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  1. Heard some rumours that they were going to be on the same team, but didn't believe it until I saw the press release. Brilliant bit of news, the various driver/team changes have really ramped up my interest in the 2015 BTCC season; I was looking forward to it, but now I can't wait for Brands! I hope Plato and Turkington improve their relationship from last year or there could be some very awkward moments in the paddock! :D
  2. Agreed on both counts. Sweden was a cracking rally and I think the idea of turning splits off could work really well based on what we've seen of the game.
  3. Everyone has got to start somewhere @789ifyz. The Yaris makes a good rallycross car as well... ...sad fact, but having some rally/rallycross heritage has been a pre-requisite for all the types of car I've owned!
  4. I assume the Valentine's Day message on the DiRT Facebook page was your handiwork? Exceptionally silly, but I laughed a lot!
  5. There is no correct spelling for "bare" in this context: because that word doesn't belong there! "This road is very long". "That journey was very tiring". 
  6. Well I'd rather be at CM, but sadly I need to earn money! Unfortunately not, none of my mates are interested in going and I don't really fancy the drive on my own. I need to see some motorsport soon, the off-season seems to be dragging on forever this year! I assume you'll be packing your camera for the Wyedean?
  7. I don't think you'd learn much new dude, don't worry about it this time round :) Thanks for the reply @justbiglee. I would love to spend more time with what I saw on my last visit, but a days wages and a 250 mile round trip make it an expensive outing!
  8. I'm on the fence at the moment. I'm self employed so a day off comes out of my own pocket: if there is a lot more to see than last year I'm in, if not then I'll go to work!
  9. Tweeting at the World Rallycross again? Fingers crossed there is more to this...
  10. This is properly awesome: be sure to drop some pictures on the forum!
  11. Only a minor request but, on the assumption that there is a "Custom Championship" option, it would be great to be able to save custom Championships once you have them arranged as you want.  Grid Autosport has a good custom Championship mode, but you have to set it up from scratch every time you want to race. Be good to have the Championship that I want to play just once click away (would also be good if saved custom Championship could be used when setting up games online as well).
  12. Can easily be misinterpreted as doing badly, when in reality they are just messing about. Ive played a fair few times just to try and make the biggest crash possible which has resulted in over 100 restarts and flashbacks easily. They are looked down upon too. Yeah, I'd agree with this.  Can't think of any stats beyond those already stated, the posts above pretty comprehensively cover all the states I would want to see!
  13. Currently about half way through the career. Not sure I will finish all the classes, because I enjoy the Touring Cars too much! Have yet to play online and I doubt I'll bother.
  14. What about Impreza 22B? That one was in DiRT3. Or is the S5 something completely different? I had a conversation with @gfRally about this in the "Next DiRT Game Wishlist" thread @Didzis . To save you looking for it (and because I can't seem to link to the individual post!), here is a bit of information on the 22B and the difference between it and the World Rally Cars: Prodrive used a "S" number to designate the various generations of Impreza World Rally Car they built. The '97-'98 World Rally Car was the S4, the '99 World Rally Car was S5, the '00 World Rally Car was S6... you
  15. Nice bit of news for the WRC... http://m.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/117506 ...would be great to see one or two more Japanese marques back on board again!
  16. I like the fact there are a lot of Subarus in that pic!  Here's to hoping the entire Colin McRae career cars will be included.  comments @tbtstt  So do I! The S5 Impreza WRC has been absent from Codemasters rally games for too long! Would love to do the open day again if there are spaces; I won't be able to commit until much nearer the time though, as I have no idea how busy work will be.
  17. Perhaps the 128th day of the year? (Which I think is Friday 1st May)
  18. I'm torn between rally and rallycross; given rally already has a number of votes though, I've gone with rallycross.  It has been previously mentioned that it's likely to feature in the next game, just got my fingers crossed that the racing will take place on real tracks!
  19. That looks like a lot of fun: mind those snow banks though!  ;)
  20. Wooly hats: every rally fan (in the UK anyway!) has to have one, be good to representing DiRT out on the stages! I guess that would be "That Track" that was mentioned on Twitter this afternoon. I have a suspicion, I hope it's what I think it is... I wonder if that applies to PS3 DLC as well? I better jump on PSN and have a look, I want those classic Touring Cars for Autosport!
  21. I honestly thought this was a really boring livery. Given that they have said it has been inspired by some classic Ford rally liveries, I can think of a lot of better classic Ford rally liveries to take inspiration from.  The back of the Polo is still a bit bland, but it looks SO good from the front: great job from VW.  I still think the Citroen looks a bit boring. Needs more colour; I always thought the WRC DS3's looked their best in the Red Bull colours.  I like the new Kubica livery (hopefully it will look as good in the trees! :wink:)... ...the Fuckmatie livery is
  22. Can't quite figure out what Bigben are doing with that sponsorship. They need a WRC the game logo on the car (like the Dirt logo), not the bigben logo. People are looking at that and probably thinking, who are bigben rather than oh, there's a rally game available lets go out and buy it - this is what they would think if there was a WRC the game logo instead. Fully agreed. Milestone aren't exactly well known, but they have produced a few games now, so they might get recognised if they advertised. Seems pointless Bigben advertising when hardly anyone knows who they are! 
  23. Excellent read @Benniz. Best of luck and look forward to seeing how you get on!
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