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  1. @justbiglee‌ needs to clean his desk up... https://twitter.com/justbiglee/status/514688158894927872 (...and share some of that chocolate). 
  2. Its difficult to think of anything specific without knowing exactly what's going to be in the game. Trophies that reference famous rally (and rallycross) icons would be great to see though. I personally am not a fan of trophies that require online gaming to acquire, so if those could be avoided that would be preferable to me (I had to get rammed in a lot of online races to get to Level 35 on DiRT 3!) Few ideas that spring to mind but will obviously needed to be tweaked based on the actual game content: "Who Do You Think Juha?" - Win the most major rally Championship in game three times using
  3. "Master of Patience" - You stayed on the DiRT forum long enough to actually be told something definite about the new game.  ;)
  4. Good post @justbiglee‌: at least you guys seem to realise how much you are winding us all up! :smiley:  Slightly wandering off topic (apologies if its too far off topic, please feel free to move this post if it is!), but I just uploaded some photos from the World Rallycross at Loheac. https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/sets/72157647463246441/ Plenty of cool liveries for @KickUp‌ to confirm are included in the next game... :wink: 
  5. Not having a clue about game development I personally wouldn't jump to any conclusions.  You could quite easily read it the other way; as @Areyouben‌ said individual car audio isn't likely to require months of tweaking in the same way as physics etc. Additionally I wonder if Codemasters would bother to record cars that they haven't yet got the license for?  Having said that I'm starting to think that we aren't going to see any official confirmation of DiRT 4 in 2014.
  6. Just seen a post on Facebook from an employee of Dansport (http://www.dansport.net/) indicating that Codemasters are there recording a Lancia Fulvia today. 
  7. I would say rally. Rallycross has a following here, but there are far more rally events on the British Isles than there are rallycross.  Rallycross - specifically Rallycross RX/World Rallycross Championship - has had a lot of mainstream coverage in the last couple of years, so who knows... (though I personally doubt it will ever be as popular as rally).
  8. Don't think we really have enough information to make an assumption like that. Rallycross certainly seems to be a focus of the next game, but whether it is the main component of the game remains to be seen. Slightly off topic, but something you might appreciate @gfRally‌ based on your signature. Got my copy of "Easier Said Than Done" modified at Loheac...   ...seemed to be quite a few surprised faces that someone in Europe had a copy of the film! Apparently Matt Johnston was actually filming at the circuit, hopefully ESTD 2 is on the way!
  9. Didn't get back from France until quite late yesterday, so haven't had a chance to post sooner. Absolutely amazing weekend in France. Superb racing and another win for Solberg. I daresay Block silenced a lot of critics as well: he was fast. We had planned to wrap the weekend up with a visit to the Loheac circuit museum yesterday before heading home, but when we got there we found out it was closed on Mondays. We were just about to leave when we heard noise from the track: it was Ken Block doing media rides, so we spent an hour watching that instead!  The bad news is that I didn't manage
  10. Sadly no :( would have loved to have made it. Are you going then? Let me know if so and I'll let David and the guys know if you wanted to hang out with them for a bit.  Yes, I'm going! :smiley:  Last year was an amazing weekend so I'm hoping for more of the same this year. That would be great if possible! Have a great time man, can't wait to see the inevitable photos! :) Ha! Yeah, I might take a picture or two... :smiley: 
  11. Sadly no :( would have loved to have made it. Are you going then? Let me know if so and I'll let David and the guys know if you wanted to hang out with them for a bit.  Yes, I'm going! :smiley:  Last year was an amazing weekend so I'm hoping for more of the same this year. That would be great if possible!
  12. Sort of relevant to the conversation (and an excuse to mention rallycross again! :smiley:). Uploaded some pictures from the last round of the British Rallycross Championship last night: Camera now cleared off and ready for the World Rallycross in France this weekend. I shall be carefully studying David Binks car for any mention of DiRT! Is there any planned Codemasters presence at Loheac @justbiglee‌?
