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  1. How do you know it isn't going to be in game @math444?
  2. Just completed the 1995 Spain challenge: missed opportunity to put some waving Subaru mechanics before the finish!
  3. What about the Hyundai @PJTierney? Will everyone get to sample that?
  4. The S4S5 is actually faster than I was expecting. I am not challenging my fastest 2000cc times in it, but I am not as far off as I was expecting. I find it very predictable to drive. Yeah, I am really hoping a plain WR blue livery will come for the Impreza... ...any chance in the next patch @PJTierney? (Which I assume is due next month?)
  5. I actually blew several runs on the hairpins in the second half of the stage: came in a little bit too hot, ran wide and then slid off the road: very frustrating to "survive" the fast sections and then throw away a good time on a slow bit! I'll probably try running the same stage in the '07 Focus later, as I am sure that I'll post a quicker time in one of the later 2000cc cars... but then I'm going straight back to the Subaru again.
  6. Yeah, I was surprised as well. I daresay awards change very little, but it would have been nice to have seen a game I consider to be very good receive some recognition. I hope DR2.0 appearing on PS Plus next month at least wins a few more fans over.
  7. Finally managed to get a clean enough run in the Subaru to crack the 7 minute mark on Newhouse Bridge last night. I was well ahead of my previous times with three sectors to go, so I was very cautious towards the end, just to make sure I didn't throw it away near the finish!
  8. Marble Madness meets DiRT Rally. I'm in! PS: If you remember Marble Madness, you're probably old.
  9. It was, but I noticed that one of the interviews with Baumanis mentioned he was added with the "agreement with the other teams" (or words like that)... ...it's 100% an April Fools joke! (sadly) Hopefully the Bennett announcement isn't: I'd like to see what someone more experienced could do in that car.
  10. I haven't had DiRT Rage for a while, but I got it pretty badly over the weekend! I was trying to do the long Scottish stage with the Legacy (where you have to win by two seconds) and the same stage with the 6R4 (where you have to hit a certain average speed). I seemed unable to get a clean run in for either and was getting a "bit" annoyed. Had to switch off the PS4 and come back a couple of hours later to try again: ended up doing them both back-to-back last night. I think the last 6R4 challenge (in the upper tier) is on Newhouse Bridge? Sure that is going to involve more swearing,
  11. Here you go @SkyRex, previous discussion on the trophy here:
  12. As @HoksuHoo says, the scoring (and thus final placing) for a rallycross event is based on your results at the intermediate stage (after all four qualifying heats), semi final and final. I can't remember if it was in the Gossip thread or posted elsewhere, but I recall a few people having to do it a couple of times to get the trophy to pop. Daft question, but have you definitely got all the assists (including external cameras) disabled?
  13. Where did you qualify in the intermediate standings @SkyRex? I am trying to remember for certain if the result shown for your qualifying race(s) are where you finished in the individual race or where you finished overall in that qualifying round. You might have won all four qualifying races, but if your times weren't that quick you won't have got that many points at the intermediate stage?
  14. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn, was hoping to see him beat Bennett again!
  15. This has @JorritVD written all over it!
  16. Damn. Forgot to do it last night (I went straight to the McRae challenges!), will have to try later!
  17. Haha! As soon as I got a notification that there was a reaction from elura11 I knew it would be a negative!
  18. Yeah, great driving from @JorritVD. Looked like Bennett was getting a bit desperate in the end there...
  19. Stayed up far later than I should have playing some of the McRae scenarios last night. At a casual glance Scotland doesn't look that dissimilar to Wales, but it is very different to drive. Really impressed with how Codemasters have produced the scenarios without WRC licensing; "beat the Spanish and Finnish drivers". That'll be Carlos and Tommi then... ...after careful consideration, and despite a few minor gripes/omissions, thanks to the latest DLC I am now officially declaring DR2.0 as my favourite rally game of all time. Oh, and that Subaru? Totally worth the wait.
  20. I think the audio team have done a great job on both the C4 and Fabia. As @Tranzitive said the Skoda WRCars have very distinctive audio and it is brilliant to finally have that in game. I'd like a separate volume slider for ALS sound though: I want that overrun sound to deafen me!
  21. Brilliant, thanks @tjetfiat, will try that later! 👍
  22. Don't you get demoted a level if you abandon a Championship?
  23. You are right @James McAdam: I was sure you could do Masters in 2019 cars, but I just tried to start a new Championship and it is 2018 cars only!
  24. Sounds awesome now the right sound is attached to the right Subaru! 😄
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