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  1. Well there will be a Subaru in the WRC next year... http://www.dirtyimpreza.com/jrm-r4-subaru-set-wrc-rallye-monte-carlo-debut/ ...sadly not in the top class. The current crop of rules don't suit them and as long as the yen remains weak I doubt we'll see Subaru stepping back up there again: I live in hope though! :smiley:
  2. @tbtstt‌  XGames is included in GRC (is it really global??) it just isn't a points race, so its just for show, this year. Since Marcus Gronholm crashed a couple of years back GRC hasn't been the same, I guess for good reason they eliminated the crossover jump.  When it all started as a xGames event like in LA Colosseum it really shined as an American take on rallycross a bit Dukes of Hazard style American racing.  However it has gone from racing to a crash derby.   I would eliminate GRC from the picture and just go with the ERC events, wether licensed or inspired by. &nb
  3. I don't mind, though I did enjoy the inclusion of  X Games events for Rally Cross in previous games. Can you spill a little information about gameplay. What are the rally stages like? My biggest complaint about DiRT 3 was that the stages were mostly wide and often too short. Indirectly related to your post @BenjaminJohnson, I note that next years Global Rallycross Championship doesn't seem to have a round at the X-Games.  Personally I would like to see the rallycross steer away from the temporary X-Games style tracks and focus on the established rallycross tracks, i.e. Lydden Hil
  4. Oh yeah! (And I did it more than once)
  5. I daresay this is quite common: if you recall there were cars mentioned in the early previews for DiRT 3 that subsequently didn't make it into the final game due to licensing.  I hope that isn't the case with "that car" though, as it would be a terrible shame if the rest of you can't experience the fear! :smiley: 
  6. I would say BTCC in a heartbeat!
  7. Yes indeed... ...shame he can't make all the rounds as that is surely going to ruin his chance of taking the title, irrespective I'm already getting seriously excited for this years Championship!
  8. Fully agree with you @Rallydriven. I am planning to go next gen at some point in 2015 and if a new DiRT game hit the shelves I'd be down the shops buying a new console tomorrow. I would be frustrated at having to wait for a console release but, in terms of the bigger picture, I think the wait would be justified.  I am under the assumption (perhaps wrongly) that it is easier to modify the contents of a PC game rather than a console version? So a PC only early access seems logical and, if it was released in order to help refine a full multi-platform release then it would certainly have my
  9. First bit of BTCC news in 2015 and its quite significant... http://news.motorsportvision.co.uk/former-btcc-champ-jordan-switches-to-mg.aspx ...interesting move. I hope the MG provides a decent platform for Jordan, would be great to see him lift the title again.  (Off topic, but I also hope we see Jordan back in a rallycross car again in 2015!)
  10. Glad I got to watch it before it got pulled. Fantastic work @gfRally‌, damn shame that more people won't get to see it!
  11. Cheers @Atticvs‌! I was going to say I disagree with regards to the DTM cars, but @scarl3td3vil‌ beat be to it! Great job though!
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! Just opened my presents and found a few DiRT related goodies... ...hope the rest of you received some DiRT themed gifts!
  13. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying it was an absolute pleasure to be there. There was a lot to absorb (and, typically, most of the questions I had came to me after I left!), but it was great to put faces to so many members of the team and see exactly what it is you have been working on. I'm looking forward to the day we can freely discuss it with the other members of the forum. PS: Sorry again for smashing that car up so badly: I want another go in it with a controller!
  14. I personally think Codemasters can make a better rally game without the WRC license: they are free to pick and choose the best events from a variety of Championships, rather than having to stick to those on the WRC calendar only. I would argue that the inclusion of World Rally Cars is a must though: so hopefully they can be licensed without issue again!
  15. I'm definitely in agreement with the original poster. The arrangement of some of the career Championships is a bit scattershot, but with so many car classes included reflecting real-life series it doesn't take much effort to recreate your fave Championships using the Custom Cup! (Incidentally has anyone compiled a list of all the included car classes and their real-life equivalents?). 
  16. I've got my fingers crossed the DLC will pop up in a sale at some point: I really want the old-school Touring Cars! 
  17. Yeah, fully agreed on using a rally school area for party games. I actually thought that Battersea was a bit underused in DiRT 3: it would have been great to have been able to shakedown the other cars in that environment. Oh, and hello! 
  18. I wanted to hate the party modes... but they are one of the most enjoyable bits of DiRT 3! Good fun and a great way to really get to grips with the cars. Outbreak definitely gets my vote (with the full range of cars available for use please). Transporter is fun and I think is worth of inclusion if possible. I have barely played Invasion, so I wouldn't miss that if it didn't make the transition. 
  19. The Mustang is awesome, but it wouldn't last 5 minutes on a rally stage!  Besides that, Ken Block has sold his soul to EA: much more likely you'll see the Gymkhana 7 Mustang in the next Need for Speed game!
  20. Watched the vid, actually saw another one, but it was no where near as informative, again thanks for the education.  Yes I agree the S4 is the car I mean, and yes it is 'the' McRae Impreza!  Defiantly add this to my wish list. BTW @tbtstt‌ I sort of knew the S4 designation was for a Subaru WRC car (just confused how the name fit), but have you seen all the media laughter with Subaru releasing info on a NEW STI S4 or something like that?  The media is pointing to the audi S4 and asking why would Subaru name it that?  I guess they need to talk to you or read this thread to u
  21. Just checked: it's 4! :D You're welcome Lee: always happy to supply useless Impreza trivia!
  22. If you like that @gfrally, then here is another useless bit of pub trivia for you: the bodywork of the first Impreza World Rally Car was designed by Peter Stevens, whose previous work included the McLaren F1. Peter Stevens was later employed to style the Prodrive P1 road car and Prodrive P2 concept. Chances are you've already seen it, but if you haven't then give this a watch, it's a really good comparison between the Group N, early (S4) World Rally Car and Group A Imprezas... http://youtu.be/DJvxo8Rt6Ao ...the S4 WRC is a world away from any road car. The only thing it really has in commo
  23. There is a lot of confusion between the 22B and the World Rally Cars of the era @gfrally. This is compounded by the fact that there are a huge number of online articles about the 22B that contain incorrect information.  Officially there were 424 22B's (400 for the JDM, 24 for export). Of the 24 export cars, 16 were for the UK, 5 for Australia and 3 were prototypes. As with a lot of Subaru limited edition runs though, some of the numbers are a little hazy. It was originally stated that there were three #000 prototype cars (which were given to Colin McRae, Nicky Grist and David Lapworth),
  24. Oh for sure me too, Impreza is my daily ride.  I kind of think the Legacy is ugly, but I would still like to see it in the game, as well as 22B and even the yet to be proven 2015 STI.   I would think that Codemasters has had a good relationship with Subaru over the years that these cars would be obtainable.  Licensing this stuff must be crazy expensive along with having a team modeling these cars, maybe just a pipe dream.   I have been getting jealous of Microsoft and EA with their deep pockets giving them the ability to offer so many cars anymore.     I
  25. There is no shame in remembering when the grids were full of awesome! I wonder if younger BTCC fans will be fondly talking about 1 series BMW's in 20 years time? 
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