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  1. I'll be there. Got there very late on Friday last year, so didn't have a lot of time to prepare before the race. Arriving on Thursday morning this year, so should have a bit more time to soak in the atmosphere (and some French beer!) before the race starts.

    Managed to stay awake for 21 of 24 hours last year, will try and do the whole race this time! :)
  2. Great photos @tbtstt ! Flames! :)

    Yesterday an interesting photo was tweeted. It showed grown men playing with a Matchbox car:


    Who is the VISITOR? :)
    World famous rally driver, you'll never guess which though.
    I'm going to say Solberg, just because! :D
  3. Not DiRTy gossip as such, but I made a start on my Lydden pictures this evening so I thought I'd chuck a couple of my faves up:

    I'm really crossing my fingers that Lydden is in the next DiRT: it would be brilliant to blast round it in game!
  4. KickUp said:
    tbtstt said:

    That was pretty damn cryptic! :D Love Ryan's car, drooled over it several times at the Festival of Speed.  

    Is anyone from Codemasters going to be at the World Rallycross this weekend? Half a day of work to go... I am already far too excited!

    Not sure if anyone else is going. I can't make it this year. :(
    Shame, its shaping up to be a hell of a weekend.
  5. That was pretty damn cryptic! :D Love Ryan's car, drooled over it several times at the Festival of Speed.  

    Is anyone from Codemasters going to be at the World Rallycross this weekend? Half a day of work to go... I am already far too excited!

  6. gfRally said:
    Maybe I am out in left field here, but isn't Liam Doran been mentioned before?

    As RallyDriven said I believe Liam Doran was involved with DiRT 3 (his name is certainly in the game). That leg in the video doesn't look like Liam either!

    Elfyn Evans is a good guess. Are we getting warm yet @JonTucker and @KickUp, or are we miles off?

  7. Great read Lee! Its nice to see older gamers (I mean that respectfully! ;)) who remember the roots of the series at the helm.

    For me CMR really came at the perfect time to get me hooked. McRae's WRC title in '95 had shifted rally from a casual interest to my fave sport, McRae himself was just spectacular and Subaru's were the coolest thing ever.

    My introduction came to CMR after I bought a Playstation magazine driving special which came with a demo disc (ah, the good old days of cover-mounted demo discs!). After being rather disappointed with V Rally I tried the CMR demo, loved it and decided it was worth the sizeable investment (£30 was a lot when I was 16!) to get the full game.

    I've subsequently purchased and completed every CMR and DiRT title (with the exception of Showdown, which I don't class as part of the series). Although I have enjoyed other driving games along the way, the CMR/DiRT games are one of the few driving series that I have stuck with from day 1.

  8. Perhaps I've been spoilt with the level of PR we have seen for RallycrossRX/World Rallycross, but I thought the GRC did a very poor job with communication for round one. 

    All the heat times/positions I picked up were from drivers individual Facebook pages rather then the main GRC page, plus the live timing seems very erratic. I thought the support of Red Bull would improve the speed they fed results back, not slow it down!

  9. Also just seen on Facebook that Pat Doran's rallycross RS200 (Rosie) is almost complete ready for next weekend:

    Heard some interesting numbers with regards to Group B cars in attendance: fingers crossed they all make it to the circuit!
  10. In terms of DiRTi Gossip I'm hoping someone will let something spill when World RX comes to Lydden Hill next weekend (37 Supercars are entered!).
    Hopefully members of Codies DiRTi Team will be there to post pics and drop hints :)

    38 Supercars now (and I've heard a rumour that there may still be more to come)

    I shall be there for the whole weekend: if I spot someone in Codemasters gear I shall accost them and demand information!
  11. Following on from the MastaVonBlasta thread on Round 1, here is a fresh one for Round 2 of the World Rallycross Championship, this time coming from Lydden Hill in the UK.

    The provisional entry list went up earlier today, and it looks superb:


    37 Supercars, 10 Touring Cars and 23 Super 1600's. Some big names in the Supercar class, so its going to be interesting to see who makes it to the final. 

    I will be there for both days and I CANNOT WAIT! :D I've also heard word that there might be a number of RS200's on display as well: will be the icing on the cake if that is the case.

  12. Haha! I just noticed the little note in the top right corner. You sods Codemasters! :D


    EDIT: Zoom in on the top right:

    Above the McRae poster:

    "lol we shopped it out. nice try though"



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