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  1. Ha, no worries @MastaVonBlasta! I am always trying to increase my knowledge on rallycross, so I always like reading peoples observations on the cars or drivers: chances are someone else will know something I don't or have spotted something I haven't seen! :) The Pipo engine is a possibility. Having said that the Ford's are running well developed Mountune engines, so they are not exactly slow! The way he pulled them in could be due to gearing or even the mapping of the engine rather than the way the engine is built; even though the turbo inlet size is restrict
  2. Derek Tohill, from what I remember, is driving Liam's last year's car and his wing resembles WRC car designs:  The wing on Petter's car seems to have undergone quite a bit of development: In this gallery the differences between rear wings can be clearly noticed and Petter's team have more longitudinal winglets whem compared with their competition. From what I know from following some F1 tech guys, having such strakes may decrease overall downforce when going straight but they make the wing produce more consistent downforce when the car is in yaw, going sideways as Petter does
  3. PS3 controller, manual transmission. Have never actually played a DiRT game with a wheel... :\">
  4. I think for a first event the Montalegre round turned out quite well. I was quite angry at the start of coverage, because commentary was missing! Luckily it came back once they were live for the semis. Petter's pace was hugely impressive all through the weekend. He completely dominated Sunday. His start in the final was rather interesting as once they got off the line he caught up! Wonder why that is? Better gearing, more torque or power? How could he catch up to the Ford next to him? I got an impression that Montalegre track is not the easiest one for overtaking. The gravel section has pretty
  5. I would LOVE for Codies to get the license to this! I too have been seriously looking forward to this years Championship and I was very pleased to see Solberg finally take his first rallycross win over the weekend. Not a brilliant start from Solberg in the final (perhaps a hint of caution after last years jump start in Portugal) but a clear win. Great drive from the Fords, especially Nitiss and good work from Pauwels to make the final. Not a brilliant weekend for the Hansen team, but at least they faired better than the Albatec Peugeots. From the little snippets they showed in
  6. DiRT had my fave stages/circuits, but compared to DiRT 2 and 3 the handling and (to a lesser extent) the audio was inferior. DiRT 3 had far better content than DiRT 2 in my opinion, so thats my clear winner!
  7. A few tracks that immediately spring to mind: Circuit de la Sarthe (in modern and traditional configurtion). Brands Hatch (Indy & GP circuit). Willow Springs. Bathurst. Tsukuba. Would definately like to see touge events added later on as well. I've always wanted to see the Gunsai touge (as used in the Best Motoring/Hot Version series) included in a game, but its not happened yet! Rather than listing specific cars my preference is to see whatever Touring Car and Endurance car classes included in the game represented with a good selection of real racing cars (preferably available with
  8. I really hope so! V8 Supercars, BTCC, WTCC, DTM and Super GT is my dream wish list for the Touring Car classes: fingers crossed at least a couple of those are in the final game!
  9. Ha! Just including the Circuit de la Sarthe is enough to keep me happy! Apologies, I missed that line: many thanks for confirming @Loore!
  10. Tea. Because tea is essential for doing anything properly.
  11. Ditto! I've read a comment in another thread indicating that car classes won't be mixed on track which is a shame, as I liked seeing the multiple car classes during the GRID 1 Le Mans races. Even racing by themselves though, I very much hope we get some prototypes in game.
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't class 10 minutes as endurance either!
  13. Touring for now... until I learn more about the endurance content!
  14. That just reminded me of this interview with Ken from earlier this year, its worth a read and might change the opinion of some of the people that dismiss him right away. Good link, I hadn't read that before. Block has a segment in the "Easier Said Than Done" documentary as well: http://easiersaidthandonefilm.com/ I would say the film is essential viewing for any rally fan! 
  15. Apologies if this would be better placed in another thread, but as the Touring Car element of Autosport is already being discussed elsewhere I thought I'd pop this thread up to discuss the Endurance side of things. Obviously we've only seen GT cars in the trailer, I wonder if Autosport is going to include Prototype cars as well? I've got my fingers crossed Le Mans will return from GRID again as well!
  16. Got my fingers crossed for some decent Touring Car content in Autosport (and any fortthcoming titles), early signs certainly look promising!
  17. I wouldn't mind if Ken Block was associated with the game, he does a lot of cool stuff to promote a genre of racing that I love. If there is some kind of value of having a known name on the packaging Ken is as good of a candidate as any other. That said, if Codies can bring back the good ol' McRae feeling I wouldn't exactly cry either.  Or why not put Henning Solberg on the cover, he is a cool dude, just listen to him after finishing a stage! :)  I've never really warmed to Henning; he has just never seemed as likeable a personality as Petter. It would be cool to see a new game
  18. Petter Solberg RX team showed their livery and I have to say I'm not a fan... :( https://twitter.com/RallycrossRX/status/458946721930694656 Me neither! Much preferred last years livery: and where is Bruce Lee?!
  19. Great work @MastaVonBlasta! I would highly recommend ERC24 (http://erc24.com/) for that list, by far the best rallycross news website/Facebook of the lot.   Most of the content on Rallycross360 is copy/pasted from other rallycross websites and there are often mistakes in their Facebook stream: its generally the last rallycross website I look at!  Rallycross World (http://www.rallycrossworld.com/) isn't updated as regularly, but has some good articles on it. Rallycross Online (http://rallycross.com/) is excellent for results and quickly checking Championship stand
  20. Sensible money surely has to be on Rosberg or Hamilton: I'm going to say Hamilton!
  21. Definately agree with this; Flashbacks make it easier for the casual gamers and can be switched off for those of us who like a challenge!
  22. I saw the teaser picture of his 2014 car and was actually a bit disappointed. His 2013 car was easily my fave livery in the rallycross paddock last year, I was hoping it would be back for 2014!
  23. Saw this a couple of weeks back: very cool!
  24. I remember from some old @KickUp interview that often the team models and develops cars for the game with hope that the approval will come through later. Because it takes a long time to 3D model the car and then tweak its handling they have to start before they get the manufacturer/livery approval. Maybe in the past the DiRT team modelled and developed cars, which they couldn't put into the final game because of licencing issues.  That tweet may be a joke between work buds or a deliberate hint? :D The DiRT 3 team had a number of cars already on the list to be put in but couldn't get
  25. Cheers @ThierryNeuville, I still get a kick out of driving it! :) Come on, there must be more forum members with cars: what have you got?!
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