  13. Can't say I'm a big fan of Silverstone, but really enjoyed being there yesterday. Marquez is truly on another level when it comes to bravery and bike control. His second pass on Lorenzo was fantastic and the bike looked a proper handful during the last couple of laps.  Great to see Rossi finish on the podium, but as long as Marquez is around I think he is unlikely to see major success again. 
  14. If IGN see this again, I bet that they will write something! :P DiRT 3 was announced in September so anythings possible lol It was announced back in July 30th 2010. DiRT 2 was announced in November 19th 2008 so they might just wait till after all the holiday AAA games release. I think DiRT 2 sold the most of any single entry so they might just want to repeat their marketing playbook from DiRT 2 for DiRT 4. Pretty sure it was announced in September 2010 @tbtstt can you confirm? Sorry for the slow reply @couger1981‌, I've not been near a computer for the last few days. I couldn'
  15. I saw some comments relating to Petter on Facebook and thought it was just Facebook nonsense, I have subsequently seen it mentioned on a few rally forums, so perhaps there is some merit in it. I'm split on the return of Solberg. It would be great to see him back in the WRC again but, as a massive rallycross fan his arrival has, for me, been the best thing to happen to the sport in the last couple of years.  Perhaps more importantly, I would be concerned that now he has dropped "out of the groove" of WRC, whether he would be on the pace if he came back. Post some proper information a
  16. Good point! I was at the British Rallycross Championship at the start of the week. Had been hoping I might see some Codemasters (specifically David Binks) activity with Loheac pending, but not a sign. Did see a crapload of rain though! :smiley:  
  17. I wasn't a fan of the new 1.6L WRCars when they first proposed the change, but they have won me over.  As quick as the last of the 2.0L WRCars were, I found them rather clinical to watch. The smaller 1.6L cars seem to move around a lot more, look a lot more skittish on the limit and, from the onboards, look like they are working the drivers harder, which is what we all want to see,  I find the DS3 and i20 WRCars a little underwhelming to look at, but both the Fiesta and Polo look great in my opinion. My biggest gripe with the current WRCars is how little they share in common with the
  18. A staple in modern rallycross: rallycross first ran in 1967, the joker lap was added to the sport less than a decade ago.  But is this Rallycross in 1967 or 2014+? I personally don't consider something has been added so recently as a "staple" of the sport. It is a recent measure to try and reduce car contact.  Having said that, I would like the next DiRT game to reflect rallycross in its current state... however I would also like to race it the traditionally way, hence I'd like to be able to toggle Joker laps on and off! :smile: 
  19. A staple in modern rallycross: rallycross first ran in 1967, the joker lap was added to the sport less than a decade ago. 
  20. Aren't joker laps longer than the normal lap, sort of a longcut? They are cool though Yes, they are always longer in European and World Rallycross. They are suppose to add at least 2 seconds to the lap time.  Some of the Global Rallycross "tracks" (I use the term loosely) have the Joker as a shortcut.  I would like to see them in the next game, but would like to have the option to race the old fashion way without joker laps! 
  21. Yeah, what could have been for Subaru (and the WRC)... :(
  22. OFF TOPIC: I love this photo, it was taken on the Sunday of the Festival of Speed in 2007. Chris Atkinson drove the car on the Sunday, but Colin McRae had driven the same car on the Saturday.  Quite late on the Saturday my girlfriend and I were stood behind the fence on the outside of this corner and, although there was a bit of spray from the other cars on the stage, nothing was getting near us.  Colin then came round the corner, way faster than anyone else, riding the bank on the outside of the corner and spraying mud, rocks and various bits of greenery all over the place. Needles
  23. I have to be honest and say I'm finding the prolonged teasing a bit irritating now. I'm hoping the mention in mainstream media means we might actually see something solid soon. 
  24. Cheers!  :) Few more here if you are interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/sets/72157646190255149/
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