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  1. TDDB said:

    Okay, here is a rule for Rallycross in the next DiRT game. There MUST be joker laps, the lack of them in every DiRT game has annoyed me as they are a staple in Rallycross. And yes, joker laps can make it a longcut or a shortcut.

    A staple in modern rallycross: rallycross first ran in 1967, the joker lap was added to the sport less than a decade ago. 

  2. doyley101 said:
    Joker laps for Rallycross. A shortcut that you can only use once per race (at your discretion).

    Aren't joker laps longer than the normal lap, sort of a longcut? They are cool though

    Yes, they are always longer in European and World Rallycross. They are suppose to add at least 2 seconds to the lap time. 

    Some of the Global Rallycross "tracks" (I use the term loosely) have the Joker as a shortcut. 

    I would like to see them in the next game, but would like to have the option to race the old fashion way without joker laps! 

  3. pupazzo said:

    2 - Subaru Impreza S12B WRC '07

    OFF TOPIC: I love this photo, it was taken on the Sunday of the Festival of Speed in 2007. Chris Atkinson drove the car on the Sunday, but Colin McRae had driven the same car on the Saturday. 

    Quite late on the Saturday my girlfriend and I were stood behind the fence on the outside of this corner and, although there was a bit of spray from the other cars on the stage, nothing was getting near us. 

    Colin then came round the corner, way faster than anyone else, riding the bank on the outside of the corner and spraying mud, rocks and various bits of greenery all over the place. Needless to say myself and the missus got absolutely pelted (which we thought was hilarious). There was another couple standing beside us who didn't seem to find it quite so amusing though: they immediately stomped over to the nearest marshall and started bending his ear.

    When we went back onto the rally stage on the Sunday the fencing on that corner had been moved back about 10 feet (and it has remained there ever since). I have spectated on the same corner ever year I've been back to the Festival of Speed, but never seen anyone else come round there with as much commitment as McRae.

    Although this picture isn't of McRae, the corner and spray always reminds me of that weekend! (Sorry for the off topic!)

  4. dotmartin said:
    They have been playing this mindgame for months on now. I can't gather the energy to get excited anymore. Send me a mail when the thing is out! |-O  (yawn smileyface)

    I have to be honest and say I'm finding the prolonged teasing a bit irritating now. I'm hoping the mention in mainstream media means we might actually see something solid soon. 

  5. He was punted out. Neal took the inside line for the corner, braked a little earlier as you do for a tight line, and Turkington braked too late and hit him. He's got an 8 place grid drop for the next round.

    Ah, I thought it was Turkington, he did seem to come into that corner with quite a lot of speed! 

    Bit late, but a few photos from Snetterton:

    I'm still on the fence on the Civic Tourer. Its no Volvo 850, is it? 

  6. Oooooh, good topic @justbiglee‌! But putting top 5 rally and rallycross car in one list?  I can't do it, the choice is too difficult! so I'm going to be greedy and do a top 5 rally car and top 5 rallycross car list... just because.  :D

    Top 5 Rally Cars:
    (Roughly in order!)

    1. 1997 Impreza S4 WRC (preferably in Colin McRae's livery and tarmac spec).

    2. Audi quattro S1 (preferably in Walter Rohrl or Stig Blomqvist's livery).

    3. 1995 Subaru Impreza Group A (preferably in Colin McRae's livery and tarmac spec).

    4. 2005 Subaru Impreza S11 WRC (preferably in Petter Solberg's livery and tarmac spec).

    5. 1981 Ford Escort Mk.2  RS1800 (preferably in Ari Vatanen's livery).

    Top 5 Rallycross Cars:

    (Again roughly in order!)

    1. Martin Schanche's Ford RS200E

    2. Petter Solberg's Citroen DS3 4x4 T16 (2013 livery):

    3. Ken Block Ford Fiesta Mk.7 4x4 T16 (HFHV) (2012 Livery). (I like the Mk.6, Mk.7 and Mk.8 Fiesta in pretty much all its rallycross forms though!)

