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  1. On 8/30/2021 at 3:26 PM, ricxxV2 said:

    I'm not sure I've ever seen someone call the Audi S1 Evo 2. Isn't hat doubly wrong? We know the forum thread and the story around the naming of that car. The first true evolution of the Quattro was the S1. The second evolution would've been the S2 but they had to name it E2 because etc.etc. Now, does 'E' stand for Evo? I'm not sure tbf. Does anyone know? @tbtsttmaybe?


    Yeah, "E" was Evolution, so I'd say "S1 Evo 2" is equally wrong to "S1 E2"! 😆

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  2. On 8/30/2021 at 4:28 PM, ricxxV2 said:

    Yeah, just check the thread again. Didn't remember correctly. Quite confusing sometimes. Then, you search for 'Subaru S3 WRC' and you get a lot of WRC '97. :classic_dry: Even the internet gets it wrong. 

    Know of one Impreza WRC owner who was using the incorrect designation for his own car (a '97) until recently!

    As said above this one has been confirmed 100% by Prodrive employees, you can verify it for yourself if you ever get to look into a '97-99 Impreza WRCar: the Prodrive plate on the cage is actually marked S5! 

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  3. 9 hours ago, JamesMcAdam1987 said:

    Quite happy overall by this new kind of coverage. The onboard section is awesome. The camera angles are so awesome.

    I thought some of the camera work was good. Was chuckling that they were using a spot I loved taking pictures at in the past!

    8 hours ago, PJTierney said:
    • The racing itself was good though, but I get the sense that Kristoffersson is much faster than the rest of the field, and would have walked it had he gotten front row starts.

    Yeah, first time out in the car with - from what I can gather - minimal testing. 208's have been strong in Barcelona in the past and Johan was still putting fastest laps on them.

    3 hours ago, SaltyEnferno said:

    But man, I'm looking at the rest of the calendar and its hard to say that anyone is going to be beating Johan for this year's title. We've got the following:

    • Holjes: Johan won 17, 18, and 20 R1 (the S1 under Ekstrom won in 20 R2). Timmy won on the road in 15 but got a DSQ for his push. 
    • Loheac: Johan won 16, 17, and 18 (but 18 was less of a Johan win and more of an EKS loss from bad strategy). Timmy won in 19. 
    • Riga doubleheader: Won 17, 18, 20 R1. Timmy won in 19. The S1 under Ekstrom won R2. 
    • Spa-Francorchamps: None of the contenders have won here, but a few things of note: at least from what's been mentioned on the broadcast in 19 and 20, GRX-SET's i20 and EKS JC's S1's are quite strong here, but the 208 seems to struggle a bit in the loose stuff without consistent grip levels.
    • Montalegre: Won in 15, 18, the S1 under Ekstrom won in 17 (albeit with an older generation S1).
    • Nurburgring: New track so no comments there.

    The new team adjustment period would be a concern for Johan and EKS JC but I think on pace alone, this weekend would've dispelled any concerns about that. There was obviously that error on the team's part in Q1 but that's plainly a one off error. There's going to have to be some serious work for the other teams to make sure the pace is there, especially for the doubleheaders too.

    Good stat work! Johan has recent Supercar experience at Holjes as well, I think the next round could be rather interesting. 

    1 hour ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Sad to see no Coley & Rook, anyone know what happened?  Did the resulting commentary team end up looking like the back-up commentators the BBC used to do where it was clear they don't know the sport?

    Er, not exactly. The WEC chap is enthusiastic enough, though needs to learn the details. Hal (Ridge) has forgotten more about rallycross then most people know (and that includes Andrew Coley). 

    Molly is excellent, think she proved herself during the RallyX Nordic coverage and the same applies here as well. Plus the coverage had the added bonus of not having Neil Cole (shame he is still joining the team later in the season: thought we got shot of him!). 

    Weakest link is the commentary team doing the supporting classes. Sure they will improve once they learn the sport/drivers though. I am huge Coley fan, but a lot of people seem to forget he wasn't that clued up when he started. 

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  4. 25 minutes ago, richieI said:

    @tbtsttThanks, I'll have look. I honestly thought that the inaccuracies were purely related to visuals. 

    Perhaps personal opinion is biasing my opinion on the 2018 Supercar performance issues. 

    I think the skew in the Group B (rallycross) class is unarguable though. 

  5. 5 hours ago, richieI said:

    Which ones in your opinion? I remember there was a discussion about this but can't find it. 

    The search on the new forum is a bit rubbish, I usually search through Google if I am trying to find something on the forum.

    Off the top of my head: 

    - 2018 PSRXVW Polo engine configuration is visibly wrong, Polo performance isn't right (in my personal opinion) and isn't the correct audio. 
    - 2018 Supercar class balance is way off (Megane is way better than it should be in my personal opinion). 2019 class is much better balanced, so at least they got that right. 
    - Group B rallycross class is all over the place. Car performance is well off (especially the RS200) and class balance is wrong.


    Here is the inaccuracy thread: 


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  6. So first round of 2021 in the history books, what did we all think? (Assuming anyone else here watched it! 😄)

    For the most part I thought the coverage was pretty decent. Solid camera work and presentation (aside from the absence of tyre allocation graphics, hope they bring that back), weakest points had to be the feed dropping out for the first World semi and some inconsistencies from the commentary team(s). I hope that becomes less of an issue as the new (to rallycross) commentators learn the sport and drivers.

    I didn't get to watch all of the Friday races, but didn't see Neil Cole in any of the coverage I watched so that was an added bonus.

