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  1. tbtstt said:
    tbtstt said:

    The TV coverage is great news for the Championship. Its not a massive Championship, but I have really enjoyed following it the last few year, hopefully I'll find a way to pick up the coverage here in the UK!

    They don't show it there?
    No, we don't get NBC in the UK!
    Oh man! I'm sorry. Its really cool to watch racing on there. Hope you guys get something soon.

    I've managed to follow the previous Rally America Championships via Facebook and You Tube, so I'm sure I can do the same again this year.

    Should be a new season of the Subaru Launch Control web series as well, really looking forward to more of that!

  2. With regards to real stages, in my opinion I would only want that on really iconic stages, such at the Great Orme and Pikes Peak. Other than that just having a realistic representation of the locations is more than enough, otherwise too much time will be taken up on authenticity, and it wouldn't allow as much creativity in the development

    I personally would agree with this; if the rally stages were based around proper rallies but the stages themselves were fictional that personally wouldn't bother me.  

    The rallycross tracks are the only thing I'm really bothered about being fiction free.

  3. tbtstt said:

    Been really enjoying the WRC so far this year; so great to see two British drivers in top seats. Fingers crossed that Meeke can crack the top 6 this weekend!

    Lets hear your top 5 then

    Sorry, just saw your reply to me there: bit late for predictions now!

    Another win for Ogier. 13 wins from 17 starts for the Polo R now, they really are the team to beat at the moment. Once again I have to reiterate how gutted I am we never saw Loeb and Ogier go head-to-head for a full season!

    Good result for Ostberg, not such a great weekend for Meeke or Evans.

  4. Pretty much as CarBoyCam says, I really enjoyed DiRT up until the point when I played DiRT 2 and realised just how off the handling was.

    DiRT has some of my fave stages and definately my fave rallycross circuits from the DIRT series, but the handling model is the main reason I rarely go back to it anymore.

    Still, loved it at the time and would like to see some of the content from the game in a future title. ;)

  5. As much as I didn't like the Gymkhana in the DiRT 3 career mode (it felt forced) I have to confess that I rather enjoyed playing Outbreak online: charging round dodging other cars was actually a pretty good way of getting to grips with the gymkhana cars!
  6. I'm in agreement with @flsince08. The noise itself isn't too bad (it actually reminds me of a bike engine), but they are far, far, too quiet.

    I've seen a couple of news reports from the F1 pit lane with cars running behind the commentator: with the old cars you wouldn't have been able to hear a word they were saying, with the new cars they were still perfectly clear!

  7. gfRally said:
      If you haven't seen this documentary, altho from an american perspective its done really well.  I've hung out with a few of these guys in this video, great group of guys, and why I like rally so much.

    I ordered a copy from the US and wasn't disappointed, I have watched it a number of times now!

    Definately amongst the best motorsport documentaries I've seen in the last few years.

  8. CarBoyCam said:
    @Rallycameraman I could be wrong, but I don't think WRC cars have launch control in real life. From what I understand, then put it in first (with the clutch in), floor it and hold the handbrake. Then when the lights go out, drop the clutch, let off the handbrake and away they go. I could be wrong, but that's what I think it is at present.
    I don't know about the latest crop of World Rally Cars (the 1.6L cars), but the 2.0L cars definately had launch control. I read an article about the launch control on the last of the Impreza WRCars quite recently, which was describing how sophisticated the system was. Not only does it regulate the initial launch of the car, but it automatically upshifts from 1st to 2nd so the driver can concentrate on keeping the car in a straight line!

    Rallycross supercars use launch control as well. If you watch onboard cameras before the start you will often see the drivers tweaking the launch revs. Thinking about it that would be quite a cool little feature to include in a game... ;)

    The WRCars in DiRT 3 (the "Pro" class cars) actually have launch control, but you can't use it at the start line. If you come to a stop in the stage though, then hold the brake and accelerator down at the same time, the revs will be held. Release the brake for quick launch!
  9. But some mini "test/upgrade" games at a small technical playground at different locations would be awesome!
    What do u think @tbtstt and @CarBoyCam ? 

    I remember the little tests in CMR 2005 and they definately would be a fun inclusion: but only for money/XP/content rewards. I personally would rather the cars come in one specification only, earning upgrades for them is a bit arcadey for my liking.

    Just my opinion though! :) 

  10. @tbtstt What would u like to see for a Rallycross game in this game mode?

    How much do you want me to write? Haha! I'll try to keep it brief...


    I would like to see the rallycross reflect a real life Championship(s). A full World/European Rallycross Championship would be perfect, or a National Championship (such as the British or Belgium Rallycross Championship).

    The Global Rallycross Championship would be a nice addition, but I would rather the focus of the rallycross be a "proper" rallycross Championship rather than the GRC.


    Probably my biggest wish for the rallycross is the use of real rallycross tracks only. DiRT 1 had them and I would like to see proper rallycross circuits again, preferably with "joker" lap options.

    I would like to see the racing reflect a proper rallycross weekend as closely as possible: so you have to do practise, qualifying, heats and finals, with the event presented in a similar fashion to the F1 games (and for those people who don't want to do the full weekend CM could include a "short weekend" option as they have in the F1 games.)


    I would like to see as many real-world rallycross cars, liveries and drivers included as possible, with the minimum fictional liveries. Some of the rallycross car stats seemed a bit skewed in DiRT 3, so having the game cars reflect thier real world counterparts as closely as possible would be great.

  11. tbtstt said:

    Perhaps an acquired taste (and I'm biased because I'm a huge Solberg fan), but I'm a huge fan of the look of Petter Solberg's 2013 rallycross DS3:

    Would love to see it in the next CM game so I can attempt some Solberg-style corner entry!

    @tbtstt :-O I thought u would go for the Scooby! But this is an amazing choice!
    I am also a great Petter Solberg fan! ( And Petter and his son Oliver are great Codemasters fans (D3))
    Looking forward to follow him in the World Rallycross series this year! :D 

    Haha! Syngamer had already posted an SWRT car, so I thought I would go for that instead!

    I'm hoping to go to at least two World Rallycross rounds this year, can't wait to see Solberg in action again!

  12. CarBoyCam said:
    With regards to gymkhana. Give us a playground again, but with more simulation handling it should make it much better to practice slides and precision driving. There wasn't much of a training purpose to the DC compound in DiRT 3.

    I definately agree with this. A playground where all the cars can be used would be brilliant; a nice big open space (and perhaps some tighter spaces) to play with cars and tweak car settings.

    As for my wishes for the new game, a focus on rally and rallycross is my main hope. I would like to see European style rallycross properly represented, with real tracks and the correct race format. Rallycross race weekends implemented like the F1 games (i.e. where you do qualifying, heats and finals) would be my dream scenario, but I'll be happy with real tracks!

    As for the rallying I would like to see longer and more varied stages, along with the return of back-to-back stages and the service park (copying the format of CMR 2005's rallies would be perfect!).

    For both rally and rallycross I would like to see appropriate cars in real liveries only. Concerning the rally cars I would like to see World Rally Cars covering the period 1997 - 2010 in game, as this was a major omission in DiRT 3 (in my opinion!).

    I would also like to see Pikes Peak return (in mixed-surface and all tarmac forms), though only after the above wishes have been fulfilled!

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