    4. Will Gollop's Metro 6R4:

    5. Martin Schanche's Gartrac Escort Mk.3 4x4 T16 

  7. doyley101 said:

    Only problem with a British rally championship game is that there isn't going to be a British championship next year. 

    That's quite a major hurdle in my eyes :)

    From the comments I've read online the cancellation of next years Championship seems to have divided a lot of British rally fans. I personally think there is sound logic behind the decision, but others do not agree with me!

    I would certainly like to see some British rallies included, but I still believe that a "perfect" rally Championship would consist of elements of many Championships rather than just one...

    In other (not entirely related) news there is a British Rallycross Championship round coming up at Lydden Hill in a couple of weeks. As it is a fortnight before the World Rallycross round in France I'm hopeful that a World driver or two may enter. Any idea if there will be any Codemasters presence at Lydden (or France) @justbiglee‌?

  8. Whats this one about? Lots of Colour and Lightings books, along with an onboard Irish Rally DVD. Well whatever it is, it'll be well lit and very colourful, which sounds good to me.


    Minor spot, I believe that's a British Rally onboard DVD, not Irish:


    Codemasters watching onboard footage of WRCars circa 2003 - 2005 sounds good to me...

  9. VW really haven't messed around with their rally program, they have involved so many experienced drivers in the development of the Polo. I hope that someone at VW can tempt Gronholm back into a rallycross car as well.

  10. Another interesting thing I spotted is that Codemasters Racing are sponsoring David Binks' start at WorldRX in Loheac! Would there be Codemasters Racing stickers on the car? DiRT stickers?

    In any case this to me is a statement that Codies want to be associated with FIA World Rallycross Championship and are working on licensed content. It will be interesting to see how well David does at the French World RX round. I reckon the entry list will be big for that event so plenty of competition for someone out of the car for a while. I also hope he comes ahead of a certain Mr Block, with NFS stickers:


    I shall be at Loheac, so I will be sure to have a look at Binks car for any incriminating stickers!

    As @lumpiestfish115‌ has said the EKS cars run with Need For Speed decals. I'm sure Blocks car had some small NFS stickers on in Finland, so that's three cars Binks has got to beat in France! 

    I have got my fingers crossed that Codemasters are building up to include licensed World Rallycross content in the next game. To have all the Championship cars, drivers and teams included would be dream game material for me!

    Slightly off topic, but fantastic win for Solberg in Canada yesterday. Wasn't that impressed by the track, but Petter was absolutely on it. Very impressive to watch, I hope he can take his third win of the year in France!

  11. I actually thought Plato jumped the light in the first race. Great weekend for Plato but a pretty crap one for Jordan. Still four races to go, but I hope this weekend doesn't put an end to his title hopes. 

    I will have to watch the highlights as I'd like to see the incident with Neal in Race 3 again: that seemed to start a long way back from the corner and I wasn't sure if he turned in on the BMW or was punted out. 

  12. Bored of waiting for DiRT so started a thread on the F1 forum which should cause havoc until it's pulled haha

    Ha! You seem to have made some new friends over there already! You aren't allowed to moan about being bored waiting for DiRT though: you've already seen more than most of us! ;)
  13. Another twitter account for people to follow is @sound_fx. 

    Never know what dave might post up ;)

    Slightly off topic, but on the subject of sound has anyone played Gran Turismo 6? Picked it up a few weeks ago and Polyphony need a slap for some of the audio: the S1E2 quattro sounds awful!

  14. Evilsmurf said:


    They need to stop tweeting drunk

    Haha! First thing I think of when I see the word Delta is Lancia... but god knows what it means in the context of that tweet. 

    I'm sure @justbiglee‌ will be along in a minute to tell us absolutely nothing. :smiley: 

  15. chen255 said:
    This is why I never race online. SP only for me with racing games, I'd rather race the ai than online idiots.