    Disappointed for Johan. That win should have been his and, although the rules were clearly broken, shame to see him put on the back foot through no fault of his own... that aside he looks to have some good speed in the Audi already. Gutted for Gronholm as well, was looking forward to seeing him in the final, definitely not the start to the Championship he wanted. Good showing from Abbring, despite (predictiably) a plethora of car issues.

    Not to sure on the noise, but actually some good action from RX2e.

  7. DR2.0 certainly isn't without flaw, but I personally think it is the best - and most complete - game in the Dirt series. 

    Biggest single issue is probably the AI (or rather the AI times). Much of my time with the game is chasing my own times or racing friends, so it hasn't affected my enjoyment of the game that much though.

    For me DR2.0 is easily the best representation of modern rallycross in a game. Some of the car specifics are off, but the vast majority of details are spot on (think that the 2019 class has less errors and a better balance than the 2018 cars).

    I fully agree with the comments about the sound as well; with all the updates the vast majority of the cars sound spot on. I haven't played another rally/race game that has nailed as many of the iconic engine notes as DR2.0.

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  8. First of the hybrid cars revealed this morning...


    ...now that it has been confirmed that the next car will be a Puma I hope even more that CM will be including the last of the pure petrol cars in their WRC game: I want to play using the Fiesta! 

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  9. 7 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    I hope it's still going to be available on free-to-air television, as I personally can't justify spending money to watch it (I don't even pay to watch F1 as there's free highlights on TV in the evenings).

    I think there will be free highlights broadcast elsewhere. Like WRC I am happy to pay if the cost is justified by decent extra content. So that doesn't mean **** like Aftertrack...


    New commentary team announced. Given the silence from the Championship on the subject, I was expecting a complete set of fresh faces, so I am pleased to see the return of a couple of names; Hal is obviously very knowledgeable and I thought Molly was decent during the RallyX Nordic coverage.

    Martin Haven is the only one of the new names I know (and I think he is good), so I shall reserve judgment on the rest of them until I have seen them in action...

    ...obviously disappointed that Andrew Coley isn't back, especially when they have retained Neil Cole. Always found him (Cole) to be a thoroughly underwhelming presenter and surprised to see him kept.

  10. 6 hours ago, Jake Cushing said:

    Highly recommend it for an excellent circuit racer. It brings back memories of the fun I had smashing TOCA on the PS1. I haven't played the new Grid but it looks like it went the direction of Project Cars 3...

    I have long thought that Autosport was highly underrated. Certainly not flawless, but a very solid entry in the Grid series. 

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  11. 11 hours ago, gfRally said:

    Maybe the UK is just oozing of Group B cars that you see daily on the street

    Ha. We have a few here, but not quite that common! 

    Of all the Group B cars the Delta S4 is definitely one of the rarest, so very cool to get the chance to see one. Most technically impressive car of the Group B era in my personal opinion. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Janneman60 said:

    Still, 34 cars and a 2 days weekend isn't very entertaining to visit.

    Any livestream available?

    Unknown at the moment. Think the new promoter still has a lot of work to do: at least they know they have some cars on the grid now though! 

    In previous years I would have said that entry number was an absolute disaster but, in the current climate, it isn't that bad. 

    Seven permanent entries certainly isn't ideal, but I think five of those are strong Championship contenders, so it could be an interesting season. 


  13. 2 hours ago, JZStudios said:

    It's a book?

    It was originally a book ("All You Need Is Kill"), then a manga, then a film. 

    Main character was Japanese in the book/manga, rough outline of the plot was similar, but the ending was very different (and would have been a bit downbeat for a film). 

    Title was changed for cinema, then changed again for DVD release. Clumsy marketing, but a decent film.

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  14. Three Munnich Ibiza entered at Barcelona...


    ...and Juha Rytkonen will drive at Barcelona, with more rounds (and possibly even a full World RX campaign) to come: 


    Don't think they are going to be beating any records with the entry this year, but hopefully they can get over a dozen permanent entries for the season. 

  15. 2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    That was a good movie by the way, great analogy for how to be fast in DR2 😄

    I wanted to hate it as they changed so much from the original book... but I ended up really enjoying it. 

  16. 9 hours ago, JZStudios said:

    Also, just in terms of consoles, there's very little out right now in terms of games worth getting a console for, much less spending an extra 50%.

    Completely agree with both this and your previous post on the subject. There is no way I am lining a scalpers pocket with money, especially when there currently aren't any games that make me want to play a new console. 

    I think I'll be working through the backlog of games I have for sometime, by which point the next gen machines will (hopefully!) be more readily available. 

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  17. 41 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Any chance of Ekstrom coming back, or was that a one-off last year that snowballed once he started winning?

    Wouldn't rule a one off outing out, but I think he has too much other stuff on his plate for WRX this year. The late departure of Baumanis started the ball rolling last year and, as you say, they carried on that momentum when Ekstrom started winning: good thing really as I think Kristoffersson would have walked it otherwise. 

    I'd say the return of the RX Cartel looks unlikely for 2021. 

  18. 2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    Guess he couldn't secure the VW then, though having a car that's being actively developed is a big plus 🙂 

    The official confirmation of this has massively ramped up my enthusiasm for the 2021 WRX season. Chance to silence all the "it was only the car..." criticism of Johan and another chance to see the EKS/JC S1 in action: double win!

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  19. On 6/14/2021 at 9:58 AM, PJTierney said:

    That dust shadow 🙂 



    Sure there is a rule that you are better off taking pictures with the sun behind you, but I like shooting towards the sun as it backlights the subject and can make for some cool lighting effects. 

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