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  1. Download finally finished and I have just spent 20 minutes driving the new Subaru around Dirtfish and admiring it. It is too pretty to take out on stage, I don't want to bend it!
  2. Agree with you on all points there @JorritVD. I think the Audi is a competitive car, but I wonder if Baumanis has the pace (and Larsson has the consistency) for them to be challengers. Brilliant to see two of the latest specification EKS cars getting some use this year though.
  3. Hurrah! With all day to complete the last couple of GB, mine will surely be finished by the time I get in... hopefully!
  4. How is your download doing @RallyDriven? MIne had 70 minutes to run when I left for work this morning, so I am hoping that I'll finally get my hands on it this evening!
  5. WRC97 and early WRC98 got the twin vents @gleylancer571, latter WRC98, WRC99 and WRC2000 had the single center vent.
  6. Its a World Rally Car specification car, not Group A, so it should be 2000cc.
  7. That is a '97 car @gleylancer571, not a 98 (again, the roof vent has been changed).
  8. Modern Warfare is, in my personal opinion, the best CoD since MW2 (though I confess I have only briefly played the last couple). I started my download about an hour ago and it is yet to reach 10%, so it isn't looking good for me!
  9. Correct, though Vatanen ran with the semi-auto box in Wales '98.
  10. Whatever you do, don't buy Modern Warfare then. That looooves filling your hard drive up!
  11. Pretty sure the car they recorded is P8 WRC: that was the car McRae used for three events in 1997. Notably the car has had the roof changed at some point, because it has the central roof scoop from the latter S5's.
  12. I am not playing the game yet, but a post elsewhere on the forum seems to suggest that all the 2019 GRX drivers (i.e. Gronholm, Timur, Topi & Nitiss) are now all appearing in random cars. Pretty sure they weren't there before the patch... ...the ultimate troll, or groundwork for the i20?
  13. Cheers. I saw the post in the Gossip thread after asking: as I said there, I won't be driving that Impreza today, dammit!
  14. ****. I won't be playing that until tomorrow then!
  15. Yeah, as @SkyRex said, they trialled the semi 'box in Wales' 98, so that option is (arguably!) correct... ...is it a big download? (on PS4) I am working until late and I want to play when I get in: I am hoping I won't be waiting hours for a download!
  16. Yeah, that's my favourite as well!
  17. Arrggghh, get those discs off the table and into their boxes! 😄
  18. "The SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally has a lot of grip at the rear, so staying neat and tidy to take advantage of this should be a priority" Sorry, but this is not the Colin way. I shall be getting the back of the car as far round as I can*! * And quite likely hitting things in the process.
  19. This is a line that I seem to have been waiting forever to post... 1 DAY TO GO!
  20. 2004 @PJTierney? Looks like an S10? Two (very long) days to go!
  21. You can't drive the Group B RX cars at Masters level @gleylancer571. You can only drive 2018 or 2019 Supercars.
  22. Yeah. I have been doing the occasional daily/weekly challenges but I haven't done enough mileage to unlock the top engine level yet. It is a bit frustrating that you can't use them in Masters. As pleased as I am to see the class represented in game the Group B RX cars are one of my least favourite parts of DR2.0: I hope the implementation and balance of the class is heavily revised if it returns in a future title.
  23. I think they can be used at any level other than Masters? So you have to get demoted from Masters. There are also occasional daily/weekly challenges with the Group B RX cars.
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