0? I personally think that DR2.0 has been received much better than D4, so perhaps they will just move straight to DR3.0... that said I am sure the decision on subsequent title was made early into the life of DR2.0 so, with that in mind, I am expecting to see D5 as the first CM rally title on the next generation of console. I wonder if much is happening at CM at the moment, or if all development has ceased due to COVID-19?
  23. True. It does seem a massive coincidence that GRX teased the car, then the driver names were added (which is very similar to how the 2019 Supercars arrived during season 4) and PJ himself has said that "smaller" content may still follow after the Flat Out pack... ...it may come to nothing, but I think there are a lot of strong indicators for this rumour.
  24. GRX have teased it twice now. I'm not giving up yet!
  25. Perhaps @gleylancer571. But Gronholm, Timerzyanov, Nitiss and Heikkinen were added in the last patch. Why add them if they weren't there before and put them in the wrong cars?...
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