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  1. I totally agree! The World Rallycross comment on Facebook has really got my hopes up: I have got everything crossed that we see the World Championship properly represented in a game!
  2. Great post @gfRally, would like to see all of those returning, especially the service area and stage weather. 
  3. Sadly F1 is pretty much the last motorsport I'll sit down and watch these days. I'll have a look at the results and watch a race if I read it was a good one, but I rarely watch it live. World Rallycross Championship kicks off next weekend. Cannot wait for that!
  4. Great race, the last couple of laps were crazy! Between the BTCC and Moto GP yesterday was a fantastic day of racing!
  5. Fantastic, wasn't it? The last BTCC race was pretty damn good as well! Thought the Neal/Jordan contact was a bit strong, but great to see Jordan back on the podium again.
  6. Thanks! I really want a lens upgrade, but once you go beyond 300mm the price of the lenses sky rocket, so I'm sticking with what I've got for now! The 60D is a great body. I had a 500D previously and its a natural progression from that. My only complaint is the thumb wheel can be a bit fiddly with cold fingers!
  7. Yes, it's Lydden! Shots were all taken with a Canon 60D using a Canon 55-250 mm lens. Few more photos here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/sets/72157651519467289/ If you are interested!
  8. Very different discipline of motorsport, but a few shots from the second round of the British Rallycross Championship last weekend...
  9. Forgive the double post (and not strictly DiRTy gossip), but I just uploaded a few pictures from the second round of the British Rallycross Championship. There were a few nice new liveries for the next CM game there on the day... https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/sets/72157651519467289/
  10. Funnily enough that wasn't the problem last year; the second PSRX was setup up identically to Petter's car! Petter insisted the way he had the car(s) setup was the fastest configuration and that Hvaal should learn to drive it like Solberg rather than adjusting the car to suit his own style... ...although I'm not that struck on Liam as a personality I actually think he is one of the few drivers who could get the best out of a PSRX setup car. Guess we'll never know if I'm correct there though as Liam's team are preparing the car for him.  Both the PSRX and LD Motorsport teams have bee
  11. So they're teaming up only so that they can score team points and because now they're both sponsored by Monster? Meh. Liam Doran is the only rallycross driver we know that has visited the Codies studio. There were even pics of him being interviewed in front of a camera? When are we going to see that stuff? I'm filling in some of the blanks with educated guesses, but last year it became pretty clear that Petter really wasn't fussed about the team Championship or how the second car was going (I heard several stories in the paddock about conversations he had with Hvaal which confirm this).&nb
  12. Ha, I know! Stood beside one of the coolest rally/rallycross drivers of the modern era and he looks like someone has crapped in his lunch.  From what I understand they are team mates in name only. Both cars have been prepared in different work shops and will be run as separate teams. If they are similar to last years cars then they are also very different in configuration (cosmetically and mechanically). 
  13. Forgive the double post (and its a tad late) , but a handful of snaps from Brands last weekend:
  14. Glad you enjoyed it @PeteTheDuck! Got back home in time to watch the last couple of hours of the WEC race yesterday. Brilliant race to the flag and a well deserved win for Audi. Another good sign that this years Le Mans is going to be a cracker!
  15. Exactly :)  I think Solberg and Doran already announced that they 'combined' their teams, so I have no idea what other quite big announcements he may have in store? I reckon Solberg will be sponsored by Monster this year. Very excited for the upcoming RX season! Yeah, the big news is that Solberg has Monster sponsorship... not a very well kept secret though as it was known last week! :smiley:  OMSE announced their line up this morning, Marklund revealed a new livery and Mirra has been associated with JRM, that's all I've seen so far.  Cannot wait for the World Rallycros
  16. I was at Brands Hatch and, though I enjoyed the racing, I was a little underwhelmed. Given the build up we've had for this years Championship I was expecting a few more fireworks on the day.  Still, first race weekend of the season and a few teams are obviously still ironing the creases out of their cars. Was hoping to see Jordan do better, fingers crossed he fares better next time out. 
  17. Excellent, enjoy! (and pack your camera! ;) ) Make sure you spend at least some of your day on a fast corner: the speed the LMP cars (especially the LMP1's) carry through corners will blow your mind! Spent the weekend at Brands Hatch for the opening BTCC round and was down at Lydden Hill yesterday for the second round of the British Rallycross Championship: so glad the motorsport season is underway again! 
  18. That's pretty reasonable for something at Silverstone, definitely worth a look if you can get there!
  19. Oh, and for anyone going to the FoS and trying to keep the cost down, TAKE FOOD WITH YOU! The food stands at Goodwood serve decent food, but they are bloody expensive. Carrying a bag of food around is a bit of a pain, but the pain is worth it when you haven't got to pay a tenner for burger and chips!
  20. Sunday is technically the best day @VetteIfan as that is when they run the "top 20 shootout" on the hillclimb course, but I personally prefer the Saturday. You still get to see everything running up the hill on Saturday, plus there is normally more stuff running on the rally stage and you haven't got to worry if you leave late: I have never stayed later than 5 on the Sunday because I have to be up early for work on Monday!  The Thursday and Friday are OK (and cheaper), but there is less stuff running and some exhibitors won't be in place.
  21. I now believe that #128 is the number of times that @justbiglee has been ordered to troll us on Twitter.
  22. I'd highly recommend a package tour for your first Le Mans trip. It's a good way of controlling costs and a good way of getting to know your way around. My first trip there (2008) was part of a package tour, I have camped on subsequent trips.  I've never been the 'Ring. A handful of my mates go annually as part of a car club, but I've never been as the weekend they pick always seems to clash with something else! One day I'll fit it in... Yep, that's the World RX round. :) One or two teams drop their awnings down, but the vast majority leave them open so you can have a really goo
  23. I'm yet to do the WEC at Silverstone. Truth be told I'm not a massive fan of the track, but I should really get up there for it.  Le Mans is an incredible weekend: it's also incredibly addictive, once you've been once you'll want to keep going!  Is that for the World Rallycross in May or the British Rallycross this Monday? Entry list for the British Championship this year looks really good, easily the best Supercar field we've had for years. Which ever Championship you are watching you should have a great time. The paddocks are always open at rallycross meets, so you can s
  24. Make sure you get there early (I would advise 8 or earlier) as there can be a bit of a queue to get in. Also don't miss out the rally stage. Loads of people skip it as its at the top of the hill, but its the best bit of the FoS in my opinion!  I used to do the whole weekend to allow more time to check everything out, but with the rising costs I'm just doing the Saturday this year: gutted as I've just seen Rossi will be there on the Sunday! Loheac (France). If you are bored my pictures (and a few words) on the French round are here, my pictures from last years Lydden round are
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