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  1. The Legacy is a great call! (Though if I had to choose a Group A Subaru, I'd choose the Impreza! :smiley:)
  2. Apologies for being so slow posting my contribution, but I have been without proper internet access since my day at Codemasters! I'm largely repeating what has been said already, but a massive thanks to @justbiglee‌, @kickup and all the guys at Codemasters responsible for last week. It was a great insight into what is going on, plus a great opportunity to put faces to names among both CM staff and forum members: some of whom I've been communicating with over the internet for some time now. I daresay it was slightly less overwhelming for @Rallycameraman‌ (who has visited before), but
  3. Sorry, as it's not strictly DiRT related, but continuing the conversation on the increased draw of rallycross, there is now a growing rumour that a certain Mr Loeb will return to rallycross next year...
  4. Yeah, I'd say that's a fair statement (though I don't think it has to be that way). In terms of attendance figures I still don't think there is any comparison.  Even with the current levels of promotion, I'm sure the attendance for the average WRC round far eclipses that of the equivalent rallycross round. The French and Swedish World Rallycross rounds claimed "record" crowds with 30,000, yet I'm sure the WRC rounds in those countries had far, far, more spectators. Even at a National level I suspect any British Rally Championship round will have attracted more spectators than the World R
  5. Not sure if there is that much of a shift really, I just think rallycross is shifting back into the public conscience again, especially with the arrival of the new (and very heavily promoted) World Championship. In the meantime the WRC is suffering at the hands of very poor promotion. I personally don't think the following for rallycross will ever outgrow that of rally, but at present I think rallycross is doing a better job of capturing the casual motorsport fan. (That's my view anyway, sure others will disagree!)
  6. This is what I'm hoping for. Licensed World Rallycross content, a mixture of rallies and the occasional blast up Pikes Peak would be my idea of DiRT perfection!
  7. seriously tho how long have you been watching f1? your quote about always being the case they never show a big accident shows to me how little you actually know about this subject. and your ending comment calling me "son" are you old enough to have kids dad?? lol I would agree with you in that it hasn't always been the case, but it has certainly been the trend in recent years. That applies to both F1 and motorsport as a whole; I don't recall the footage of the Andrea Mame crash being repeated - or resurfacing - following it's live broadcast but I personally don't believe it's due to some
  8. Just to save you disappointment on the day @Rallycameraman, @RallyDriven‌ and @justbiglee‌ , I didn't win the Euro Millions last night, so I won't be arriving in an RS200 next week.  (Not unless my numbers come up on Saturday's draw!)
  9. If I win £143 million tonight I regret to inform you that I'll be too busy driving my new collection of rally cars around to worry about when the next DiRT game is getting released...
  10. That's disappointing. @tsbtt got an invite, but not me.  ;)
  11. It doesn't matter what Championship (or governing body)  it is, they always sit on the footage when a driver is seriously hurt or if his/her condition is unknown. It would be rather insensitive to the drivers relatives to start repeating footage of a potentially fatal incident before the fate of the driver is known. Consider Rob Collard's massive crash in the BTCC a couple of weekends ago. There wasn't a single repeat of the incident until he got the all clear from the hospital. It's been this way for years.   I have no doubt that the FiA have footage of the incident and I'm s
  12. It happened with the DiRT 3 sneak peak only people from the UK or otherwho were able to afford to fly from another country attended while the rest of the Codemasters community missed out :( That's the price you pay for having better weather than us all year round.  :D
  13. I can't see any pictures? 
  14. Yeah: dark and pissing down with rain!
  15. Forgive the double post, but just uploaded a few pictures from Brands... ...few more here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/sets/72157648760618816/ If any of you are interested! :)
  16. Haha! Truth be told Turkington isn't my fave driver, I just thought he was far more deserving of the Championship this year then Plato. 
  17. That's what I read as well. I think the Q50 looks great in Touring Car trim... ...great to see another shape out on track next year! 
  18. Plato has - in my eyes - been on borrowed time in the latter half of this season. It was known that he had two strikes mid-year, yet both of his incidents (Turkington and Austin) at Knockhill went unpunished, as did his overtaking move on Turkington at Silverstone (when he had been punished for a similar move at Oulton Park earlier in the year). The Turkington/Knockhill move could be argued (I think Plato used Jackson, but it is defendable), but the Austin move certainly wasn't, neither was the Turkington "pass" at Silverstone.  As an aside I also thought it was a bit of a cheek that Nea
  19. I've got my fingers crossed there will be some rallycross content to check out @GentleNameMVB‌!
  20. Can you provide more specific on the snacks please?  :D Sounds awesome @justbiglee‌: I can do any date in that range, so I'm definitely in!  EDIT: I'm also fully onboard with the burger eating excursion. 
  21. I was at Brands yesterday, some great racing (and rather a lot of rain in the latter half of the day!). Not sure why there is so much hate for Turkington here, I personally think he is a deserving Champion this year. Proper dick move from Plato in race 2. I have a huge amount of respect for Plato - and he is clearly a great driver - but with his experience he knows exactly what is going to happen with some of these moves.  Still, BTCC has always been about trading a bit of paint, so can't grumble too much!
  22. Speaking of which... I'm gonna see if I can swing a play date for us at the end of the month (27th- 31st). Not promising anything just yet because I have to run it passed the people in charge but would/could any of you make it over? I can't pay travel or anything like that but will buy you an average lunch from the Codies canteen and let you play some games and meet the team :P Do you have a menu for the canteen? What's the tea situation?
  23. I have GOT to do this one year: looks like such a good weekend!
  24. Don't scratch that 22B @justbiglee‌! 
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