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  1. Lets hope someone is spell checking DiRT 4 for Paul! :D
  2. tbtstt


    Keep it up @gfRally, see how he like it! :D
  3. Only just spotted this thread.  So glad the above changes didn't happen as I can't imagine the alternate layout being anywhere near as good. The proposed circuit area on the right of this drawing is relatively flat, so it would be nowhere near as interesting as the current GP circuit!
  4. Such a great video! (And yes Mads does rock: he has driven many Imprezas! :D).  I have just one request to add to the thread - and it is something that has been requested before - but I was reminded when I switched on DiRT 3 last night for the first time in a few months.  I was feeling the urge to break out a Group A rally car and so I browsed through the 90's class. Admiring the fine period liveries on the Celica and Escort before getting to my fave car in the class, I felt a pang of disappointment as I remembered that it didn't look like this... ...make it happen CM, pleeeeeeeee
  5. I've said it in other threads, but I personally think its possible to make a good rally game without the WRC license. For me, the inclusion of World Rally Cars is vital though: the absence of so many modern classics was the biggest failing of DiRT 3 (in my opinion ;) ).
  6. Cheers Pete: the Toyota shot is my fave of the set.  Some more pictures (and words) here...  http://fueltopia.co.uk/profiles/blog/event-24-hours-of-le-mans-2014-circuit-de-la-sarthe ...if any of you are bored!
  7. All my pictures are here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/ The Loeb shot is all I've uploaded from Goodwood so far though: I only took about 10 pictures over the course of the whole day! 
  8. Cheers Luke! I was having a lazy day with the camera, quite glad the moment I decided to take it out of my bag was just before Loeb came flying by!
  9. Forgive the double post, but one shot from the weekend: Loeb on the attack on the Forest Rally Stage. 
  10. Forgive the double post, but a couple more (rather belated) shots from this years race: Full album here if you are interested! https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/sets/72157645027292160/
  11. I was there! Only did the one day (Saturday) this year, but got there very early and left just before 8. Would preferred to have done two days, but the ticket price ruled that out.  A lot of car shows get very repetitive, but this was my eighth Festival of Speed and I have every intention of being there again next year! There are so many cool cars to look at, plenty of surprises and the rally stage (which is the best bit of the Festival in my opinion). PS: Cracking video Luke! 
  12. What if we stole the coffee and donuts? Then they'd have no respite from the pressure, and we'd have coffee and donuts! Sounds like a win-win to me! It's ruthless, but it seems a certain way to get some answers. I'm in if we steal some tea as well: I'm not a coffee drinker and I refuse to break-and-enter for a beverage I don't like. 
  13. Finally had some time to make a start on my photos:  Hopefully have some more up soon! 
  14. First racing game I can remember playing was Lotus Turbo Challenge on the Amiga!
  15. Well the sparse endurance content is a little disappointing, but the rest of the game looks to make up for that, especially as a lot of the reviews seem to indicate the Touring Car content is significant. Definitely a game I'll be picking up! (And hopefully Codemasters can address the absence of Le Mans via DLC :D)
  16. I actually thought the handling in DiRT 3 was the best of the DiRT games! A world away from the atrocious handling in DiRT*... (*  no offence Codemasters: I just thought DiRT 2 and 3 highlighted how bad the D1 handling was!)
  17. YES PLEASE! The S12B is one of the cars I'm really hoping has made the cut!
  18. tbtstt


    Awesome job! Though with the title of the thread I was afraid I was going to see a photo of something I really didn't want to see when I opened the thread up!
  19. Round 4 is Kouvola (Finland), Holjes is Round 5. :) I have lost count of the number of times I've researched a trip to Holjes. It is reckoned to be the European rallycross event to go to. Getting there is a proper mission though!  To be honest I fancy a trip to all the Scandinavian rounds; the track at Kouvola looks fantastic as well. 
  20. I believe its Jos, not Joss, Jansen! :)
  21. Got back late last night. Absolutely superb weekend and a very eventful race. Managed to keep up with most of the twist and turns of the race as we had Sky TV in the camp! I was hoping to see a different marque crowned as the winner, but you can't fault Audi for their consistency and meticulous planning. Given the drama surrounding this years victory I wonder if the 2014 Le Mans will become "Truth in 24 III"?
  22. One of several European rallycross tracks I would like to visit!  I was at Le Mans at the weekend so I will be checking out the coverage this evening. I have already seen the results though and I'm glad to see that Block delivered a performance to silence the critics, also pleased to see Solberg finishing high as well. OMSE are certainly shaping up as the team to beat this year. 
  23. The subtle hint dropping is infuriating: just give us something concrete! :D
  24. Cheers Lee: quite pleased with how some of them came out! 
  25. Forgive the double post, but uploaded a set of pictures if anyone is interested!  https://www.flickr.com/photos/22961613@N06/
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