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  1. This FoS is a brilliant weekend. About the only complaint I can make against the FoS is the escalating entry cost. Even so, there is so much to see you're bound to find something you like. Is it your first time going @PeteTheDuck?   Without meaning to harp on, if you can get to Lydden for the World Rallycross then do it. I did two World Rallycross rounds last year and I'm hoping to do four World Rallycross rounds this year, cannot wait for the Championship to get started! The WEC is, in my opinion, by far and away the jewel in the crown for the FiA at the moment. Its a shame its n
  2. Watched the ITV4 coverage last night, what a race! Ducati looking competitive and Honda lagging behind: would not have predicted that before this weekend. I question if it will be the same story up front when Marquez doesn't get pushed out on turn 1, but no denying that was a cracking battle for the lead and a superb win from Rossi. Never write off the old guy...  ;) 
  3. Not strictly DiRTy gossip, but some new Subaru news for @gfRally (and any other Subaru lovers on the forum). After switched from the GR to the GJ WRX STI for their Rally America program, I was wondering if Vermont would do the same for the GRC cars this year, I now have my answer... ...full story is on the GRC website. Interesting little snippet from that article: "The new car will meet GRC and FIA Rallycross homologation standards." I wonder if this means we will see both Lasek and Isachsen running in the Canadian World Rallycross Championship round this year? Also means that C
  4. Go. Seriously GO. You won't regret it. Rally was my first love and saloon car racing like the BTCC is brilliant... but I have yet to see a spectacle in motorsport that compares to the sight and sound of 6 rallycross Supercars leaving the line.  I went to my first rallycross meeting around 9 years ago and I've been hooked since. Even the national Championship is a great watch; I'm going to the BTCC this Sunday and the British Rallycross Championship round on Monday. I'm really looking forward to both, but if I could only get to one then it would be the BTCC that I would miss! 
  5. I could end up eating my words, but I can't see the World Championship venturing into the US as long as the GRC is in existence. Based on the recent tweets between Paul, DiRT and the World Rallycross it certainly sounds like some sort of connection has been established. Would love to know as I was pestering@KickUp about rallycross when I was at Codemasters back in October! I'm gutted that Block isn't doing any World Rallycross rounds this year, he was great to watch in France last year (plus he signed my copy of Easier Said Than Done! :smiley:), so I was really hoping to see him in actio
  6. That line feels familiar. I seem to remember something similar in a report about WRC3 or 4. Not to suggest that they are being given a line by Milestone though as it may be complete coincidence. I can see why people might think that though. We've been running in stealth mode for a while now. Yeah, that is a fair point. The DiRT 4 hints have been there, but perhaps not immediately visible to those who aren't looking for them. Having said that Car Throttle do seem to have a habit of nut-swinging from whatever is new. The other week they were raving about Project CARS, though fr
  7. Are Car Throttle being paid to talk up the new Seb Loeb game?... http://www.carthrottle.com/post/milestone-and-sbastien-loeb-create-exciting-new-rally-game-for-2015/#loggedin ...crap article, particularly the segment where they list several circuit cars as cars in the game. Oh and "while the rest of the world was losing faith in the DiRT franchise"? What little they know...  ;) 
  8. This is blatantly more @justbiglee deception: must study the image until I can find a hint...
  9. It is off topic... but yes I am! The Carrera Cup is (in my opinion) by far and away the best of the BTCC support series. In fact its the only one I'd go and watch if it was run separately. 
  10. Looks.soo much better than their car from.last year, should also look good in livery Fully agreed. The tourer was a nice idea, but it really wasn't a looker!
  11. First round is April 4th/5th at Brands Hatch. Hopefully I shall be there!
  12. It has been said before, but I think it's worth saying again: PLEASE, NO MORE CHRISTIAN STEPHENSON!
  13. Codemasters will have a similar decision to make if they have got the World Rallycross license and will be including all the cars... ...Blocks World Rallycross car has a Need For Speed decal on the front bumper (below the Go Pro decal). If Codemasters are including licensed World Rallycross content I hope they will be able to go all out and represent the different car configurations for each marque instead of just reskinning a base car with each drivers livery (that might be a bit much of an ask though!).
  14. I'm not teasing, I'm leaving hints. You're such a PT. @tbtstt what's a PT? PT = Prick Tease. A lady who leads you on, but never puts out! :smiley: 
  15. I'm not teasing, I'm leaving hints. You're such a PT.
  16. Seriously regretting not going to the open day last month now: these are surely hints and I desperately want to know more about any potential rallycross content! I will be there, if there is anything to see I will post it on here!
  17. A bit late on this one, but my 10 cent... ...on paper it looks promising but, echoing what @RallyDriven said, I'm not that enthused based on the previous Milestone efforts. The addition of rallycross has piqued my interest though, I wonder if they will be including real or fictional tracks?
  18. Oh, and all the Twitter conversations I have seen have been between the DiRT account and RallycrossRX (i.e. the World Rallycross Championship). Have DiRT been tweeting the GRC as well? I personally would love to see a proper connection established between the World Championship and DiRT. The World Championship has far better circuits and, with the exception of one marque (Chevrolet), all the same manufacturers and models involved in some capacity. EDIT: Just saw the Twitter conversation between the GRC and DiRT!
  19. The above photo is related to a feature Top Gear filmed at Lydden Hill race circuit in December last year. @ThierryNeuville. There was an "Evening with Top Gear" livestream broadcast before the current season of Top Gear started last year which showed a little bit of the World Rallycross feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8T1rMsJtQU&feature=youtu.be&t=45m40s (The video should start at 45:40, skip to that point if it doesn't) Because I was bored at work one day, I took a few screen grabs. From those you can identify most of the cars in the trailer... #1 #2
  20. EDIT: Ohhh and me and Paul had a meeting with some people about a thing which I can't talk about but... no I can't talk about it sorry :P Do you know what @justbiglee? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64zpxzeD97E :D
  21. I bet you've got one of these at home, haven't you?
  22. I'm surprised they had time to fix it since our last visit. I don't think there was a bit of scenery I didn't interact with in that car back in October!
  23. Has august been confirmed?  No it's just gossip, and I don't think the exact release date would be known already half a year before release. True, but we should at least get something by then. Unless 128 means something else, of course, but still, looking forward to some real info (and perhaps a demo/beta?) I'm still hoping that 128 is May 1st! You thinking about the DiRT 3 May release theory? do you know which month DiRT 1 & 2 were released? If my maths are right, May 1st is the 128th day of the year! (and DiRT 2 was released 10th September 2009, DiRT 3 was 24th May
  24. Has august been confirmed?  No it's just gossip, and I don't think the exact release date would be known already half a year before release. True, but we should at least get something by then. Unless 128 means something else, of course, but still, looking forward to some real info (and perhaps a demo/beta?) I'm still hoping that 128 is May 1st!
  25. Now massively regretting not saying yes, have a good day chaps!
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