    I have yet to play Autosport, but I have to agree with this statement. 

    DiRT 3 is the only racing game I have played heavily online and, when racing with friends/sensible players, online racing is absolutely fantastic... conversely racing in open rooms is one of the most un-enjoyable, frustrating, gaming experiences I've ever had. Idiots who don't understand clean racing, abusive messages, dirty moves... absolutely maddening!

  16. https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/491926797291122688


    Pat Doran's rallycross RS200, the very car that got me into rallycross.  <3

    Sadly caught fire at Lydden earlier this year, I understand it will be back in action at Loheac. I can't wait!

  17. Just out of interest what is it about having the WRC licence that is so appealing to you guys? How would that make the game better in your eyes?

    The worst situation would be if an official and full WRC licence would force Codemasters to make a game the promotor would want. If Codemasters are able to licence great locations from outside of WRC and individually include modern and past WRC as well as lower category cars; and create an authentic and full of content experience then that would be ideal :) Easy right? :P

    Hypothetically speaking... What if it couldn't have that other stuff too, what if having the WRC licence meant just having WRC and WRC only, no Hillclimb, Rallycross, Dakar, ERC, Rally America, Group B, 90's or any of the other stuff you've mentioned before and that we've had in our previous games. 

    Would you still want WRC at the cost of all that other stuff?

    My personal opinion is no, I wouldn't want to sacrifice the other content for the sake of a full WRC license. Considering the rally element of DiRT 3, I really like the mixture of content  and I am hoping for more variety of rally cars/rally content in the next CM rally game, not less. 

    I'm also "quite keen" on rallycross, so I really want to see that well represented in the next DiRT. 

  18. gfRally said:

    It is always satisfying when there is SOME sort of license involved,  WRC, ERC, World RX, European RX, GRC, Rally America (! = cheap! maybe) BAJA, Dakar, Lucas Oil Off road..  drivers/and some tracks if possible.  DiRT2 was pretty cool with Block, Foust, Mirra, and Pastrana all cheering you on and competing against you.  DiRT1 was cool with Pikes Peak.

    Fully agreed with this. Like @doyley101‌ I find it more satisfying to race against real names on real stages/tracks (in "proper" rally cars). Having said that, when in concerns the rallying content I can think of several licensed Championships/events I'd be happy with in place of a full WRC license. 

    Specific events from the WRC calendar (such as Monte Carlo, Finland and Wales) are a bigger priority (to me) then having the overall World Rally Championship. I mentioned it in the wish list ages ago, but instead of the full-WRC license I'd love to see CM produce a rally "best of" with the best events from many rally Championships all rolled into one game. 

  19. gfRally said:

    @dirt3joe‌ @GentleNameMVB‌ @tbtstt‌ 

    At least there are a small group of us that make sense and reason stuff out logically.

    Mastavonblasta:  I agree, I don't want that job either!  Maybe @justbiglee‌'s job, it sounds pretty easy: http://youtu.be/YWyCCJ6B2WE

    BTW: Lee, looks like the forums comment box has changed, I like it, miss the old emojis though.  Keep up the hard work.

    Yeah, absolutely @gfRally‌.I daresay the majority of the regular posters here in the DiRT section all think along the same lines concerning what is and isn't feasible when it comes to a new game.

    I actually think @justbiglee‌ has a pretty tough job. Can't be easy to continually dream up new ways of winding us all up on Twitter! :smiley: 

    I agree with @VirtuaIceMan‌ concerning the implementation of DLC in DiRT 3: it was a bit cruel to wave what you could have in peoples faces!

  20. Surprised no one has created a thread about it yet?

    Anyway talking about Brands hatch in the Game thread heres a planned layout of a new section back in 1992 which never came to be.

    Only just spotted this thread. 

    glad the above changes didn't happen as I can't imagine the alternate layout being anywhere near as good. The proposed circuit area on the right of this drawing is relatively flat, so it would be nowhere near as interesting as the current GP circuit!
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